Ladies in Lace: Street Style Takes On One of Spring’s Biggest Trends

March brings us many things, including madness and leprechauns, but it is the end of this month that makes us realize spring is truly in the air. And we could celebrate the assurance of warmer weather with florals and shorter hemlines, but we thought of an even better way to usher in the spring equinox: lace. And sure, we’ve previously covered how your fave starlets rock this flirty fabric, but today’s post is extra special ’cause we rounded up tons of street style snaps, from all corners of the globe, featuring gorgeous gals in lace, including a pic or two of a sexy lace manicure.  So, take a look and make sure to let us know which one you’re seriously lusting over.

What was your favorite look? See anything you’re gonna try out soon?

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, Chictopia, We Heart it, The Glamourai, Man Repeller, Meek-n-Mild, and StyleBlazer

Luxe for Less: Miley Cyrus

During her Disney prime, we saw Miley Cyrus packaged as the all-American girl that both parents and kids could enjoy. Consequently, she was often outfitted in clothes that reflected her every girl style- cowboy boots, cute tees, and lots of denim. Yet, after celebrating her 18th birthday, a different Miley emerged- one with permanent ink, a penchant for  engaging in reefer madness, and oh yeah, there have been some instances of having too much fun with baked goods in the shapes of certain appendages. But, despite her edgier pursuits, one thing has remained constant: Miley’s style and sense of fashion is unique, relaxed, and admired by millions. With this in mind we created one of Miley’s signature looks, but our version won’t require you to have grossed serious coin by starring in a TV show with your dad. Curious as to how much this casual ensemble cost? Less than $100. Score!

1. wire frame aviator sunglasses
2. origami bird charm necklace
3. lace bandeau tube
4. flower crotchet tank
5. faded denim shorts
6. link design bracelet
7. oversized cross ring
8. western style leatherette boot

So, what did you think of the look? What other celebs do you wanna see?

Hips Don’t Lie: Our Favorite Shape for Spring 2012

Remember the insanity that followed after we unveiled this lovely lace peplum dress? In case you don’t recall, here’s the original dress:

Unfortunately, this pretty little frock sold out immediately and hundreds of girls bombarded us with pleas begging us to restock this sheath. Fortunately, we brought it back and additionally,  ordered it in a brand new pairing (rose peach), as well as the  classic ivory mint color scheme you fell in love with. What’s your favorite shade?

By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, peplums are all sorts of huge. The Fall 2012 runways gave us numerous trends, but the one that we noticed was the return of this ladylike silhouette.

What do you think of peplums? Is this a trend you’ve already embraced or are you still unsure? What other looks are you loving right now?

Three Looks Inspired by The Hunger Games

With an opening weekend of $155 million, we’re going to assume you probably saw The Hunger Games. Between all the brutal murder and commentary on a culture of entertainment at any cost, there was something else that made us squeal in delight and clap our hands excitedly: the fashion.

Throughout the  movie we’re confronted with protagonist Katniss Everdeen’s ever shifting take on style. In the beginning, armed with a bow and arrow, she races through the woods clad in leather riding boots and a fitted jacket. However, upon heading over to the capitol to participate in the Hunger Games she is given a makeover by the eternally cool Cinna, as played by Lenny Kravitz. When he outfits her in a costume of fire she quickly becomes The Girl On Fire and it is this notoriety which allows her to score lifesaving sponsorships during the Games. In fact, The Hunger Games is not only a story dedicated to the terrifying possibility of Orwellian surveillance or a political lust for blood. Instead, The Hunger Games focuses on the fact that clothes can very much make the man… er, woman.   In celebration of all things District 12 and Mockingjay, here are three looks inspired by Katniss Everdeen.

Look 1: The Huntress

1. leatherette hooded long sleeve jacket
2. dangling bird earrings
3. scoop neck tank
4. solid color skinny pants
5. double buckle leatherette riding boot

Why it works: In order to hunt Katniss needs to blend in with her surroundings, stay warm, and have plenty of movement. In the book, as well as the movie, we see her rocking plenty of muted neutrals, mainly black and brown.

Look 2: The Girl on Fire

1. cut-out stone inset earrings
2. cross over tank maxi dress
3. spiked stretch ring
4. metallic rhinestone jewel t-strap heel

Why it works: Katniss may be fighting to the death, but before she enters the arena she has to give a televised  interview to the country of Panem. The purpose of this interview? To gain sponsors for food, medicine, and weapons. While Katniss isn’t your stereotypically girly girl, she does clean up pretty nicely in a coral hued dress and accessories meant to re-enforce the idea that she is very much on fire.

Look 3: The Winner of the Hunger Games

1. mega shine lip gloss
2. shimmery mineral powder
3. chiffon cut-out back dress
4. threaded chain link bracelet
5. metallic t-strap sandal

Why it works: After winning the brutal Hunger Games Katniss, along with her partner from her home district, Peeta,  give another televised interview to celebrate their victory. Despite the fact that she had to slay several contestants for this dubious honor, Katniss’ stylist decks her out in an innocent frock and flats, as well as just a hint of makeup, to show the nation that she is still very much a child.

Did you see see the The Hunger Games this weekend? What did you think of the film’s looks?

