New Classics: Stripes Forever


❤️ By Jenn Shin

Here’s a quick history lesson: Breton French sailors originally wore stripes to stand out against waves in case they went overboard. As a result, Coco Chanel designed stripes into her nautical line…almost a hundred years ago! This only further confirms our opinion that stripes are a timeless classic that can be worn again and again for various occasions and events.

We obviously love stripes too, so today we’ve styled this tried-and-true pattern into outfits appropriate for the office, nights out, and everything in between!

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Work-Work-Working Woman

Working hard doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style! Look cute, office-appropriate, and on point for Casual Friday in this crisp, vibrant skirt and a light, airy chiffon blouse perfect for hot, humid weather. Stow all of your essentials in a classic black wallet and a fun mini backpack. Finish off the look with a modern drop necklace and summery, chunky-heeled sandals.

Image Map

Daily Day Trip

Leisurely brunches, shopping, and running errands call for a grounded outfit high on style. A stretchy, off-shoulder dress is set off by comfortable and functional lace-up, block-heeled sandals. Add a beaded boho cuff and throw on retro-inspired sunglasses for extra UV protection. All you have to do is load your must-haves into a tasseled clutch, and you’re good to go!

Rock Your Body

Wow your squad for the next #GNO (trust us — they’ll be asking to borrow everything) in a sheer, striped bodysuit which is tucked into a sexy black skirt with laddered cut-outs for a sliver of skin. Keep your essentials handy in a chic, structured clutch and make a statement in oversized hoop earrings. Complete this white haute look with alluring lace-up heels!

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#GoJaneCam: Regram-Worthy Round-Up

❤️ By GoJane Blog

So, what do you guys think of the new Instagram logo? Sound off in the comments below! Whatever your stance, don’t forget to check out our latest regram-worthy pics which showcase some of our fave trends: caged and lace-up heels, chunky heels, and sheer dresses. It’s the perfect time to start breaking out all of your skin-baring styles, because summer’s just about here!

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Let’s Go Blue: Chambray + Denim

Here’s a history lesson for you: we got denim and chambray from the French. It’s believed that chambray fabric originated from Cambrai in France in 1595, and although it can be dyed into different colors, its most common iteration is blue from indigo dye. Denim fabric came from the French town of Nimes. (Get it?) The California Gold Rush saw the popularization of denim dungarees (A.K.A. jeans), and chambray shirts became standard-issue uniform tops for the U.S. Navy through World War II. And thus classics were born.

Today, blue is typically voted as the number one favorite color in the world, fifty-three percent of flags in the world contain blue, and everyone from Kate Middleton to your mom has worn chambray and denim at some point. But more than anything, we especially love it when ladies turn what used to be primarily menswear into something more than just “borrowed from the boys.” Check out our collage of women pairing chambray and denim into dozens of unique looks.


How do you style your chambray and denim? Let us know in the comments! Here are some versatile GoJane picks which can be worn season after season.

GoJane Lookbook: Frock On!

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Whether you loathe her or love her, you can’t deny that her style game has gone off the charts. Sure, cleavage and side boob still make appearances, but her overall sleek makeover hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Not sure of how you heard the Kardashian name? Perhaps it was Kim’s iPhone game. No? Maybe her makeup line or clothing collections? Not to mention Keeping Up With The Kardashians, of course. What with being the famous mommy of a famous baby and one half of KimyeWell, Kim Kardashian has been a busy bee.

So it’s not surprising that there are over 20 million people who follow her on Instagram and 24.5 million people who read her tweets. She’s probably getting a lot of birthday wishes right now, one of which shall be ours: Happy birthday, Kim!

Peep this gallery for those looks we were gabbing about.

Also, can we just pause (“Imma-let-you-finish”) and look at this by the way? Kanye being a gentleman. Ugh, so cute. Even some of the iciest Kimye haters must have thawed a tiny bit when they saw these photos.

All image credits in captions.

