GoJane’s BFF: Anais of “Down To Stars”

Inspiration Gallery: Bold Lips

Maybe it’s because we’re a sucker for color, but we’re seriously obsessing over lip shades in bold, vibrant hues. With finishes ranging from satin to matte, we’re all about experimenting with unexpected color to brighten up even the most basic of ensembles. By the way, if you wanna test out a new hue, head on over to GoJane- tons of sweet shades, as well as all the tools you’ll need for the perfect pout.

Photos courtesy of The Werk! Place, Atlantic-Pacific, Esme and the Laneway, The Sartorialist, Kayture, eat.sleep.wear., Keiko Lynn, Ring My Bell, Girl With Curves, and The Pink Peonies

Five Things Our Lead Stylist Loves

Confession: we spend a lot of time chatting with our super cool lead stylist about her fave things. Why? Because she has wicked taste, and she always knows what’s going to be hot way before it hits. Today, we’re showing you five things she’s loving right this minute because, well, you wanna know, right? Right.

5 Things Our Stylist Loves

1. omg mustache tights, 2. studded skater dress, 3. peony vine headband, 4. distressed color wash shorts, and 5. metallic knit top

What’s your fave piece?

SxSW Recap: Movies, Music, and Seriously Cool Street Style

We may have missed all the live action at South by Southwest this year, but we were definitely following along virtually. With tons of musicians, movie stars, techies, and fans in one place, the fashion definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are a few of our favorite looks and moments!

What did you think of SxSW this year?

Photos via Huffington Post, Elle.

Microtrend: Deep Cut Tanks

Remember when we showed you some of our fave street style stars lounging about in deep cut tanks? We still haven’t been able to get enough of the trend, so we had our lead stylist pull four deep cut tanks to tide us over (for now). Take a look at her picks and let us know how you plan to wear deep cut tanks this spring.

1. graphic leopard tank, 2. galaxy triangle tank, 3. graphic american flag tank, and 4. yin yang deep cut tank

What’s your fave piece? And how do you plan to do deep cut tanks this year?

National Jewel Day: Show Some Sparkle

Looking for an excuse to buy yourself some gorgeous jewels? Well, your day has arrived. Today is National Jewel Day, a holiday created to celebrate all things sparkly and fabulous. We all know diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so that makes Jewel Day her second best friend. So grab your jewelry box, and get to showing off your sparkle!

How do you plan on celebrating Jewel Day?

P.S. You can shop for your own fabulous jewelry on the GoJane site!

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Inspiration Gallery: Metallics

Inspiration Gallery: Spring Forward!

In case you haven’t heard the sad news yet, this weekend is Spring Forward. Which means one less hour of sleep. However, it also means spring is on the horizon! We’ve decided to let the time change give us some spring inspiration. And we have to say, we’re pretty excited about rocking florals and pastels while we pet newborn animals this season.

What are you most excited for this spring?

Photos via Pinterest, Atlantic-Pacific, Nany’s Klozet.

Happy Birthday, Kat Von D

True story: one of the GoJane writers’ mom had Kat Von D as a student in the eighth grade. And while Kat didn’t have any tats at the tender age of thirteen, she did have plenty of talent. We guess it shouldn’t shock us that the now famous tattoo artist showed plenty of promise at an age when most of us were more concerned with pizza than careers. Anyways, happy birthday birthday, Kat Von D!

Inspiration Gallery: Deep Cut Tanks

Need a cool girl staple to take you straight into late summer? You could try something classic, like distressed denim shorts and sandals, but we prefer to add a little edge with a piece that’s equal parts basic and unexpected. What is it? The deep cut tank. With armholes that brush the top of your jeans, deep cut tanks are the perfect antidote to a winter filled with coats, sweaters, and cardigans. Another perk? They’re plenty versatile- keep ’em sporty with a brightly hued bandeau or add some sex appeal with a lace bralette.

Photos courtesy of Neon Blush, Style Pantry, and Tumblr

How to: Do an Understated Smokey Eye

You know we love us wild, boldly hued makeup, but sometimes we crave something a bit more practical. Recently, one of our MUAs showed us how to do an understated smokey eye on Kouwai, and we loved the look so much, a few of us ended up doing it that night for an evening out with the girls. Anyways, check out this super easy tutorial, and make sure to let us know what you think.

What do you think? Are you a fan?

GoJane’s BFF: Sarah of “Style Sarah”

Inspiration Gallery: Snapbacks

We’ve been feeling snapbacks for awhile (as seen here), but today we’re going to fully embrace the look with a totally rad inspiration gallery.  We especially love how snapbacks can easily go from girly to grunge, as well as how they instantly elevate your look.

If you’re digging the look, check out all of our totally awesome choices.

Photos courtesy of Street Style Injection, Vintage Virgin, Song of Style, Le Happy, Fated to Be Hated, Pinterest, and Tumblr

Happy Birthday, Ke$ha

With plenty of tracks guaranteed to get the party pumpin’, along with an aesthetic based almost entirely on the idea that the more glitter, the better, Ke$ha is the kind of girl we’d totally want to party with. Plus, we think she’d be rad to spend the day with scavenging our local thrift shops for leather jackets and bodysuits reminiscent of Jane Fonda circa 1983. Today is the songstress’s 26th birthday and as such, we’re celebrating with tons of photos.