Street Style Stalker: What Are Fashionistas’ Hottest Shoes?

Confession: we love shoes. Okay, we know that such an admission isn’t exactly breaking news, but the fact remains that we kinda sorta have an obsession with all things footwear. But, we also know you adore shoes as much as we do and as such, we don’t feel terrible about our shoe hoarding tendencies. Oh, and something else we forgot to mention: we sometimes indulge in some light stalking. Fortunately, our stalking is all for style, hence today’s post. Specifically, we clicked and searched and saved until we found all sorts of fashionable ladies, celebs and peons alike, who sported some seriously stylish shoes. So, take a look, get inspired, and make sure to show us how you rock your most fashionable kicks.

What was your favorite pair of shoes?

PS: One of our stylists kind offered us a few words of wisdom when she observed, “Chunky heel booties are huge for spring and will continue to be really popular for this year and into next.” Then, in a fit of general awesomeness, she quickly pulled three booties she thinks you’ll like. Thoughts?

Photos courtesy of Chictopia, Pintrest, The Glamourai, and We Heart It

How To: Wear a Bodysuit

We often see our fave celebrities strutting on stage in revealing bodysuits, but this look, along with teased wigs, armadillo heels, and triple layers of pantyhose, isn’t necessarily accessible to mere mortals. Above you’ll note that these divas look stunning, but not many of us have the body or the daring to rock a slinky bodysuit with little else. However, after poring over thousands of images on the ‘net we discovered that yes, you can wear a bodysuit and it can be an incredibly chic update to any look. Below you’ll see some of our fave ways to get bodied (yes, that was a Beyoncé reference) and oh yeah, make sure to show and tell us how YOU rock a bodysuit.

Photos courtesy of Pintrest, We Heart It, Chictopia,and  Tumblr

After extensively studying these images we have come to the conclusion that the trick to wearing a bodysuit is to use it as a quirky layering piece. As an added bonus, the perfect bodysuit will slim you down because it goes underneath your stylin’ skirt or pants.

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Our Five Fave Shoes for Spring 2012

Every month we’re bombarded with declarations telling us what we need for the upcoming season. We find ourselves stressing over locating the perfect pair of flared trousers or scoring the semi-sheer printed shirt of our dreams. But, we often forget that there’s one super duper easy way to upgrade your outfit: shoes. So, for your enjoyment our stylist found the five pairs of shoes we know you’ll love for Spring 2012.

1. american flag lace-up bootie
Why you’ll love ’em:
These booties are flying off the shelves because they’re quirky, cute, and insanely comfortable. Plus, despite the seemingly wild print, they’re incredibly versatile.

2. polka dot bow accented heel

Why you’ll love ’em: The silhouette of this platform shoe is undeniably classic, but the print is fun and flirty. Additionally,  doesn’t the bow just feel like spring? 

3. studded wedge

Why we love ’em: Wedge sandals are great for the warmer months, but some options can leave you feeling kinda bored. That’s why we’re loving these spiked wedges with metallic accents- the trim is modern and the spikes are completely on trend.

4. linen finish skimmer flat

Why we love ’em: A slightly unfinished vibe makes these flats so perfect for spring. We especially like the idea of pairing them with a flirty floral frock and if the weather is a little chilly, add a denim jacket.

5. zigzag toe sandal

Why we love ’em: Toe sandals happen to be a staple for spring, much like wedges, but you may find yourself uninspired by most options. However, that won’t be a problem with these tribal printed sandals because the pattern is funky and function as a way to dress up even the most boring of footwear.

What was your fave shoe? What other trends are you excited for this spring?

Luxe for Less: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad strutted onto the scene in 2004 as a star of MTV’s Laguna Beach. Sure, Kristin Cavallari got a lot of press for her tumultuous relationship with serious hottie Stephen Colletti, but Conrad’s easy California girl charm won her millions of fans.  Since those days at Laguna Beach High School we’ve seen her evolve from yet another pretty girl to a fashion powerhouse. Don’t believe us? Well, think about this for a moment: she’s has a whopping three fashion lines to her name, runs a mega successful beauty site, and oh yeah, is a New York Times bestselling author for her trilogy exploring the world of (wait for it) fashion. But, perhaps one of our fave things about this SoCal darling is her effortless style- even while rocking Miu Miu heels and leather shorts she manages to look incredibly comfortable and chic. Of course, we fell head over high heels in love with her look, but we knew that we couldn’t afford those costly double cross platform sandals at $700 per pop or the charming Chanel quilted purse for $1,600. Instead, we decided to do a nearly identical look, even including a messy ballerina bun, for less than $150.

1. layered tribal charm necklace set
2. knit cropped sweater
3. quilted shoulder bag
4. leatherette mesh shorts
5. leatherette peep-toe platform

So, what did you think of this look? What other celebs would you like to see?

Runway to Real Way: How to Rock Prints Like They Do On the Catwalk

Sometimes the runway reveals trends so outrageous we collectively shake our heads in disbelief and go about our day while muttering darkly about the state of fashion. Well, until a year later when we’re sporting the look we previously mocked, but significantly toned down (Alexander McQueen bumsters, anyone?). So, when we saw designers sending glamazons parading down the catwalk with printed pants, shirts, and shoes we knew that this year would be the year of mixing prints. But, seeing it on the runway doesn’t mean we know how to translate it in real life… until now. One of our lovely stylists pulled together three looks that she thinks you’ll love. Make sure to tell us what you think in the comments!

