Seeing Is Believing: Optical Illusion Dresses (Plus Tips For Dressing Slimmer)

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Don’t have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can get one. Already have an hourglass figure? Don’t worry. You can make it even better. Enter the optical illusion dress. We’re not talking an optical illusion like Magic Eye (remember those books?) or an M.C. Escher print that makes you a little dizzy if you stare at it too long. No, today we’re focusing on the dresses that use cool colorblocking, strategic seaming, and anything sartorially similar to seemingly suck you in, smooth you out, and sex you up, giving you those dangerous curves that caution signs like to warn us about, slimming your silhouette from your basic to your absolute most bangin’. For your consideration, we’ve rounded up the different types of optical illusion dresses in our collection, as well as a few tips for shedding those visual pounds. You know how they say that seeing is believing? Prepare to be amazed, because the magic starts here…

Point Well Taken

1. Highlight Me Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. What’s Your Angle Colorblock Dress, 3. Geo Angles Mesh Inset Dress, 4. Double Up On Diamonds Cut-Out Dress

Point Well Taken – A waist is a terrible thing to waste, so anything that draws attention to it we wanna use to our advantage. Dresses with diagonal lines and sharp angles that point at the waist, which is the smallest part of your body, will create that shapely look you want, even though there are no curved lines actually on the garments.

Mirror, Mirror

1. Spot N Scroll Leopard Filigree Dress, 2. Check It Out Floral Mixed Print Dress, 3. Watercolor Wonder Bodycon Dress, 4. My Little Peony Floral Print Dress

Mirror, Mirror – Who’s the fairest of them all? It depends. Are you wearing a mirrored print? Most mirrored prints put most of the action on the sides of the dress, which gives the illusion of a narrower body by creating a slimmer center panel down the front and back.

Colorblock It Out1. Hourglass Colorblock Bodycon Dress, 2. 2 Become 1 Colorblock Cut-Out Dress, 3. Lets Mesh Around Pleated Dress, 4. Geo Colorblock Bodycon Dress

Colorblock It Out – If you’re a new kid on the colorblock, you should know that it’s more than just a regular ol’ fashion fad. It can also do wonders for your figure (especially when the contrast is in black, which we all know is slimming) by shaving down areas on your clothing and creating flattering curves and angles.

Top Of The Hourglass

1. Hourglass Geo Print Bodycon Dress, 2. Hourglass Figure Mermaid Maxi, 3. Hourglass Figure Midi Dress, 4. Petal Panels Floral Bodycon Dress

Top Of The Hourglass – We told you you could get an hourglass figure, and we meant it, even if you were born with more of a sheet glass figure. The hourglass dress is definitely tops in optical illusion dresses for its curve-creating capabilities, and nowadays you’ll find them in various lengths, materials, prints, etc. But for maximum impact, choose a dress with sides that match your skintone. The illusion will be all the more incredible.

Front And Center

1. Front And Center V-Neck Bodycon Dress, 2. Streak Of Genius Art Deco Print Dress, 3. Two-Way Streak Zipper Moto Dress, 4. Neon Top Of Your Game Bodycon Dress

Front And Center – The vertical line is your best friend when it comes to looking long and lean, because anything that draws the eye up and down the body will also help lengthen it. Vertical seams, stripes, zippers, and the like not only encourage the viewer to, well, look you up and down, but when they’re front and center they also split up your body into smaller, slimmer pieces.

Sheer And There

1. Sheer 4 U Mesh Bodycon Dress, 2. Lace To Lace Contrast Bodycon Dress, 3. Mesh Contrast Bodycon Dress, 4. Heart Act To Follow Striped Mesh Dress

Sheer And There – If you’re a fan of lace and mesh and all things sexy, see-through, and scintillating, go ahead and opt for a sheer version. The same silhouettes are still there. You’re already revving up the sex appeal with an optical illusion dress. You might as well take those curves all the way home.


More Optical Illusion Tips For Dressing Slimmer. . .

1. Buy clothes that actually fit! Too tight and you’re a lumpy pillow. Too loose and you’re a beanbag chair. You wanna be that sleek, smooth leather sofa. And don’t be afraid to get yourself upholstered. Er, tailored.

2. Use color to your advantage! Wearing the same color (or shades of the same color) from head to toe elongates you because you’re one continuous line of color. But if you’re going for a multi-colored look, just don a dark color over any areas that you want outta the limelight.

3. Find a silhouette that suits you! An empire waist proudly displays your girls while discreetly hiding any midsection bulge. A high-waisted pant not only creates a longer lower body (read: leggy!), but it can also hold shit in like no other. You just gotta figure out what works for you.

4. Keep an eye on proportion! Balance is key. If you’re more pear-shaped, broaden your upper body with a wide-shouldered top. If you’re more bust than butt, forgo the ruffled top for a peplum skirt instead. And accessorize for where you want the eye to go. A long necklace, for example, would create that vertical line we were talking about earlier. And finally…

5. Don’t forget the extras! Forget diamonds. Shapewear is a girl’s best friend. So is a wide belt. While any belt can cinch you in and define your waist, a wide belt actually lengthens you by streamlining even more surface area. And heels will give you better posture and of course height (you look thinner when you look taller), but a pair that matches your coloring will give you legs for days. You won’t believe the illusion.

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