Style Crush: Jenna Lyons

Cool, effortless, chic. These are some of the words that are used to describe Jenna Lyons. She’s the master of the high-low look with a heavy-handed dose of boyish details complete with sequins and thick-framed glasses. The praise is universal. Duh, the First Lady even sports J.Crew and hangs with Jenna. And Lyons is famous not just because of her incredible style, but also because of her business acumen and creative intuition. She’s proof that the bullied geeks of yesteryear can and will become stylish powerhouse leaders. So let’s talk Jenna because, more than anything, she’s real and we all seem to relate to her. If there’s one thing Lyons doesn’t shy away from it’s blunt inquisitiveness and honesty.

A Few Facts About Jenna

  1. She’s been at J.Crew forever. Since 1990, in fact, and started as an assistant.
  2. Lyons has about 300 pairs of shoes (*jealous*).
  3. Jenna is really open about the fact that she has dentures. Remember what we said about her refreshing honesty?
  4. Her favorite thing in the world is coffee ice cream.
  5. She has great advice about managing a creative team. “There’s no right or wrong answer. When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it’s going to be hard to fix, because you’ve actually crushed them.”
  6. Hey, she uses Blistex lip balm, too.
  7. She’s super zen about aging. “I approach aging with ice cream and a martini.” 
  8. Jenna has rad business input. “No financial decision weighs heavier than a creative decision. They are equal.”
  9. She’s six feet tall and doesn’t shy away from wearing heels. You do you, gf. *fist bump*
  10. She was married to a dude and is now in a relationship with a woman. Again, you do you, gf.

Yeah, we know. She’s awesome. Peruse her looks in the gallery below for some inspiration.


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5 Reasons Why We Love Karlie Kloss

We don’t know about you, but supermodel Karlie Kloss is killing it at twenty-two. So if you think the St. Louis native is new to the catwalk, you better think again. This girl-next-door has actually been doing the whole modeling gig for years (seven to be exact), and she has added plenty of major fashion accolades along the way. (Not only is she a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but she has also walked for Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Valentino, and Versace to name a few). Kloss is practically a vet at this point in her career. But just what is it about our latest crush that has the guys, the girls, and the designers swooning? We’re happy you asked…

Here are 5 reasons why we love Karlie Kloss:

1. The Walk. Dubbed “the panther,” Kloss’ fierce catwalk strut is one that simply cannot be forgotten. In fact, when Karlie was only sixteen-years-old (and only one year into her career mind you), she walked a total of 64 shows in a single season.

2. The Hair. It was the haircut heard around the world when Karlie chopped off seven inches of locks at the end of 2012. Her new look was such a hit that the New York Times actually started referring to it as “The Karlie.” Today, Kloss is still rockin’ the side-swept bangs and short, slightly layered hair, and we’re still just as obsessed with it.


3. The Style. Sure, a top fashion designer can put her in the season’s sartorial best, but what about Karlie’s style on the sidewalks? Not to worry, Janes. She’s got the off-duty thing down pat. Karlie’s style can best be described of as classic and chic, never going over the top and always accentuating her best features.

4. The Family. Although she is constantly traveling the world and just recently purchased a place of her own in New York, Karlie remains very close to her family. The Klosses can often be seen on the supermodel’s Instagram account, and for her 20th birthday, she took her entire family on a trip to Denmark.


5. The Philanthropist. Kloss recently partnered with Momofuku Milk Bar to create Karlie’s Kookies, a wholesome cookie line in which a portion of the proceeds is donated to help provide nutritious meals to those in need. To date, over 500,000 meals have been donated. She also partnered with Warby Parker to create a line of sunglasses to benefit Edible Schoolyard NYC, an organization that is dear to Karlie.


Check out our favorite Karlie Kloss moments in fashion in the gallery below:

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Style Crush: Mindy Kaling


Image courtesy of Vogue

Whether you know her as Kelly Kapoor on The Office (RIP) or as Dr. Mindy Lahiri on The Mindy Project, one thing is for certain… We’ve got a maaajor style crush on Ms. Mindy Kaling. Actress, author, writer, comedian, director, and producer…  We know what you’re thinking: Is there anything that this woman can’t do?!? Ha, probz not. And as if Mindy’s list of titles isn’t long enough, she’s recently taken on the role of fierce fashionista as evidenced by her #OOTDs both on and off the red carpet. Moschino, Thakoon, Fendi, DVF, Marc Jacobs… You name it, Mindy has probably rocked the hell out of it.

