Lumber-Jane? 7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack


Fall has fallen upon us, and we here in SoCal could not be more excited for the change. It’ll be a small one, mind you (we’re not so much with the seasons), but transitioning into autumn means – drumroll, please – flannel weather. The only downside to the toasty tartan treasure though? It can be hard not to look like a lumberjack in it. Or a cowboy for that matter. And you probably don’t wanna be mistaken for a carpenter. Or a hunter. Or even a handyman, even if you do idolize Al Borland, as we all do. Especially if we’re talking buffalo plaid (a two-toned checkered pattern) or a too-familiar color palette (read: red). But today we’ve compiled a few tips on downplaying that, uh, occupational aspect of flannel and put together some pretty-in-plaid outfits for your consideration. So read on. Or should we say check it out…

7 Ways To Wear Flannel And Not Look Like A Lumberjack

1. Incorporate it into other fashion genres – The cowboy, handyman, and lumberjack will all have to take a sabbatical if you combine the flannel shirt with pieces specific to other genres. With a pleated tennis skirt, your whole look is more country club than open country. With big, bold, gold jewelry it’s street instead of dirt road. And with some faux leather leggings, moto instead of mountain.


Plaid On The Back Flannel Shirt, Floral Necessity Cropped Sweater, Show Off Distressed Skinny Jeans, Get U Intro Trouble Lace-Up Combat Boots

2. Minimize the surface area – Take the plaid potency down a notch by demoting bumping it to more of an accessory. Don’t worry, it won’t be offended. The flannel knows how great it looks tied around your waist. And it loves peeking out of sweaters as a Clueless-worthy collar and cuffs. So don’t think you can’t wear it inside or underneath other pieces. Sometimes it needs to be a supporting actor.

3. Mix it with a contrasting pattern – You can also dial flannel down a bit by matching it with a competitive but cooperative print. Floral, for one, would be great, as it’s a starkly different motif, providing the juxtaposition of its roundness against the lines of the plaid, its delicacy against the masculinity. Just play around with color and scale until you find the perfect balance.


Lumberjane Buffalo Flannel Shirt, Faux Leather Mixed Media Blazer, City Slicker Pleated SkirtBadass Babe Caged Peep-Toe Heels

4. Choose a feminine cut in a different material – Your Brawny Man button-up won’t evoke a woodsman vibe if it has the markings of women’s clothing. For instance, if it’s fitted. Or if it has an empire waist for a babydoll look, smocking in the back for a more defined waist. You might also want to try the print in a non-flannel fabric, like a lightweight chiffon or a textured crepe.

5. Change the silhouette – But if you’re set on borrowing your carpenter boyfriend’s plaid shirt, there are plenty of no-sew ways to alter it a little bit. Try rolling up those too-long sleeves and tying it up for a saucy Daisy Duke look. Wear it as a shirt-dress by cinching it with a belt. Or get super creative a la our convertible maxi dress with a tied strapless look. Who knew, right?

B   A

6. Pair it with girlier pieces – As an alternative you can just wear the shirt with a bottom that sports a flirty or womanly silhouette. You can’t go wrong with a skater skirt, for example, or its more demure older sister, the A-line. And pile on additional femme contrast with accessories. Ladylike faux pearls, schoolgirl knee-high socks, a glam lace headband, sleek and sexy stilettos…

7. Skip suggestive accessories – Be careful, though. The plaid shirt is so iconic of the professions we mentioned before that certain finishing touches can have you veering into costumey territory. Like you probably shouldn’t top your plaid outfit off with a big ol’ cowboy hat. We would stay away from cowgirl boots too. Also overalls and trapper hats. And definitely, definitely leave that axe at home.

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It’s A Mad Plaid World: Ways To Wear Tartan

As classic as blue jeans and as essential as an LBD, the plaid shirt is a universal piece that belongs in every closet, whether the owner of that closet is man, woman, child, or stylish beast. The pattern itself is time-honored and perenially trendy, continually showing its pretty face on runways as that season’s “latest” craze.

With the way we feel about prints in general (uh, love them, duh), you best believe we’re mad for plaid over here, but we also understand how balancing the intricate, multi-hued pattern with anything other than a pair of jeans can seem like a daunting task. In reality, plaid is as versatile as it is trusty. Here we take a flannel button-up and show you some of our favorite ways to wear tartan…

Lumber Jane

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Lace Base Mary Jane Pumps, 3. Denim Cut-Out Grommet Dress, 4. Animal Kingdom Clutch, 5. All Knit Up Pom-Pom Beanie

Lumber Jane – Flannel may be part of the lumberjack uniform, but you can take the Brawny Man out of plaid by pairing it with girlier items, like lace and tulle, or by choosing something with a flirty silhouette (a cropped top and peplum skirt would definitely do the trick).

Play Peekaboo

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Waffle Stitch Crew Neck Sweater, 3. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 4. Spiked Cap Toe Flats, 5. Perfectly Perforated Handbag

Play Peekaboo – Not ready to be as clad in plaid as Cher and Dionne in Clueless? Use your tartan shirt as a layering piece, or just find some plaid accessories. Add visual interest to any outfit by incorporating a plaid scarf, finishing it with foldover boots, or simply by letting your collar and cuffs come out to play.

Out And About

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Button Up Denim Dress, 3. Ladder Strap Platform Wedges, 4. Jeweled Mosaic Bangle Set, 5. Double Zippered Faux Leather Wristlet

Out And About – Button it up and you have a shirt, but what have you got if you leave it open? Outerwear! The flannel shirt can also be an easy throw-on jacket, which, as well as color and print, wraps you in a little warmth. (Of course you could always go with some actual plaid outerwear.)

Tie One On

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Satin Bra Top, 3. Quilted Cropped Bomber Jacket, 4. Acidic High-Waisted Shorts, 5. Zipping Around Combat Boots

Tie One On – The easiest way to wear plaid? Simply tie a shirt around your waist. The look is relaxed and effortless, not to mention grunge chic, and once again you get that color and pattern injected into your look. But if that’s still too much work? Go with faux! Yeah. We did that.

Pattern Maker

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Sparkly Boucle Cropped Top, 3. Camouflage Denim Shorts, 4. Chain Of Heart Charm Necklace, 5. In Combat Textured Boots

Pattern Maker – Sure, plaid can pack a punch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t play well with others. Don’t be afraid to let it mingle. A classic print like tartan is practically a solid and can stand the test of cohabitation. Match colors, vary scales, and you’re sure to find something that works.

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23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt Keep Tabs Combat Boots Tartan Plaid Cut-Out Dress Tartan Cropped TopLong Run Faux Fur Trim Jacket Plaid Rush Wire Headband Faux Leather Full Combat Boots Furry Windowpane VestPretty In Plaid Lace Trim Shell Top Tie It Up Plaid Skirt Crisscross Cropped Sweater Mad Plaid World Fringe Scarf 01Lace-Up Leather Combat Boots Highland Tartan Skirt Rad In Plaid Leggings Check Pashmina ScarfQuilted Tartan Bomber Jacket Raving Plaid Knee-High Socks Mad For Plaid Skinnies Tartan Cuff Military BootsMad For Plaid Crinkled Scarf Tartan Peplum Skirt Wide Open Arms Lounge Pants Brushed Flannel Plaid Scarf

What’s your favorite way to rock plaid? We wanna know…

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