Flower Power

1. chiffon contrast tank top
2. textured oval frame sunglasses
3. slouchy floral print pants
4. perforated trim clutch
5. stone wire bracelet
6. two-tone peep-toe heel

Snakeskin ‘N Studs

1. studded suede bootie
2. floral cuff faux-pocket blazer
3. textured square bib necklace
4. snake print skinny jeans
5. two-tone cut-out top

Blue and Yellow

1. print panel tank dress
2. teardrop jewel bracelet
3. floral print faux-cork wedge
4. snakeskin crochet clutch

What was your fave look? What other trends do you wanna see come to life by way of GoJane?

Trend Time!: Celebrities Love Their Long(er) Sleeves

Call it the Kate Middleton effect: celebrities and mere mortals alike are suddenly flocking to dresses that don’t dare to bare arms. Instead, we’re spotting an entire crop of fashionable ladies who are actually covering up and truthfully, we couldn’t be more pleased. Why? ‘Cause sometimes the weather doesn’t permit for us to show off our delts and other times we haven’t been diligently doing our tricep curls which means our arms look more tired than toned. We put together a gallery featuring some of your fave style stars rocking long sleeves, but before that make sure to check out Kate, the one who started it all.

We know these dresses were ah-maz-ing, but we also realize that not every one of us can drop thousands of dollars on Pucci, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. But, don’t worry ’cause we have you covered (literally, as well as figuratively). Below you’ll see a few of our fave dresses that are completely on trend and won’t break the bank.

1. lace trim back dress
2. peter pan collar dress
3. neon lace layered dress
4. crochet back knit dress

What other celeb-inspired trends are you loving? By the way, make sure to tell us how YOU wear long sleeves!

Rainbow Bright: An Inspiration Gallery of Neon

Girls living on the West Coast have known since January that spring is coming, but alas, those of you who don’t live in the sunny states are battling snow storms and chilly temperatures. But, we have a fun and fashionable way to cheer you up and brighten up even the most dreary of days. Ready for it? Really? Okay, we’ll spill: it’s neon. So, take a look at our picture gallery to get inspiration and oh yeah, make sure to tell (and show) us how YOU wear neon.

What was your absolute favorite image? Do you wear neon or is it one of those trends you’re unsure about?

PS: If you are afraid of looking like a highlighter might we offer a suggestion? Pair a small neon piece, such as shoes or a clutch, with neutrals. You’ll get plenty of pop, but the look won’t be overwhelming. And if even this is too bold? We like the idea of painting your nails in a bright shade, slicking on a bold lip, or adding a wash of color with eyeshadow.

Photos courtesy of Chictopia, Tumblr, and We Heart It

SXSW: South By Southwest Shows Us Some Serious Style

Want the intellectual rigor of a TED talk, the musical appeal of Coachella, and the potential movie stardom of Sundance? Enter South By Southwest. The mega-event that is South By Southwest, or  SXSW, lasts ten days and is a blitzkrieg of music, movies, and emerging technology. Last year the organizers of SXSW unveiled Style X- a fashion show featuring  festival performers rocking local designers and stores, as well as more established brands, including Keds and American Apparel.  And this year? Well, as the lookbook demonstrates, SXSW just keeps getting bigger and better. In honor of all things Austin awesomeness, we put together a post dedicated to the sartorial savvy of SXSW’s attendees.

As you can tell, the fashion vibe at SXSW stayed true to the festival’s Texas roots- lots of boots, shorts, and a general casual elegance. Wanna get the look? Keep scrolling for three must-have pieces if you’re eager to look like a SXSW veteran.

What look was your favorite? How would you style a look for SXSW?

Photos courtesy of Teen Vogue, Chictopia, Street Peeper, and Lucky 

Want to Look Cute on St. Patrick’s Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is admittedly a holiday dedicated to one thing: drinking wearing green. But, we aren’t going to let this ideological single-mindedness get in our way.  In fact, we’re going to go ahead and fully support everyone’s right to resemble a leprechaun and oh yeah, we’re gonna show you how to do it while looking sexy and stylish. Below you’ll find a few different looks perfect for all sorts of situations. By the way, make sure to tell us your fave look in the comments!

Scenario One: St. Patty’s Day Brunch

1. floral print pants
2. studded leatherette coin purse
3. cropped blazer
4. low scoop neck top
5. suede peep-toe chunky heel

Scenario Two: Stop by the Pub for a Drink with Friends

1. ribbed high-low long sleeve top
2. peacock feather necklace
3. skinny jeans
4. woven leatherette platform bootie
5. rhinestone trim stone ring

Scenario Three: Casual Get-Together with Friends or Family

1. high-waist skinny jeans
2. colorblock faux-pocket top
3. oversized tribal bangle
4. textured print bracelet
5. striped loafer

Scenario Four: Hit Up the Club

1. rhinestone trim shape earrings
2. snakeskin ring handle clutch
3. chunky suede platform heel
4. bandage tube dress

What are you doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Let us know in the comments!