But what we love most about our newest crush is that she continuously defies the expectations of a woman (and a minority, no less) working in showbiz – an industry that is not only notorious for highlighting who you know rather than what you know, but also one in which she could have easily been overlooked. And #TBH, she is killing it. Just how did she get to be the H.B.I.C., you ask? Well, it’s simple, so listen up you aspiring [insert dream job here]: she studied hard in high school, buckled down and graduated from Dartmouth College, and worked her butt off to make her dreams come true. In a nutshell, Mindy can blame her success on passion, talent, and hard work. And for that, Mindy, we commend you. (And we freakin’ love you, too!)

If you haven’t already fallen for Mindy Kaling, here are five reasons that’ll make you a believer:

1. At the age of 24, Mindy joined The Office as the only female writer on a staff of eight. She went on to write over 20 episodes, including the one where [SPOILER ALERT] Jim and Pam wed at Niagara Falls. (Tears everywhere, we know). What’s Mindy’s most recent gig, you ask? She currently writes, produces, directs, and stars in her own network television show, The Mindy Project. Bam.

2. The most awkward wardrobe fitting at the Vogue offices where Mindy says exactly what she and everyone else are thinking.


3. Mindy’s game changing remarks about body image that make us want to go for that third slice of pizza because, well, YOLO.

4. Her commencement speech for the Harvard Law Class of 2014 where she not only makes us laugh, but also manages to charm the pants right off of us.


Here are the highlights just in case you’re at work. (You’re welcome).

5. And lastly, both of Mindy’s contributions to the social world: her Twitter and Instagram accounts. WARNING: Before you head over, be prepared to spend an hour or more on each page. She’s that cool. #Justsayin

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Style Crush: Dakota & Elle Fanning

fanningsistersImages courtesy of Pinterest, Just Jared, Refinery 29

You know the Olsens, the Kardashians, and the Knowleses, but there’s only one set of sartorial sisters that we’ve been coveting lately. This talented pair of Georgia-born ladies need no introduction, because, well, you’ve probably already seen their work in the past. I Am Sam, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Man on Fire, War of the Worlds, and Super 8 are just a few of the critically acclaimed films that Dakota and Elle Fanning have touched and, very naturally, turned to gold. Not to mention they’re total BFFs with some of fashion’s biggest players, such as the Rodarte sisters, Marc Jacobs, and the ice queen herself, Anna Wintour.

While we could only dream of accomplishing one of the aforementioned achievements, the Fanning sisters have truly proven their worth in Hollywood and all before the age of 21 (Elle is only 16, while Dakota is 20). Needless to say, we’re huge fan-nings around these parts (bad joke, we know), and we can’t wait to see what this dynamic duo will do (and wear) next. So to properly celebrate Dakota and Elle’s continued success, as well as the release of Night Moves (starring Dakota opposite Jesse Eisenberg) and the much-anticipated Maleficent (starring Elle as Princess Aurora opposite Angelina Jolie)…

We’ve rounded up six things you probably didn’t know about the Fanning sisters:

  1. Their Hollywood success started over a decade ago. Dakota is the youngest person to ever be nominated for a SAG award at the age of 7 for her portrayal in I Am Sam, while Elle attended her first red carpet event at the age of only 3½ years old.
  2. Both sisters worked with Spielberg at the age of 12. Coincidentally, Dakota worked on War of the Worlds at the young age, while Elle was 12 when she starred in Super 8.
  3. They have acted in the same film but never in the same scene. Elle played a younger version of Dakota’s character in both I Am Sam and Taken, and the two voiced sisters for My Neighbor Totoro.
  4. They go by their middle names. While Dakota’s full name is actually Hannah Dakota Fanning, Elle’s is actually Mary Elle Fanning.
  5. These ladies are royals. (No, really.) According to, both girls are descendants of King Edward III. The pair also share a common ancestor with Kate Middleton – King Edward I.
  6. Dakota is a huge Hello Kitty fan, while Elle is obsessed with the late, great Marilyn Monroe. Don’t believe us? Check out Dakota’s Instagram page on which she blatantly describes herself as an “Actress with a crazy Hello Kitty obsession!” Elle’s obsession with the fallen star is pretty serious. She even purchased her face cream and powder at an auction and keeps the memorabilia in her room.