So, diggin’ Kim’s style? You know she’s all about heels, right? What a coincidence… We’re totally having a super rad sale on heels right now. Stock up, ladies, and check out our GoJane picks below.

 gjheels1. Put Four Rings On It Ankle Strap Heels, 2. Square-Studded Affair Caged Heels, 3. Tight Laced Corset Heels, 4. I-Catching Strappy Reptile Heels, 5. Feelin’ Single Studded Heels, 6. Corset It Off Lace-Up Cut-Out Heels

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Sweater Weather: Fall Knit Trends

Yeah, we said trends, but what we really meant to address is one specific sweater trend: oversized, fluid fits. And we feel it’s especially fitting for a season rife with Netflix marathons, cozy dinners, and windy weather. Oversized sweaters are totally A+ at hiding a soup food baby. (Total tangent, but LA sort of had “fall” weather this past weekend. It was a miracle.) Anyway, check out these lovely ladies sporting snuggly fall sweaters. Which one is your fave? (We’re partial to Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper in a cropped tomato red number.)


We’ve got our own oversized sweater action going on here. Check out our GoJane picks below.

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Biker Chic(k): Why You Need A New Jacket

It’s officially fall now – yay! Well, according to the calendar. LA may not have many “changing” seasons, but we’re totally on board with dressing for fall regardless of the temperature, dangit. Shorts are so last week.

So, you’ve unpacked your sweaters from winter storage, you’ve hopefully gone shopping for new bottoms… But what are you gonna sport on top? Obvi, a leather moto jacket. As you can see in our gallery, there are plenty of dapper dudes and chic chicks sporting leather outerwear. Plus, we’ve included two vintage photos of biker ladies (look for the ones in black and white) which go to show that a moto jacket truly is timeless. Peep our gallery to see how many different ways you can style a leather jacket.

All image credits in photo captions.

Now that you’ve hopefully gotten some inspirational ideas, check out our faux leather GoJane picks below (cruelty-free and way easy on the wallet – woohoo).


Clockwise from top left: Mad 4 Plaid Moto Zippered Vest, Sherpa Thing Drape Front Jacket, Mixed Media Houndstooth Blazer, Houndstooth Mixed Media Moto Jacket, Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket, Faux Leather Moto Jacket, Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket (in grey)

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Ladies In The Streets: Our Fave #OOTDs From NYFW


Image courtesy of

New York Fashion Week kicked off last Thursday, and we gotta say… We’re experiencing some pretty intense #FOMO around these parts. It’s not every day that fashionistas from all over the world come together to peep the upcoming styles and trends, and in their sartorial best, no less. And, sure, maybe our front row tickets to DVF’s show got lost in the mail (whatever), but it still would have been nice to walk through the streets of NYC with the fashion’s elite. Siiiiigh. Okay, okay, at least we get to couch it and eat ice cream directly out of the tub as we watch the shows via the Interwebz, are we right?! So, instead of mourning about what could have been, we guess we could channel our insane jealousy energy into a post that benefits us all.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite NYFW street style looks thus far. Loads of #OOTD inspo ahead, ladies. (And some eye candy, too!) Ready, set, swoon!

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GoJane Lookbook: FRESH PRINTcess of Hell Yeah!

What’s in your bag?

A woman’s bag is the Holy Grail, and getting a new bag, especially one you’ve been coveting, is basically all of the best parts of a birthday rolled into one. One could argue that it’s only something to hold all of your stuff, right? Isn’t that what we always hear from our boyfriends? Really, another bag? No! It’s not just another bag. Pfft.

Bags are tools, and we have to have one for each specific occasion and mood. (Same goes for shoes. Yes, we’re enablers.) Hey, if your husband or man-friend doesn’t swing with this argument, you can tell him to go fly a kite, and also get rid of his tool collection which is probably gathering dust in the garage. Take that!

We’ve rounded up a couple of examples because we’re nosy. Go ahead and snoop around our displays below.


Exhibit A – The Backpack:

So you’re a student and running around on campus all day? A backpack is in order. Stow your laptop, books, and paper ephemera to make your day easier. Don’t forget snacks. Those mid-class hunger pangs are no joke. A hungry stomach only induces “hanger” (hungry anger) which is never helpful when taking notes.



