Happy Birthday, Kat Von D

True story: one of the GoJane writers’ mom had Kat Von D as a student in the eighth grade. And while Kat didn’t have any tats at the tender age of thirteen, she did have plenty of talent. We guess it shouldn’t shock us that the now famous tattoo artist showed plenty of promise at an age when most of us were more concerned with pizza than careers. Anyways, happy birthday birthday, Kat Von D!

GoJane Spends the Night w/ Some RAWartists…

It’s not always all about fashion with us here at GoJane. We do find other things interesting too, ya know. Like… art, music, tattoos, martinis, great photography and did we mention martinis? So when we were invited to partake in an an evening that incorporated all of our favorite things, we most certainly RSVP’d. This event was especially attractive to us because it was produced by an organization we think you’ll all find worthy of your time.

Anyone who is or has ever been a starving, misunderstood, under appreciated artist knows how difficult it is to be seen or heard. Showcasing your newest line in empty venues and slapping the bass in seedy bars isn’t anyone’s ideal debut. But thanks to RAW, newbie artists nationwide can be spotlighted in packed houses and exposed by legitimate media outlets.  RAW is a group of indie artists who support other indie artists. They’ve given platforms to fellow colleagues and have allowed them to reach audiences that they might not have gotten to on their own. Giving the little guy some love…that’s definitely something we wanted to get behind! So suited up in our best GoJane wear, we dragged a photographer along with us, grabbed some libation money, and headed out to our local RAWartists event @ an uber swanky lounge…

These military inspired hats were our favorite of the apparel that was showcased.

Excuse me Miss, you have some Diet Coke residue on your nose…

The lounge’s mood was set with beautiful lighting that showcased each piece to the lively audience in a quality that I can only describe as mystical.

The live tattoo artist was unfazed and stayed stoic throughout the chaos of all the flashing cameras and curious onlookers.

The music was live and loud (just the way the funk gods intended), the drinks were strong, and the art was though provoking.

Artists’ dispositions wavered from boisterous to adorably shy and timid.  Andy was our fave.  She reluctantly posed near her work at the coercion of her friends…

These local artists basked in the limelight and we were glad to be given the opportunity to  breathe in the essence of the underground art world. These shows can be found nationwide and chances are will be setting up in a city near you. We urge you to go out there and support your local artist and give them the praise that every newbie needs to keep their spirits and dreams alive.  The Shepard Fairey, Alexander Wangs and Bon Ivers that are now embedded in our minds all started somewhere like this. So If you or someone you know has been discouraged by their inability to reach the masses, connect with RAW and see what they can do for your struggle. They span nationwide and organize shows in over 54 US cities. Upcoming shows are scheduled in San Fransisco, Austin and NYC. RAW will leave no indie artist behind! Visit the RAWartists’ site for upcoming events and you could soon be infatuating the hearts of the art loving masses.  And who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing you at the next show…

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