The Essentials: What To Bring To Coachella

It’s one of the most anticipated music events of the year and it’s finally kicking off this weekend. Six days of music, booze, friends, and fashion sounds like heaven- but it could quickly turn into a hot mess. Literally, a HOT mess. With temperatures in Indio, California expected to close in on the hundreds during both weekends, we’re taking all precautions so we can rock out, without passing out. And since we have a few Coachellas under our belt, we’re gonna drop some festival knowledge on you. Our Coachella Survival Guide doesn’t only feature a super fly outfit- it also gives you practical advice that will keep you smiling throughout the 3-day, festival weekend/s.

banded fedora, round rhinestone trim sunglasses, cropped graphic lips tank, camouflage denim shorts, cage back cardigan, striped canvas backpack, platform sneakers, cucumber make-up remover wipes

Daytime Essentials: Think about the sun, sweat and stickiness…

  • Sunblock. Sunblock. Sunblock. Come home with wonderful memories, not a 3rd degree sunburn. The desert sun is not forgiving and there is almost no shade once you’re inside the venue. The misting tents are a short relief from the heat, but you don’t want to spend the entire weekend there.
  • Lip Balm w/ sunscreen
  • Reusable, plastic water bottle. There are watering stations scattered around the field, so take advantage of this free amenity. If you plan on boozing it up, keep hydrated! Heat and alcohol do not mix well. If you forget your container, bottles of water will be sold for $2.
  • Hand sanitizer & cleansing wipes. All the spilled beer and yummy food truck goodies can take a toll on your paws. Don’t waste your time standing in line at the sink stations. We’re bringing along these refreshing make-up wipes to keep ourselves cool & clean.

Hats & Sunglasses: Wide brimmed hats will keep the sun off of your precious face and sunglasses will keep you from squinting through your fave daytime performances.

Tops: Keep the material light and airy.  Imagine all that desert sun trapped under a super tight shirt. Yuck! We chose a light colored top to reflect the sun. (Black and darker colors will absorb the heat). And of course, we went sleeveless because there’s nothing cute about a farmer’s tan.

Bottoms: Blankets are not permitted and who wants to lug around a small beach towel? We suggest you throw on some denim shorts that you don’t mind getting dirty. The thick denim will protect your bum from being poked by sharp trash left on the field when you need to cop a quick squat. We also chose camo shorts because the dirtier they get, the more authentic they look. The high-cut hem will also protect you from a crazy mid-thigh tan line.

Footwear: Please do yourself a favor and leave the sexy heels and wedges at home because there is some major walking involved. And with so many things to do and see once you’re inside the venue, you’re not gonna be standing in one place for very long. Sandals aren’t the best idea if you mind having your toes trampled on amidst the chaos. Combat boots seem like a good idea, but with all the sun you’re bound to come home with a funky, mid-calf tan line. So we suggest platform sneakers. The platform will give you extra height to see past the crowds of tall people.

Nighttime Essentials: Although desert days are hotter than a mo-fo, it can get quite chilly and windy once the sun sets. We suggest bringing along a cardigan. Nothing too thick because you’ll sweat your booty off while you’re jumping around to the headlining band. We chose a cut-out cardigan because of the ventilation it offers. Pack it away in your backpack during the day and you can also use it as something to sit on if grass on your ass isn’t an ideal situation. If you’re not carrying a bag, tie it around your waist 90s style.


  • Earplugs. We know it sounds counter-productive to suggest something that will impair your hearing at a music festival, but some people are sensitive to the whole deep base and screeching guitars thing.
  • Hair tie. When your hair is stuck to your face and drenched in sweat, you’re gonna wish you had something to tame it with.

For more Coachella Festival info, click here!

Who’s going to Coachella? Will you be wearing one of your GoJane favorites?

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