Tribal Travel Print Backpack, iPhone, Postalco Notebook, Textbooks, MacBook Air, Headphones

Exhibit B – Beach Day Tote:

You’ve put in your dues, and a day spent by the water (pool, ocean, lake) complete with your favorite tunes and a giant bottle of organic green juice is what you deserve. (Okay, we wouldn’t say no to a mojito either.) Throw in a towel, sunscreen (just say no to sunspots, wrinkles, or cancer), your fave magazines, headphones, and sunnies for a day of relaxation.



Floppy Wide Brim Woven Paper Hat, NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder, Oversized Beach Totebag, Round We Go Sunglasses, Button ‘N Buckle Thong Sandals

Exhibit C – Evening Clutch:

Heading out to have some cocktails with the ladies (or your special dude)? There’s nothing worse than digging around in a satchel while the bartender gives you the evil eye. Plus, who needs a big bag weighing down a svelte look? Keep it minimal with crucial necessities. In this case, moola, your phone, lipstick (for touch-ups), and gum (bad breath is a social faux pas nobody is on board with).



 Bow ‘N Quilted Clutch, NYX Powder Foundation, NYX Lipstick, CA$H, Gum Of Your Choice

Sooooo, what’s in your bag? Let us know in the comments below!

GoJane Lookbook: Water Werqs

Style Crush: Eva Chen

In an industry where everyone is striving to stand out, Eva Chen is unique and notable. Not only for her razor-sharp sense of style, but also for her intellect and humor. Last June, Chen was appointed Editor-In-Chief of Lucky magazine by Anna Wintour (yes, the one and only). Many say she’s the editor of our generation. Why? She constantly has an ongoing dialogue with her Twitter and Instagram followers and is totally on top of current pop culture. Plus, she’s a total nerd! Chen’s career trajectory changed drastically from being a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University to a Harper’s Bazaar intern, and we couldn’t be more grateful. By the end of a seven-year stint at Teen Vogue she had worked her way up to being the Health and Beauty Director, which positioned her perfectly for Lucky.

We admire her practicality, work ethic, and style smarts. Check out our Eva Chen gallery along with our GoJane picks for some serious inspo.

All image sources in captions.

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How do you feel about Eva Chen’s style? Are there any Lucky subscribers out there? Let us know what you think.


Style & Swag: Skater Girls


In case you haven’t visited, here’s a friendly FYI: Southern California summers are hot, obvi. The sun shines relentlessly with long days and short nights which means we’re out cruising on a daily basis. Basically, it’s the prime season for street surfing seshes. We love it, skinned body parts included, because there’s nothing like feeling the wind through your hair, right? Yes, skateboarding is still dominated by the dudes, but we wanted to celebrate all of the ladies who skate. (Tomboys FTW.) Especially the pioneers like Vicki Vickers, Patti McGee, Ellen O’Neal, Robin Logan, Judi Oyama, and Cindy Whitehead. Plus, how badass is it to see Katharine Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett, and Jodie Foster in all of their vintage glory cruising on boards? Check out our gallery of super rad skating ladies.

All image credits in photo captions.

So, whether or not you hop on a board, it’s undeniable that skate culture has heavily influenced fashion. Our favorite cut-offs, slip-on sneakers, and perfectly worn tees and tanks are reliable standbys. We’ve included our much-loved GoJane picks below, and if you’re in the mood for a cruise… Well, hit us up!

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How To: Summer Blacks

When we think of summer, we think of cool, light colors. It’s definitely a dilemma for the gals that prefer wearing black (guilty as charged). If you favor fall and winter, do not despair. Screw the old school fashion “rules”; trust us when we say that you won’t look like Darth Vader. We’ve included some top tips for wearing all black ensembles while still beating the heat. Get inspired with the looks in the gallery below.

All image credits in photo captions.

Top Tips

  • Yah, it’s a no brainer, but keep the fabrics light. This is not the time for wool unless it’s suddenly chilly.
  • Accessorize with bags and jewelry in natural textures such as raffia, wood, and leather.
  • Accessorize with bold jewelry that feels seasonally appropriate.
  • For graphic contrast, add some white. Black and white is always a classic. Umm, have you seen photos of Coco Chanel?
  • Vary the fabrics and textures. We don’t need an all black cotton uniform.
  • Your outfit can change with the addition of a lip color. Feeling classic? Go for a bold red lip. Need a lighter daytime feel? Try a natural lip stain instead.

