How to: Wear Heels and Shorts Without Looking Trashy

Gorgeous gal, Taylor, recently asked, “What would be the cutest way to wear pumps without looking too trashy while wearing shorts?” and as soon as we saw her query we knew we had to write about it. We’ve assembled a few awesome looks that we hope will give you guys some great ideas. By the way, if you have any suggestions or ideas let us know and you could see it here!

1. cropped blazer
2. graphic crystal skull top
3. distressed five pocket denim shorts
4. quilted leatherette clutch
5. suede cutout booties

Why it works:
You’ll get plenty of lift as a result of the heels, but the addition of a cropped jacket and quilted clutch are refined touches that show you didn’t just slip on stilettos and shorts without a moment’s hesitation.

1. sheer chiffon wide sleeve top
2. rhinestone medallion ring
3. velvet pump
4. high waisted polka dot shorts

Why this works:
The colorblocking element demonstrates that some extra thought went into this cute and simple combo. Plus, by keeping relatively covered up top, it’s totally okay for you to show your gams.

1. glitter knit sweater
2. lace overlay shorts
3. sequin collar chiffon tank
4. double buckle leopard print platform

Why this works:
Tights provide some extra coverage (and warmth!), so you don’t have to worry that you’re showing too much skin. Plus, a sequin tank is glitzy and elegant, as are the lace shorts.

By the way, we thought this question was so cool that we’re gonna do a second post on it in the very near future. If you have any ideas or wanna submit your own looks just let us know!

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