What To Wear: Super Sunday 2014 Football Party

Let’s start off this post by stating that we aren’t the biggest football fanatics, so the jock talk is going to be a bit on the weaker side. (The only thing we know about defensive lines is that it’s best to avoid a mob of punky-hipster chicks at a Dimepiece sample sale.) We are, however, fashion fanatics, which made styling this football-inspired post super duper fun. We’re four days away from the biggest game of the year. And whether or not you’re a fan of the sport, we’d bet a zillion dollars that you have plans to watch the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos tear each other up!

So don’t forget to: bring your famous seven-layer bean dip, drink lots of water in preparation for the dehydration that will ensue after hours of beer pong, and get gussied up in a fun little number that says, “Hey! I may not know (or care) what a ‘dimeback’ is…but I dooooo know how to look like a dime piece!”

(We’re pretty sure Dimeback is a tribute band for that awesome 90s alternative band Nickelback! Makes sense, right?)

Check out our game-winning outfits and catch a glimpse of our models hamming it up in their favorite team’s colors.

Super Sunday: XLVIII

Seahawks VS Broncos

 Super Bowl 2014 StyleSuper Bowl 2014 StylegoJane Super Bowl Football StyleSuper Bowl 2014 StyleSuper Bowl 2014 Style

Super Bowl 2014 Style

Get this Seattle Seahawks inspired look @ GoJane.com:

Seattle Seahawks Style 

Get this Denver Broncos inspired look @ GoJane.com:

Go Broncos!M88 Baseball Tee Velveteen Combat BootsVarsity Knee-High SocksDistressed Knit BeanieAcid Wash Shorts

Still not sure about what you’re going to wear to your big gameday party? Visit GoJane.com for all things varsity, jersey, and super sporty!

Which team are you rooting for? What’s your favorite part of the Super Sunday experience?

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