We’ve got our GoJane faves below. How do you wear black in the summer?


From left to right: All The Right Moves Cami Surplice Tank, What’s Your Net Worth Maxi Skirt, Not So Sweetheart Mesh Strap Dress, Sheer Up Mesh Inset Cropped Top, Net To Pay A-Line Skirt

Microtrend: Cami Dresses

We looooove spaghetti… Straps, that is. Fooled you, huh? As much as we’d love to drop everything and go eat (#FOMO on grub), we need to get to the meat (ha) of the post which is all about our love for 90s inspired cami/spaghetti strap dresses.

When it’s hot out, what more does a girl need other than some thin straps to hold some thin cloth against a smokin’ bod? It’s all about rocking a super polished but casual look, and a cami dress is an easy option. Plus, a little 90s never hurt anyone. Sparkles? Check. Spaghetti straps over a shirt? Check. Cami dresses with lace-up boots and sneakers? Check. And since we’re speaking of the 90s, let’s take a trip down memory lane with this super rad gallery. We’ve included the classics and some n00bs for a dose of old and new. (We’re aware that Kate Moss dominates the gallery. What can we say? Girl knows how to dress.)

Images courtesy of Vogue, Getty Images, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

How do you style your cami dresses?

Check out some of GoJane’s below…



1. Asymmetrical Ruched Cami Dress, 2. Get Spotted Strappy Leopard Maxi, 3. Trimmed In Lace Cami Dress, 4. Tropical Tiered Cami Dress, 5. Single Pleat Cami Dress

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The Buckle: 8 Summer Sandals U Need!

One, two, buckle my shoe… Let’s talk about buckles, and not the ones that hitch up your boyfriend jeans. They’re functional, we like ’em big and small, and they elevate flat sandals without needing bling. And what with this fantastic weather, we’re all about exposing the toes with wild abandon. Plus, a girl can’t wear flip-flops all the time. Flat sandals are perfect because they’re more polished than flip-flops, but less maintenance than heels. We’ve rounded up a few inspirational photos of buckled sandals – everything from good old granola girl slides to gladiator styled silhouettes. To us, summer is all about keeping things uncomplicated. Simplify your routine and buckle up in our GoJane picks below.

Top Tips

  • Got some chunky buckles? Create a leg-lengthening silhouette. E.g. cut-offs with bare legs or skinny cigarette pants.
  • If you’re a shawty, go for a nude or neutral color to lengthen your leg line, and use a T-strap to your advantage. A dark color can cut you off at the ankles (refer to point one).
  • Add a pop of color to your toes. We’re partial to all white, “rorange” (red-orange), and pastels.

GoJane Picks!


1. Caged Ankle Sandals, 2. Big Buckles Don’t Lie Sandals, 3. Single N Strappy Faux Leather Sandals, 4. Colorblock Talk Faux Leather Sandals, 5. 2 The T Faux Suede Sandals, 6. Bare Buckle Brawling Sandals, 7. Baby Got Buckle Colorblock Sandals, 8. What’s Strappening Buckled Sandals

Need some style inspiration?

Check out this gallery.

Photos from The Haute Pursuit, Xander Vintage, Song of Style, Just Another Fashion Blog, and Pinterest.

So tell us, how do you style your buckled sandals? Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday Tunes: Charli XCX

Twenty-one, born and raised in England, and obsessed with Disney… Allow us to introduce Charli XCX. If you haven’t heard of her, then you’ve definitely heard her music. Remember the über catchy Icona Pop single I Love It? Yep, Charli XCX wrote it. She’s shared the stage with Azealia Banks and opened for Peaches, Robyn, and Coldplay. Want to keep reading her resume? She also toured with Marina and the Diamonds, Ellie Goulding, and Paramore. It’s been a trip around the block, in the best possible way of course.

