August 2013 Lookbooks: From Dusk To Dawn, Urban Escape & Random Cool Pics

As summer slips away and stupid fall comes lurking up on us, we’re met with the dreaded first day jitters, awkward weather, and the awful thought of tucking away our fave summer staples back into our closets for what seems like an eternity. But instead of throwing a bitch fit about our beloved summer’s end, we decided to fuse the two seasons together. August lookbooks were all about mixing summer staples with fresh fall findings. We’re talking short shorts paired with faux leather moto jackets, cropped sweaters with barely there jeans, flirty dresses and skirts made of cozy textiles, and cover-ups that really don’t cover up much at all. Take a look at our latest collection of lookbooks and find ways that you too can hold onto summer just a little bit longer while easing your way into fall.

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Click here for a better look at each lookbook: From Dusk To Dawn & Urban Escape.

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