Are you a Ke$ha fan?

PS: Did anyone see the most recent episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race? One of the contestants dressed up as Ke$ha- that’s some serious cultural legitimacy, ya’ll.

Photos courtesy of Just Jared, Tumblr, and Pinterest

GoJane Lookbook: February 2013

Behind the Scenes + Sneak Peek: Big Ballerina Buns, High-Waisted Denim, and Plenty of Skin

You already know we’ve been on a serious 90s kick, and we decided to keep the good times rolling with cropped tops, high-waisted denim, and lots of gold bling. Take a look at our most in-studio photo sesh, and let us know what you think, deal?

What was your fave pic? Why?

PS: As always, everything should be in the New Styles section on the GoJane site soon!

Inspiration Gallery: 90s Style

Have you noticed all the cool, early 90s-inspired stuff on the GoJane site? We’re doing it big in cropped tops, high-waisted acid wash jeans, and of course, lots of plaid. When it comes to figuring out what we’re lusting after, we’ve been taking our cues from pop culture- think Never Been Kissed (starring the lovable Drew Barrymore), old issues of Tiger Beat, and re-runs of TRL. Anyways, check out our ode to all things 90s, including images from the period, as well as a few modern interpretations, and make sure to turn up the Savage Garden while you do it.

Are you digging the return of 90s style?

Photos courtesy of Le Happy, Fated to Be Hated, Song of Style, LoveMore, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Just Jared

Look We Love: Model Off-Duty

It’s not exactly a secret that we have an obsession with achieving model beauty, but lately we’ve been digging the off-duty style of some of our fave models, including Karlie, Cara, and Freja. After poring over tons of images, we’ve discovered that the ideal off-duty uniform consists of a menswear-inspired jacket, skinny jeans, and booties perfect for walking all day (and night). Of course, some of our fave models totally break the uniform rule, as you can tell by this totally rad gallery. Anyways, check it out and let us know how you get off-duty model style.

Are you a fan of this look?

Microtrend: Garter Accents

Garters have forever been a staple of intimate apparel. But someone decided it was time for garters to get out of bed and join the rest of the cool kids in becoming one with everyday streetwear. We’ve experienced a recent surge of garter-like accents on unexpected pieces and we’re loving it. We’re talking garter accent leggings, dresses, and jumpsuits. The best way to describe this microtrend? Daring! Something we love about garter-inspired pieces? Versatility! The garter dresses are essentially two pieces, in one. With the simple undoing of a buckle or button, you can wear the top and skirt separately. A microtrend that is not only cool, but also economical? We’ll take it!

 gun print garter leggings (left) garter cut-out jumpsuit (right)

1. spiked acid wash dress 2. leopard garter leggings 3. diamond print garter leggings 4. cut-out buckle dress

Which one of these garter pieces are you feening to get your hands on?

GoJane’s BFF: Izumi of “Hybrid Hunter”

Looks We Loved from New York Fashion Week

Elegantly draped and tucked cocoon coats at Oscar de la Renta (with a little help from John Galliano), curly, full hair at Marc by Marc Jacobs, and plenty of leather. Yeah, we were loving this year’s New York Fashion Week, and we had one of our stylists pick out some of the looks she thinks you’ll totally love. Take a look and let us know what you think, deal?

What else were you loving this year?

Photos courtesy of Oregon Live

Inspiration Gallery: Black and White

After seasons of saturated color, we’re craving simplicity in the form of black and white. But don’t think that a simple color palette means boring- as this gallery shows you, black and white can be intriguing, fashionable, and above all, fun.

Are you a fan of black and white? How do you plan to wear this hot hue combination?

Photos courtesy of Fashioning, Vintage Virgin, Style Pantry, Street Peeper, Friends are Fashion, Fated to Be Hated, I am Khatu,  Pink Peonies, Song of Style, COTTDS, and Street Peeper

Inspiration Gallery: Valentine’s Day

Craving ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day ensemble?  Then check out this inspiration gallery full of reds, pinks, florals, lace, and other other details that make Valentine’s Day one of the prettiest days of the year. By the way, make sure to take a virtual stroll through the GoJane Valentine’s Day page– our stylist hand-picked over fifty pieces she knows you’ll fall in love with.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Photos courtesy of Fashion Hippie Loves, Le Gypsy, Fashion Steele NYC, Fabulous Girls Wear Vintage, The SF Style, Dusty Burrito, Glamour,  Atlantic-Pacific, Nadia Aboulhosn,  Man Repeller, and WhatsTrend

Inspiration Gallery: Pastel Colored Hair

If you haven’t already heard, it’s all about pastels this season. Makes sense, right? Springtime and pastels go together like hipsters and bow ties, like kittens and cuteness. But if the idea of slipping into lilac colored maxi dresses and sunshine colored chiffon blouses all season is a bit too girly for you, we’ve got a punky solution to your pastel precaution. How about rocking these soft, breezy hues in your hair? Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox!