True Romance was released last year to moderate success and with the promise of a third studio album in the works, plus a super rad collab with Iggy Azalea (click play on FancyClueless fans will love the tribute), we’re thinking 2014 is gonna be a good year for Charli EX-SEE-EX. Her music has been dubbed “goth pop” and “dark pop,” but does it really matter? A heavy internet presence says no, along with signature XCX styled sounds: ear-crunching beats and a heavy handed dose of sparkly 80s synths which keep the sound from actually becoming goth, if you catch our drift.

Her newest single SuperLove is out on the interwebz, but we’ve also included the videos for Fancy, You (Ha-Ha-Ha), and Nuclear Seasons here for you. Because more Charli couldn’t hurt, y’know? We’d recommend turning up the volume. While you treat your ears, peep Charli XCX’s style in the gallery below and check out our inspired GoJane picks. Let us know what you think. Are you a fan?

Images courtesy of Untitled Magazine, Fault Magazine, and Charli XCX’s Tumblr.

Our fave Charli XCX videos:





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White Hot, White Out: All White Outfits For Spring & Summer

The weather is warming up, and there’s no better way to welcome it than with a white haute outfit. (Lolz, we’re funny.) Anyway, we’re all about a cool monochrome look. As an added plus, they were huge on Spring ’14 runways.

Yes, white outfits are notoriously hard to keep clean. Marinara sauce, salsa, wine (or sangria if you so prefer), and the ever ubiquitous presence of, ahem, feminine issues… We’d be scared, too. But don’t be! A Tide pen tucked into your purse can really help in a pinch.

An all-white outfit is clean, crisp, and modern. How can one resist? If you think a monochrome outfit is boring, we dare you to try the trend out and see what you’re able to create with the perfect blank canvas.

Top Tips:

– Add pops of color with accessories, shoes, or a bright lip.

– Keep textures interesting and layered.

– Play with different silhouettes and volume (e.g. loose on the top, fitted on the bottom).

whiteoutImages courtesy of Tumblr, Fake Leather, Fashion Nerdic, Stockholm Street Style, and MargoAndMe.

What are you waiting for? Click through the gallery below to check out some of our handpicked faves!

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How To: Ugly Shoe Trend

It’s all over the runways and showing up on the blogosphere. That’s right… Pool slides, double buckle slippers, flatforms, mules, and granola girl styled sandals are all making a splash just in time for spring and summer. But how does one wear this trend (other than just slip your feet in, of course)? All of these styles can look great if you pair them with the right looks. And who doesn’t love to sport a bit of comfy footwear instead of a painful stiletto? Beauty doesn’t always have to be pain.

Need more proof? Vogue Paris styled an entire editorial of models parading around in high-priced double buckle slippers with – wait for it – socks. Famous ladies sporting chunky sandals: Chloë Sevigny, Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, and the Olsen twins. Céline, Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Giambattista Valli… They’re all originators of this resurgence. Can we get a resounding “amen” for Phoebe Philo? Along with the #Normcore renaissance, it’s a time of reverting to simplicity.

But why is ugly in? Comfort is a big factor, right? And comfort is cool right now. Flat shoes are in and this look is original and practical. However, let’s not get too crazy here. It can be ugly, but it still has to be chic. And it’s also about irony and nostalgia. Who wore Adidas pool slides during summer camp? Cue raised hands. Check out the collage for some ideas on how to style this trend.


Key points for pulling off this look:

  • Rock a great pedicure.
  • Don’t do tie-dye or anything that screams “hippie” (we’ll give you a pass, Kate Moss). We want to modernize, not go on a throwback rampage.
  • Half socks in mesh or patterns can update slides.
  • Play with contrast. Chunky shoes suggest that you need to be sleek, tailored, and minimal for balance.
  • Try to opt for an updated color palette.
  • Dress up the look with gleaming accessories and a pop of color on your lips if you’re a lipstick kind of gal. (We’re thinking an orange lippy, yes?)

If you’re ready to be a little subversive with your fashion, take a pick from our selection of sandals for the perfect look.

What do you guys think about this trend? Let us know in the comments.