Inspiration Gallery: Tights with Shorts

Anxious to wear shorts, but concerned about frostbite? Sure, you could stay inside and stage your own personal runway show, but we have a more practical solution: shorts with tights. Below you’ll find a few looks from stylish gals from all over the ‘net showing us how to don this sexy and stylish look. Oh, and if the weather is particularly temperamental, let us pass along a tip we’ve seen several fashionable females indulge in: add thickly knitted socks and boots to the trusty tights and shorts combo.

Okay, so you’re probably officially in serious lust with this look, but don’t where to start, right? Our solution?  Opaque tights. We particularly love the fact that they’ll add some much needed warmth to your ensemble and visually slim you down.

What other trends are you obsessing over? Any trends you just don’t get? By the way, we were thinking of doing a style gallery devoted exclusively about GoJane girls. What do you think?

What Are the Trendiest Shoes for Spring 2012? Check Out Our Guide!

After taking in shows in Milan, Paris, New York, and LA, we feel pretty confident when it comes to predicting what trends we’re all going to be loving this year. But, while it may be easy to cry, “Colorblocking is mah-jor!”, it’s not so easy to you know, actually colorblock. GoJane’s solution? Get on the trend bandwagon and do so by adding one super simple thing to your outfit: shoes. Below you’ll find the most styling shoes and they’re embracing some of your fave trends.

1. Colorblocking

2. Lace

3. Neon

What other trends are you loving for spring? Do you have any tips when it comes to trying new trends?

PS: If you love any of these hot shoes just click on the pic and it’ll take you to the GoJane site where you can buy ’em (and check out tons of other stuff including nightclub dresses, accessories, and yes, even cosmetics).

Celebrities Really Love Their… Ankle Strap Heels!

Throughout the ‘oughts we’ve been privileged to enjoy the unprecedented rise of heels. Runways and city streets alike have seen women tottering on five, six, and seven inch heel stilettos, often times supported by a hidden platform. Yet, 2012 appears to be ushering in a new trend: ankle straps. These Forties’-inspired heels offer a certain ladylike glamour to any ensemble and as the gallery of celebs below shows, stars love their ankle strap heels.

If you’re looking to jump on this trend, but aren’t sure of where to find the perfect pair of heels, look below because we found a few pairs we’re in serious lust with. Just click on the shoe and voila! you could soon be rocking these seriously trendy heels.

What is your fave celeb look? What is your fave GoJane heel?

PS: What are some other trends you’re obsessed with? If we like your idea we might just do a post about it…

Trend Alert! Lace is Huge for Spring

As we’ve pored over blogs, studied fashion shows, and read numerous glossies we have come to the conclusion that lace is huge for spring. Why? Well, we suspect that it’s because of how versatile and pretty a little lace is. Sure, you can keep it classic and rock a brightly hued lace dress, but we are also loving all the different ways you can look hot and styling in lace, including shoes and shirts.  If you’re in need of inspiration take a look at our celeb gallery and oh yeah, make sure to tell us how YOU wear lace.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We know you’re thinking, “I need more lace in my wardrobe, pronto!” and fortunately, we have some perfect pieces for every type of girl, from partying vixen to preppy princess.

What was your favorite lacy item? What other spring trends are you obsessing over? We don’t wanna give away next week’s trend report, but here’s a hint: it’ll brighten your day up!

How to: Wear Printed Bottoms

Sometimes it seems that printed tops get all the attention. But, 2012 looks to be the year of the printed bottoms (and ludicrous GOP behavior). And sure, we’ve seen the usual suspects when it comes to prints- florals, polka dots, and tribal, but designers have also shown us some unexpected prints. In celebration of all things printed and patterned that can cover your booty we present a how-to guide when it comes to printed bottoms.

1. leatherette clutch
2. flare chiffon skirt
3. long sleeve chambray top
4. suede finish bootie

Why it works: We combined a super girly chiffon skirt with tough vaguely Western elements, including faux-suede booties and a chambray top. Additionally, the color scheme is pulled together by the leatherette clutch and fairly neutral booties and shirt.

1. slouchy magazine print top
2. studded skull brooch clutch
3. nail polish
4. tribal print leggings
5. cut-out textured leatherette wedge

Why it works: Yep, we added a graphic top to these printed pants, but the muted color scheme keeps this casual ensemble from feeling overwhelming. Of course we did make sure to add a pop of color courtesy of a bright and girly shade of nail polish.

1. floral harem pants
2. studded quilted leatherette wallet
3. semi-sheer pussy bow top
4. open front blazer
5. patent pointed toe pump
6. shimmer jewel triangle ring

Why it works: We decided to maintain the girly vibe of the floral harem pants by layering ’em with a semi-sheer pussy bow blouse and sexy patent leatherette heels. Additionally, the fitted jacket won’t overwhelm your shape and the similarly hued accessories result in a polished and calculated look.

What was your favorite look? How do YOU rock printed bottoms?

