GoJane’s BFF: Iria of “My Blueberry Nights”

Good friends are hard to find. Good fashion bloggers are even more rare. It seems like the internet is littered with personal style blogs and it would take a lifetime to get through them all to decide on your faves. But we know you’re a busy gal and and we’d rather you spend any free time you have shopping our site, rather than trolling the internet for some good reads and tasty pics. So we here at GoJane have gathered a team of web surfing fashionistas who will sort through the millions of fashion blogs for you. We’ve hand selected the cream of the crop and we’re bringing these blogging babes to you dressed in some of GoJane’s hottest items. We’re calling these stylish GoJane loving’ ladies our BFFs…Blogger Friends Forever! Que cute, huh?

Meet Iria! She’s a hip little sweetie from Spain who just recently featured a pair of our microstud buckle booties on her blog My Blueberry Nights. I know it’s hard to focus on the fashion when there is an ADORABLE puppy in the picture, but do your best.

Click here to check out Iria’s GoJane inspired blog post, and to see more pictures of this puppy outfit.

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