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Style Crush: Emma Watson

One of the biggest obstacles that young Hollywood faces is the ability to jump ship from child star to major star. Fortunately for Emma Watson, she’s waaay past that. Let’s face it, Hermione Granger is all grown up now, and life after Potter is looking pretty amazing. At the age of only 23, she’s already made some major waves in both Hollywood and the fashion world. The best part? She’s only just begun.

If the last Watson film you caught was a Harry Potter flick, please step out from under that rock you’ve been living under. Not only did our girl nail it as the free-spirited Sam in Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but she also very accurately portrayed the infamous ex-reality star Alexis Neiers as Nicki in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. Let’s also not forget about Watson’s very memorable cameo in Seth Rogen’s This Is The End (in a nutshell, she threatens to kill Rogen and his buddies with a shovel). More recently, Watson rocked some pretty gnarly dreads in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, which has already grossed an estimated $44 million in its first weekend. If that doesn’t impress you, get this: rumor also has it that Sofia Coppola has Watson in mind to play Ariel in the live-action rendition of The Little Mermaid. Uh, is there a petition out there that’s rallying to make this happen? Because we already signed it. Yesterday.

As if homegirl’s hectic Hollywood schedule wasn’t enough, the actress-turned-fashionista has been turning heads with her classic-meets-modern-with-a-side-of-edge style. Burberry, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang are just a couple of heavy hitters that Watson has been sporting on and off the red carpet, and damn, does she make them look good. From tuxedos to cut-out numbers to wearing dresses with pants (game changer), Watson has risked it all for the love of fashion. Who would have thought that the frizzy-haired wizard we all knew would go from geek to chic overnight? Now that’s a spell we don’t want to break. Take a look at some of Emma Watson’s major moments in fashion below.

Images courtesy of: Pinterest, Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, and Glamour

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Style Crush: Cara Delevingne

We love every bit of Cara Delevingne, from her ridiculously funny faces to her bold eyebrows and impeccable street style. She’s one seriously cool girl. Not to mention that she models for some of the top designers in the world. Lately, we’ve been totally inspired by her casual off-duty looks, though. Scroll through for some seriously amazing inspiration!

Check out the GoJane site to shop looks inspired by Cara Delevingne.

Photos via Marlow35, GraziaDaily, LazyGirls, Altamira, Dear Fashion Diaries, Little Plastic Horses, Celebuzz, Coolhunt, Pinterest.

Style Crush: Kimbra

The second we heard Kimbra belt out a verse on Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know,” we were in love. She has got some serious pipes, and we were excited to see she had some serious style, too. Really, how could a woman who just goes by her first name not be fabulous? With her incredibly eclectic sense of style, we’re crushing big time.

You can find floral dresses, moto jackets, and booties to replicate Kimbra’s looks on the GoJane site.

Style Crush: Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson has been on our style radar since she showed up on The O.C. back  in 2003, and we’ve loved watching her wardrobe grow and evolve over the last decade. In fact, if we could raid her entire closet, we totally would. Bilson’s style is a little girly, a little edgy, sometimes boyish, and always on trend. Plus, she tops every outfit off with a gorgeous head of hair and a perfect smokey eye. Really, what’s not to love? In case you haven’t been obsessing following Bilson’s outfit choices as closely as we have, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite looks for a little fashion-forward inspiration. And, of course, we couldn’t resist putting together our own version of a look inspired by the SoCal native.

Our version:

scalloped lace tulle dress, leather jacket, lace-up suede booties
Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

What do you think of Rachel Bilson’s style? What celebrities have you been style crushing on lately?

Style Crush: Ashley Madekwe

We have totally been style crushing on actress Ashley Madekwe lately, and lucky for us, she has her very own style blog where we were able to stalk check out all her amazing outfits. The UK native has been acting for a while, but has recently blown up thanks to ABC’s hit show Revenge. Her eclectic sense of style is sometimes feminine, sometimes edgy, and always gorgeous. We love her incredible ability to mix designer pieces with vintage and cheaper items to achieve flawless looks that can easily stand the test of time. Madekwe is a genius when it comes to pairing accessories, but let’s face it – her gorgeous head of wavy hair is the only accessory she really needs.

Click here to see more of Ashley Madekwe’s looks and our GoJane version.

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