Welcome To The Destruction Zone: 5 Must-Try Distressed Denim Styles

There’s nothing like a pair of blue jeans when you’re going for a cool, casual, carefree vibe, but how do you take it to a hole new level? Two words – distressed denim. Sure, it may have a distraught-sounding name, but today’s distressed denim is both deliberate and deliberately stress-free. You don’t need an X-Acto knife to achieve grunge chic; you can be holey-er-than-thou just by slipping into a pair as-is. That’s right – slits, shreds, and slashes galore without doing any of the slicing and dicing yourself. Today we’ve compiled a list of our favorite must-try distressed denim styles to welcome you to the destruction zone. Hope you’re ready to get a little torn up.

Parts And Recreation

1. Knee Bend Destroyed Jeans, 2. Thigh-High Cut-Out Distressed Jeans

Parts And Recreation – Cut-outs are all the rage right now, so it’s only fitting that our skinnies take a turn. These strategically placed openings can highlight certain body parts that may be too good to cover up, while their stringy, frayed accenting keeps them looking unintentional and therefore effortlessly chic.

Leggy Lady

1. So Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans, 2. Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans

Leggy Lady – You may need more than a shred of confidence to rock these skin-baring jeans, but once on? You don’t get any more badass than this. Frayed slits going all the way down the leg(s) provide peek-a-boos of skin that are the epitome of rock-and-roll glam, proving that even with pants on you can show off those stems.

Bleach Bunny

1. Distressed Bleached High-Waisted Jeans, 2. Holey Cow Bleached Jeans

Bleach Bunny – You may have had some unfortunate run-ins with bleach before, but we think it’s high time you washed those blues away (pun totally intended). Bleach washing, spotting, and staining add an organic, painting-like aesthetic and are the perfect partner to some light-to-medium distressing.

Meet Your Patch

1. Destroyed Acid Wash Jeans, 2. Spotted It Distressed Jeans

Meet Your Patch –  Play the patch game with printed lining, which adds punches of pattern and color and thus visual interest to otherwise monochromatic jeans. The mixed-media result is fashion-forward, unique, and an awesome alternative to jeans with an allover print.

Hole Lotta Leg

1. Hole Wide World Netted Jeans, 2. Hole Lotta Leg Acid Washed Jeans

Hole Lotta Leg – And finally, if reading all of the above you thought, “Patches? Light distressing? How ’bout some real destruction?” let us present you with the hole shebang. Whether you’re showing skin or peeks of it through mesh netting, the heavy demolition and sex appeal in these skinny jeans is sure to destroy the competition.

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What’s your favorite distressed denim style? We wanna know…

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