Fashion Gallery: Sheer

Sheer fabric may show skin, but if done right it can be far more haute than harlot. The trick to making sheer work? Loose silhouettes, strategic layering, and a sense of proportion. Specifically, if you’re donning an elegant semi-sheer skirt you probably shouldn’t pair it with a mesh bodysuit. Moreover, because sheer clothing tends to have a feminine shape and texture we enjoy adding some unexpected elements, such as motorcycle jackets, architectural wedges, and chunky accessories. Additionally, we wouldn’t advise wearing anything tight or formfitting while rocking the sheer look because you don’t want to resemble Coco of Ice Loves Coco fame. We’ve gathered some of our favorite looks in order to give you an idea on how to do sheer and how to do it well. By the way, if you fancy yourself fashion savvy when it comes to sheer, or any other trends, send us a pic and you could see yourself on the GoJane blog!

What was your favorite look? We’re not going to pick favorites, but we’ll give you a hint: loving the monochromatic look with ombre hair!

Photos courtesy of Chictopia

Emma Roberts: Luxe for Less

Maybe you’re familiar with Emma Roberts due to her performance in films such as Valentine’s Day, Twelve, and Hotel for Dogs. Or maybe you hear her surname and immediately think of Julia Roberts, Emma’s aunt. If you’re still having trouble placing her we suggest watching The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” video to get a sneak peek of her father. Okay, we admit that doing so won’t help you figure out who she is, but the combination of tasty man meat in the form of Brandon Flowers and Eric Roberts will completely atone for this oversight. Regardless of how you know her, there is something inexplicably intriguing about Ms. Roberts. The particular look showcased below is sleek, sophisticated, and young. But, we knew that we couldn’t quite afford to drop $140 on a jacket, let alone additional bling, and that’s why we put together this look. The cost? Less than the Dylan Alexa blazer Roberts is sporting. Oh, and after you score her look, you’ll still have enough to buy a cocktail to celebrate just how fabulous you look.

1. layered tribal necklace set
2. lace back tank
3. collarless jacket
4. pocketed jeggings
5. strappy peep-toe platforms

We think this look could work really well for Casual Friday (if you happen to work somewhere that doesn’t allow for jeans to be worn every day). Conversely, this is definitely a great first date outfit. What do you think?

PS:  Make sure to tell us what other celebs you’re dying to see.

How to: Wear Florals Without Looking Like a Second Grader

You have probably figured out that GoJane is kind of obsessed with florals. After all, is there anything prettier than some finely placed floral action? Yeah, we didn’t think so. But, there is one issue that arises when it comes to florals: the possibility that you may end up looking like a second grader.  But, have no fear because GoJane is to the rescue! We’ve put together three distinctly different looks all featuring florals and we know you’ll adore ’em just as much as we do.

1. colorblock long sleeve shirt
2. beaded tribal necklace set
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. floral toe booties

Why it works: We kept a color palette of muted earth tones, but this particular look features some very hot and complimentary trends, namely florals, colorblocking, and tribal.

1. suede peep-toe platform
2. floral chiffon dress
3. textured cuff bracelet
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Why it works: The color scheme is fresh and trendy, as is the combination of colorblocking and florals.

1. lace cami tank
2. flower print skinny jeans
3. graphic perfume top
4. canvas espadrille sandal

Why it works: Printed jeans and pants are having a revival, but it can be an admittedly tough look to work. The solution? Complimentary colors. As this look illustrates, we did a floral jean, but kept everything else relatively muted.

What was your fave look? What other how-to guides would you like to see?

What Celebrities Were the Worst Dressed at the Academy Awards?

Sure, nearly anyone can look decent at the Oscars with the assistance of a stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser, and an arsenal of assistants. However, it takes a special sort of celebrity to show up to the biggest event in the film industry and look questionable . Of course, we know that fashion is subjective and yes, we realize some of our choices are controversial, yet the following ladies made us shake our coiffed heads in disbelief, wonder, and occasionally all out shame. Curious as to who they are? Keep reading, darling.

1. Busy Phillips

Michelle Williams’ BFF,  Busy Phillips of Cougar Town, is notorious for playing wacky characters often bordering on the edge of nymphomania. Yet, this particular look demonstrates another sort of psychosis. Specifically, the bright peep-toe heels coupled with the lengthy blue earrings was daring, but as General Custer has shown us, bravery doesn’t always result in success. Oh, and as for the Dolce & Gabbana dress? Great cut, but the fabric looks like something you’d find at Wal-Mart in the bargain bin.

2. Sandra Bullock

Admittedly, we  feel like jerks mocking Sandra Bullock for anything whatsoever because she is America’s sweetheart. But, the fact remains that this Marchesa frock looks as if there are bejeweled zombie hands reaching for Bullock’s derriere and internal organs.

3. Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara’s ethereal beauty has been on full display this award season and trust us when we say that we adore how she stands out amongst the bevvy of blonde, tanned, and busty celebs who are typically on our radar. Yet, we’re sad to report that this Givenchy gown makes the twenty-six year old’s bust look as saggy as that of a centenarian who’s given birth to enough babies to result in double digit figures.

4. Sherri Shepherd

Perhaps you aren’t a fan of Sheri Shepherd for her insistence that the world may not be round, but we think we have discovered an equally grievous error: wearing a black bra underneath her plunging dress. By the way, despite some serious research we couldn’t figure out who designed this I Dream of Jeannie atrocity frock and as such, if you have an insider connection to the dark world of obnoxious TV hosts’ preferred designers drop us a line, okay?