This look can be temporarily attained with clip-on hair extensions, chalk, or spray-on hair color. And for you daring divas out there, you can rock this permanently with the help of your fave hair colorists, a bottle of bleach, and a shit-ton of courage. We’ve been spotting this uber-cool hair trend all over the scene lately, and we’re thinking some of you out there might have what it takes to werq it. But if you’re still undecided on whether this hair trend is a yay or nay, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos of our favorite bloggers, models and celebrities (there are even pastel colored cats in there) to inspire you.

What do you think? Will you be going grey, pink, lilac or baby blue this season?

Photos Courtesy Of: Tumblr, Buzzfeed & WeHeartIt

GoJane’s BFF: Kelly of “IslandChic77”

Inspiration Gallery: Tailgating

GoJane Lookbook: January 2013

Throwback Thursday: Destiny’s Child

Did you guys hear that Destiny’s Child is reuniting for the Superbowl? Um… yeah, we’ve kind of been having a Destiny’s Child dance party for the past week, and when we’re not doing that, we’re totes poring over pictures of our fave independent women looking ferosh in matching ensembles. Wanna join us? Then turn up some DC and start clicking!

Are you gonna watch the Superbowl this year? Who are you rooting for?

GoJane’s BFF: Tiana of “L’esthique”

Inspiration Gallery: Creepers

There are plenty of 90s trends we’d love to leave in the past, but these funky shoes have crept right back into our hearts and onto our feet. Paired with other current trends like printed sweaters and feminine skirts, these totally rad shoes are given an updated look. We also think they are pretty awesome paired with reruns of 90s sitcoms. They might be making us a little bit nostalgic, but some things just never get old.

Here’s a little inspiration for styling your favorite retro shoes with modern trends!

How do you style creepers?

Be sure to check out all our sweet creepers on the GoJane site!

Photos c/o The Shady Side, Flip & Style, Fish Tank Fashion, Unlimited by JK, and Pinterest.

Happy Birthday, Alicia Keys!

If you looked up the definition of cool in the dictionary, you’d probably find a picture of Alicia Keys. The singer/songwriter has had us hooked on her catchy melodies, empowering lyrics, and fashion-forward sense of style for years. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to hear that she’ll be singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this year.

So happy 32nd birthday, Alicia! Here’s to 32 more years of amazing performances and smooth style.

Inspiration Gallery: Light Denim

After seasons spent wearing crisp and structured looks, we’re quite happy to slip into something a tad more casual. One of the best ways to do it? Light denim. It’s a super modern way to do denim, and it’s perfect for spring. Check out our gallery of stylish ladies in light denim and let us know what you think.

What do you think? How do you plan to wear distressed denim this year?

Photos courtesy of Damsel in Dior, eat.sleep.wear., Cannibal’s Find, Fated to Be Hated, Girl with Curves,    What is Reality Anyway,  Le Happy, Jak & Jil,  Sincerely, Jules, 9 to 5 Chic,  Song of Style, Lookbook, Vintage Virgin,  Neon Blush, and Pinterest

GoJane’s BFF: Nadia Aboulhosn

Inspiration Gallery: Big Cat Graphics (Lions, Tigers, Leopards…)

We’ve always been fans of graphics, but most recently, there’s a specific kind of graphic that we’re going wild over. Tired of guessing? We love wild cats! We love their freedom. We love how regal they are. And we especially love the respect they demand with their silent stares and ferocious appetites. So we’ve been racing through this jungle we call the marketplace and snatching up every single thing we can find printed with big, chunky, in-yo-face graphics of badass cats. We’re talking lions, tigers, jaguars, pumas, leopards and cheetahs.

Not only are these fierce kitties huge in stature, but now they’re huge in the fashion world. Top design houses like Givenchy and designers like Marc Jacobs were some of the first to reveal their love for feisty felines. Months later, this trend has smoothly translated from the runway to the streets! This season is all about bringing out your inner wildcat. So grab some of our best bold kitty graphic pieces, and make sure it gets thrown into your rotation of trends-to-try this season!

And if you’re having a little trouble envisioning this trend on a real girl, like yourself, in the real world, we’ve compiled a wide selection of inspiration photos of our favorite street style bloggers doing their thing in big cat graphics.

Are you just dying to try the big cat trend this season? If so, we’ve got a great selection of cool cat pieces for you at GoJane! Shop Now!

Inspiration Gallery: The Half-Tuck

It’s probably pretty obvious that we spend a lot of time reading fashion blogs, and maybe that’s why we’ve noticed a trend that is sure to be huge in 2013: the half-tuck. Everyone, from It Girl bloggers like Leandra Medine (of The Man Repeller) to the queen of chic, French Vogue’s editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt, are always spotted rocking the half-tuck, and we think it’s time to get in on the trend.  And the best way to get started? By checking out our rad gallery, obvs.

Are you a fan of the half-tuck? Why or why not?

Photos courtesy of  Neon Blush, what is reality anyway, i am khatu, eat.sleep.wear., and Pinterest