Inspiration Gallery: Big Cat Graphics (Lions, Tigers, Leopards…)

We’ve always been fans of graphics, but most recently, there’s a specific kind of graphic that we’re going wild over. Tired of guessing? We love wild cats! We love their freedom. We love how regal they are. And we especially love the respect they demand with their silent stares and ferocious appetites. So we’ve been racing through this jungle we call the marketplace and snatching up every single thing we can find printed with big, chunky, in-yo-face graphics of badass cats. We’re talking lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas, leopards and cheetahs.

Not only are these fierce kitties huge in stature, but now they’re huge in the fashion world. Top design houses like Givenchy and designers like Marc Jacobs were some of the first to reveal their love for feisty felines. Months later, this trend has smoothly translated from the runway to the streets! This season is all about bringing out your inner wildcat. So grab some of our best bold kitty graphic pieces, and make sure it gets thrown into your rotation of trends-to-try this season!

And if you’re having a little trouble envisioning this trend on a real girl, like yourself, in the real world, we’ve compiled a wide selection of inspiration photos of our favorite street style bloggers doing their thing in big cat graphics.

Are you just dying to try the big cat trend this season? If so, we’ve got a great selection of cool cat pieces for you at GoJane! Shop Now!

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