5. Melissa Leo

We understand that at fifty-two Melissa Leo may not want to show off her guns. But, we suspect that this Reem Acra gown could be immensely improved by lopping off the awkward gold top. After all, the only person who can make a collared blouse work at the Oscars is the eternally sexy Sharon Stone.

So, what did you think of our list? Anyone we shouldn’t have added? How about anyone we missed?

Luxe for Less: Look Like British Beauty, Rochelle Wiseman, Without Breaking the Bank

Jeans and a cute tee may seem like a simple and uninspired combo, but we like to think that a few well placed extras can take you from blah to bombshell. As we searched high and low for lovely ladies to emulate for Luxe for Less we couldn’t help but keep coming back to The Saturdays’ Rochelle Wiseman.  Her style, when not on stage, is simple, girly, and oh yeah, fashionable. We put together a look we recently saw her rocking, but our version will cost you the same as her J.Brand jeans. Yes, we’re offering UK celeb style for less than $175.

1. long fur vest
2. striped open back bodysuit
3. five pocket solid color jeans
4. leatherette envelope design handbag
5. faux shearling boot

Did you guys like this look? What other celebs do you wanna see get the GoJane treatment?

How to: Wear Peplums

Peplums rear their pretty head every few decades or so. We saw ’em in the Forties and then the Eighties. But, the modern peplum is not that of your mother or grandmother’s generation. Instead, the peplum features a little bit more sass and can often be found in the most unexpected of places.

We’ve put together four looks for you, all of which feature peplums, but in dramatically different ways. So, take a look and make sure to tell us which one you love and why, okay?

1. lace peplum dress
2. stitch leatherette clutch
3. embellished bow pearl bracelet
4. bowed platform pump

1. cross back short sleeve top
2. stone square shape ring
3. linked box chain necklace set
4. peplum skirt
5. striped strappy wedge

1. quilted leatherette wallet
2. strappy back leopard tube
3. jeweled feather stretch ring
4. lace-up platform boot
5. bandage style knit mini

1. strapless leopard print ruffle dress
2. retro patent clutch
3. design frame sunglasses
4. easter egg ring
5. cut-out laced wedges

What other fashion and style questions do you have? Let us know and you could soon see it here!

How to: Wear Stripes Without Visually Packing on the Pounds

Regardless of how little or how much you know about fashion, you’re probably familiar with the adage, “Horizontal stripes will make you look fat.” Yet, it’s ever so difficult to keep these words in mind when we’re lusting over thickly knitted cardigans, body con sheaths, or high waisted leggings, all with those delicious and taboo horizontal stripes. Yet, GoJane knows that rules, even those of fashion, are meant to be broken. As such, we present you with three distinct looks, all of which feature horizontal stripes.

1. woven square clutch
2. beaded fruit ring
3. stripe knit flare dress
4. bowed wayfarer sunglasses
5. strappy leatherette platform heel

Why it works: Your legs will look miles long thanks to the nude* heels. Additionally, the simple and flattering cut won’t overwhelm your frame or create added bulk.

1. skull embellished tee
2. studded stripe design sunglasses
3. striped high waist leggings
4. microstud platform bootie

Why it works: The close fit of the leggins won’t add weight.  Furthermore, your frame will appear longer because of the dark colored heeled booties.
1. crocheted button-up cardigan
2. wired tribal necklace
3. solid color sheer top
4. maxi pencil skirt
5. leatherette zip-up bootie

Why it works: The combination of a maxi skirt and platforms means that your bottom half will look lengthy and svelte. Therefore, pairing the striped sweater with this stunning duo won’t make you appear chunky. Finally, a pop of color will draw the eye towards your shirt and not towards the stripes.

What was your favorite look? What other how-to guides do you wanna see?

* The phrase nude refers to wearing shoes similar in shade to your skin. If these shoes don’t match your skin tone find a pair that will flatter your gams. Oh, and trust us- we have heels, booties, and boots in a wide assortment of colors so it won’t be a challenge to find the perfect pair.

Luxe for Less: Rihanna

If you’re still searching for a fashion icon you may want to settle on Barbabos beauty, Rihanna. This good girl gone bad has had some major style transformations throughout the years- she shed her lengthy locks for a cool mohawk-inspired ‘do, routinely rocks neon-hued eyes, and prances around on stage in plenty of naughty leather.  No matter what this singing sensation wears, we have noticed a trend: she looks perpetually fashion-forward. But, we guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise- she has unlimited access to J Brand Jeans, Dolce & Gabanna , and Brian Atwood. Yet, resembling RiRi shouldn’t feel like an exercise in S&M- that’s why we put together this outfit. The look is cool, casual, and chic, but certainty not costly- it’ll cost you around $105.

1. collared open front coat
2. three ring cross necklace
3. studded love glamour top
4. chain trim animal print bracelet
5. belted cuff dress pants
6. pointed toe pump

What do you like about this look? What celebs do you want to see next?

Valentine’s Day Swag Bag Giveaway!

