Countdown To Summer: 10-Day Boot Camp!

There’s only ten days left until the first official day of summer! We’ve got a bunch of must-do’s that will get you ready for the best summer of your life! Who’s up for the challenge?

Day 10

Recycle a pair of old jeans into your soon-to-be fave summer shorts…

It’s super easy. Just cut a pair of jeans at the desired length and throw them in the washing machine. The tumble will give the freshly cut hems all the fray they need to keep you too cool for school. Try them on every day and make sure you’re lunging and calf-raising your way into the perfect fit. And if you’re too lazy (or just #aintgotnotimeforthat), get a pair of denim cut-offs from



Day 9

Give yourself a fruity facial in preparation for a summer without makeup…

Seriously, with all of the sweaty mischief and random outdoor chaos, you’re better off going the summer without makeup. To ensure you’ve got the best plain canvas possible, give yourself an easy DIY fruity facial scrub. Different fruits have different benefits, so make sure your fruity cocktail is right for your skin tone. Like did you know fresh lemon juice can help with oily skin? Amaze!

Day 8

Stock up on some summer reading essentials…

Summertime is all about straight lounging! And what better way to lounge than with some inspiring, entertaining, or life-changing wordplay? We suggest keeping the reading light, like revisiting an old classic from your childhood. Island of the Blue Dolphins, anyone? Or if you’re really down for the cause, just visit for a daily dose of stylish entertainment.

Day 7

Learn how to build a scientifically kickass sandcastle…

Sure, tossing some sand around can be fun (and also a great way to exfoliate), but some people take this grainy group project to a whole new level. Dude, how rad would it be to enter and WIN a sand castle building contest? Do it, dude. Do it.

Day 6

Become a fruit infused water drinking mofo…

The best thing to happen to water since ice cubes…fruit. We have been slicing and dicing all types of fruit and putting it into our water. We’re not talking the usual lemon wedges. Oh, no! We’re talking cucumbers, oranges, ginger, and mint. And the added bonus? A lot of these fruity concoctions have health benefits. Like did you know mint-infused water helps with digestion?

Tip: Keep your infused water cold. A warm or hot water bottle full of fruit can be a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

Day 5

Whip that hair into shape…

Don’t skip the weekly deep-conditioning hair masks. Your hair deserves to spend this summer flowing and shining in the sun like the queen it is.

Day 4

Get your car ready…

You are going to need a sweet G-ride to get you around this summer. And no one wants to sit shotgun in a car that smells like horrible life decisions and feet. It’s time to soap up them sponges and scrub your car into a wicked ass summer.

Day 3

Update your playlist with some sunny jams…

Every great summer has a great soundtrack. Make sure yours is full of beats, bass, and Beyonce. Everyone needs a little (or a lot) of Beyonce!

Day 2

Give yourself a tropical mani/pedi…

The best way to remind yourself that it’s summer time and you’re here to have fun (dammit) is to have a constant reminder at your fingertips. And if you don’t have any tropical vacations planned this summer, you can always just gaze down at your pretty nails and day dreeeeeeeeeam.

Day 1

Walk. Run. Bike. Drive. To. Da. Beach.


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