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Texas Bound: 2014 SXSW Recap

It’s as if spring heralds the return of a new year with the advent of what is now being dubbed “festival season.” Epic among industry names, SXSW (South By Southwest) is an amalgam of films, music performances, and conferences that takes place annually in Austin, Texas. But let’s get down to the nitty gritty about the happenings that took place this year.

We will never stop loving Lady Gaga for her reinvention and theatrics, and as the keynote presenter and headlining act, she did not disappoint. In a one-hour show, sponsored by Doritos, an oversized roasting spit and a mechanical pig functioned as eccentric props, and a vomit artist threw up on Gaga’s chest (phew!). Stuffed with creative vision and just the right touch of weird, Lady Gaga wasn’t all about theatrics and threw out earnest vocals that sucked in the crowd.

And the list of heavy-hitters didn’t stop there. 50 Cent (genuinely showing off an “indie” reinvention), Kanye, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Childish Gambino, and Soundgarden (for all you 90s lovers) all made appearances. One of our fave chicks, Charli XCX, performed along with LA buzz bands and K-pop stars. Kelis – who apparently also had a themed food truck to coincide with her new release – served up jerk ribs, duck confit sliders, BBQ, and coleslaw.

A$AP Rocky premiered his film “SVDDXNLY,” and a Jimi Hendrix biopic was shown with Andre 3000 playing the doomed rocker.  Snoop Dogg, Phantogram, and The 1975 had live tapings (we’re going to start scouring YouTube to relive those moments). And who wouldn’t want to see the fabulous Janelle Monae belt out tunes? Let’s just say SXSW knows how to serve up a feast for the senses, even for the nerds – all hail Neil deGrasse Tyson!

But we can’t end this post without addressing the tragedy that occurred. It’s a reminder that at the end of the day nothing is as important as the fragility of life and our loved ones. In spite of all the grief, let’s remember all of the great things that happened during SXSW and appreciate the goodness that came out of it.

Photos courtesy of, Billboard, NPR, and Rolling Stone.

Microtrend: Be A Good Sport

Thought the days of phys ed and organized sports were long gone? Ha, think again. Huddle up, ladies! There’s a new trend on the field, and she’s taking cues from our glory days as MVP. Okay, so we weren’t exactly MVP, but we did enjoy wearing our boyfriend’s varsity football jacket and get excited about a new soccer jersey every season (eh, close enough).

From baseball caps to joggers to track shorts to lucky number jerseys, we think it’s safe to say that the sporty luxe trend is in full effect. Who doesn’t love an anyone-can-do trend that flawlessly takes shape day or night? Plus, it totally gives you a legit reason to steal some duds from your boyfriend. If you’re still not sure you have what it takes, not to worry, girl; you’ve got a pep squad cheering you on (us) and sartorial inspiration from some heavy hitting game changers below. Readyyyy, break!

Photos courtesy of Song Of Style, Pinterest,

Shop the sporty-luxe trend @!

10 Sweaters To Take On Winter

Yes, we’ve been spared the #PolarVortex, but this post is for everyone that is freezing their tookus off. Since summer isn’t here yet (*sob*) we’ve rounded up our ten favorite sweaters to combat the winter blues. (We may not have snow, but we like to pretend and dress for it anyway. Just let us have it, ok?!) Which brings us to the all-important question of how you like to style your favorite knit. Do you wear a sweater with skinny jeans or leggings? Or are you more of a skirt kind of gal? (Weather permitting, of course.) Let us know in the comments below and check out our fave picks.

Shop GoJane for cozy sweaters:

Get inspired by these fab bloggers wearing their fave knits.

Inspiration Gallery: Quirky, Graphic, and Colorful

Nope, winter doldrums haven’t surfaced over here. Not to make subzero inhabitants weep or whatever, but we’re experiencing sunny 70 degree weather. However, we care a lot about all of our readers and feel it’s time to blast your peepers full of color, pattern, and all things fun and quirky. Just remember, warm weather will be back before you know it, and we’re here to help with a little pick-me-up.

Are you ready? This gallery is a sumptuous feast, and if you’re a neutral loving girl it’ll be a one-two style punch of COLOR, COLOR, COLOR. Did you imagine those words blinking like a neon sign? We did. Okay, go click through this gallery.