Hearts and heels, red and rings, lips and lockets- yes, you know what that means, right? It’s Valentine’s Day and GoJane is set to make your day a little bit more beautiful. How? With girly accessories, shoes, and plenty of love. So, mosey on over to our Facebook and enter for a chance to win a swag bag. Oh, and did we mention that the second place winner will win two items from their fave swag bag and the third place winner will score one item from their favorite bag? Finally, in case you needed additional incentives to enter, we included pics below.

Bag One:

Bag Two:

Bag Three:

What was your fave collection? And remember, you could soon be the proud owner of some hot heels, stylish accessories, and designer-inspired clutches- just enter for a chance to win!

Sh!t My Boyfriend Says About My Clothes

As a fashionable female you undoubtedly understand that harem pants, high-low tops, and cutout wedges are so of this moment it threatens to give us vertigo. Unfortunately, your special someone won’t always share these sentiments and in fact you may hear some of the following:

1. Did you know your shirt ripped in back?

1. acid wash high waist jeans
2. round neck short sleeve top
3. suede cutout booties
4. pleated colorblock handbag

2. Did you go to the bathroom in your pants?

1. distressed design blah top
2. slouchy pocket pants
3. spike trim ring
4. crinkle patent platform pump

3. You look like a Muppets character.

1. rhinestone button front pocket jeans
2. long fur vest
3. pocketed racerback tank
4. mini triangle earrings
5. feather suede booties

4. Your dress has a mullet.

1. oversized owl necklace
2. lace-up back dress
3. leopard print platforms
5. Did your shirt shrink?
1. wrapped chainmail bracelet set
2. two tone sequin top
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. velvet platform pump
5. snake print rhinestone brooch clutch

What has your significant other said about your clothes? By the way, all of our examples were things our boyfriends and husbands actually said to us.

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Like You Really Mean It)

Perhaps you previously thought us Valentine’s Day scrooges on account of our thoroughly modern take on fashion for the upcoming holiday.  Yet, we assure you that we unabashedly love this day and as such, we offer you four looks so sweet, so romantic, so quintessentially Valentine’s Day-y, that you may find yourself changing your position that we love this particular day too much.

Give Me Lip

1. embellished heart ring
2. kiss graphic top
3. bow shorts
4. lizard print rosette t-strap wedge

Pink Lady
1. solid color zip back dress
2. plumping lip gloss
3. oversized heart charm necklace
4. velvet mary jane platform

Sequin and Striped Sistah

1. matte frame sunglasses
2. graphic sequin heart top
3. solid color jeans
4. striped leatherette toe flat

Lovely in Lace

1. lace open back dress
2. heart charm necklace
3. snake print rhinestone brooch clutch
4. patent platform pump

So, what was your favorite look? What do you plan to wear for Valentine’s Day? By the way, make sure to vote in our poll about your plans- we love seeing the results!

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Without Being Too Obvious)

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a special holiday reserved exclusively for couples and Hallmark executives. However, we know that the GoJane girl, regardless of relationship status, always wants to look good. As such, we put together a few looks just for you.

Date With Your Sweetheart:

1. stone square shaped ring
2. lace design open bow back dress
3. ruffled satin peep toe platform

Clubbing with Your (Single) Friends:

1. strappy back tribal tube top
2. woven chainmail bracelet
3. mineral wash skinny jeans
4. wrap around ankle strap wedge

Movie Night with the Bestie (No Romantic Comedies Allowed!):

1. rhinestone trim love ring
2. metallic zipper top
3. fringe slingback wedge
4. basic legging

What was your favorite look? What are you planning to wear on Valentine’s Day?

Luxe For Less: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may have a questionable claim to fame, but this particular Kardashian has managed to leverage that booty into billions. Additionally, she’s not shy about flaunting her enviable posterior or her status as a member of the 1%. We often see Kimmy K in some of the world’s hottest, and therefore most pricey, designers such as Herve Leger, Christian Louboutin, and Dolce & Gabanna. But, these quadruple digit duds are far more than we can afford and that’s why we put together this look- it’s cute, it’s a lil’ sexy, and of course, it’s totally Kim for under $275.

1. colorblock design sunglasses
2. long fur vest
3. peacock feather necklace
4. cross back cut-out top
5. woven chevron bangle set
6. liquid finish jeggings
7. double buckle leatherette handbag
8. suede platform pump

What celebrities and designers would you like to see next? We have a few more of your faves lined up, but we definitely want to know who else you’re dying to see.

How to: Go from Day to Night

True story: I used to work in a very stereotypical 9-5 job and would immediately leave work to go to Hollywood at least three times a week. Of course, this meant that I had to figure out outfits that were appropriate for answering telephones, as well as catcalls. If you’re looking for a way to take your outfit from stylin’ schoolgirl to club chic continue reading for some inspiration.

