Meet GoJane Model, Emily!

Who’s That Girl?


We asked. She told…

Sign: Leo
Snack of choice: Pretzel M&Ms
Song that best titles your life: “We are Young” by FUN.
Beauty regimen: Wash my face with a special face wash for my skin and keep makeup off my face when I’m able to.
First “Oh shit, I’m a real model” moment:¬†When I walked in my first LA fashion week when I was 14.
What did you want to be when you were younger: A singer…specifically Cher.
Ideal Sunday Funday: I’m really good at bowling, so I go every Sunday.
Currently hooked on: The TV show Face Off, since I want to get into makeup and prosthesis once I’m out of school.
Dream car: Porsche Carrera
Advice to aspiring models: Just keep going even when you want to give up! It’s a tough business that takes alot of hard work and dedication.
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