Sweatshirt Schoolgirl

1. high waisted leggings
2. graphic smiley face tee
3. slouchy suede boot
4. zigzag cuff bracelet

Sequin Sistah

1. high waisted leggings
2. floral print bangle set
3. chiffon sequin tank
4. strappy fringe heel
5. woven leatherette clutch

Leopard Lady

1. strapless animal print dress
2. cropped blazer
3. pearl design stone ring
4. ankle strap leatherette heel

Fierce Feathered Female

1. jeweled tribal necklace set
2. fringe feather platform
3. strapless animal print dress
4. layered chain link rhinestone ring

Cute Colorblock Chick

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. pleated detail flat
4. colorblock bucket handbag

Beaded and Baubled Babe

1. solid color sheer top
2. tiered tulip skirt
3. spiked necklace set
4. leopard print lace up wedge bootie
5. chainmail bead bracelet


What other questions do you want answered? Additionally, what are YOUR tips from transitioning pieces from day to night? By the way, next time we do this feature we’re going to only use accessories to create a brand new look perfect for class to club.

Ladies in Leopard

Much like Gwen Stefani, we maintain that leopard can and should be paired with anything in your fashion arsenal.  Yep, we’re talking leopard and plaid, leopard and neon, leopard and… well, you get it, right? (Of course you do- you are a GoJane girl, after all) We’ve put together a mini-gallery of leopard looks we love and after taking ’em in we wanna know: what leopard look do YOU love and why? Oh, and if you’re feeling all sorts of fashionista then go ahead and show us how you rock leopard- we double dare ya.

We love how each girl managed to put her personal spin on leopard, from geeky chic to leather and leopard.

By the way, what gallery would you like to see next? As always, we are your stylish servants and want to put a smile on your gorgeous face.

Photos courtesy of Chictopia

Stylish Harem Pants

Harem pants are one of those things that’s great in theory, but can often have disastrous results. After all, if you don’t know how to play with proportion you may end up resembling MC Hammer. The trick to getting the look just right is to include plenty of feminine accessories, including heels to make your gams look miles long.  Here at GoJane we know a thing or two about rockin’ these pants and below you’ll find some different examples of show stopping outfits with some serious harem pant action.

1. layered crochet tank
2. tribal printed pants
3. textured square shape bangle set
5. neon platform pump
1. mesh paillette tank
2. embellished stud trim clutch
3. metallic ankle strap platform
4. animal print slouchy pants
5. cropped blazer
6. abstract design choker
1. zipper lip tank
2. stripe ruched sleeve blazer
3. embellished heart necklace
4. rhinestone studded heels
5. button front slouchy pants

What other questions do you have? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to answer.

Get Bold: Photos of Bodacious Babes in Daring Prints

Even your most basic outfit can become It Girl status when you add an unexpected print (or two). We know that the prospect of rockin’ such stylish duds can be a bit jarring so we put together a small gallery to get your creative juices flowing.

Why we love this: The unexpected combination of snakeskin with a feminine shirt seems like it might not work, but the similar color palette produces a sophisticated and stylish look.

Why we love this: Leather jackets are no longer exclusively associated with outlaw motorcycle gangs, but this girly combination of a printed skirt and ornate booties with a tough kid staple is a refreshing way of reviving a classic favorite.

Why we love this: It takes a certain kind of glamazon to get away with the fashion sin of combining bold prints. As you’ll see in this photo, this look works because of a similar palette, as well as equally adventurous prints.

Why we love this: We don’t know if it’s the model’s fierce stare, slammin’ physique, or the addition of lots of accessories, but regardless of reason, this printed outfit is a welcome alternative to your fave little black dress (LBD).

Why we love this: It’s not often someone wearing a grandpa sweater can look bad ass, but the model above manages to do so thanks to her rocker girl hair and ability to combine some dramatically different prints.

What was your favorite print pairing and why? Tell us in the comments.

Photos courtesy of: The Glamourai, The Man Repeller, While I Was Sleeping, and Brave New Blog

Shoes, Heels, and Platforms: A Photo Gallery Dedicated to Cute Shoes

Girls love lots of things: false lashes, glitter, anything starring Ryan Gossling. However, a significant portion of females also love shoes. Furthermore, our affection for cute footwear extends to a wide variety of types- pretty ballet flats, studded stilettos, cutout wedges. Below you’ll find some cute inspiration from ’round the web.

Why we love these: Maybe it’s ’cause we’re all about metallics this season or maybe it’s just because we love glitter, but regardless of the reason, the fact remains that these stilettos are ferosh and we totes want to get our pediured paws on ’em pronto.

Why we love these: Lace socks get a bad girl upgrade when paired with studded heels. The other shoes- velvet platform wedges-will give you height, but they’re easy to walk in. Best of both worlds? We think so.

Why we love these: The floral heels are sweet and sophisticated because of the hidden platform. Furthermore, unless we’re very much mistaken, there are booties with buttons lurking behind the printed heels and we can’t get over how cute they are.

Why we love these: Bold leopard print meets lace in these booties. Furthermore, we’re definite fans of how this photo was styled- the studs are rocker girl chic, but the bedsheets and lace are indicative of a total sweetheart.

Why we love these: Embellished heels are beautiful, but this particular pair features rainbow sparkles and an ankle strap. Heels are meant to make girls feel like princesses and we know that we’ll have a Kate Middleton moment if we got our hands on gem embellished heels.

What were your favorite pair of stilettos? Why?

Photos courtesy of: hellokittyfauxsho, sexyandcrazy, atooma, hotrockstars, and pinkkaviar.

Flower Child: Photos of Stylish Ladies Wearing Florals

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