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New York Fashion Week kicked off last Thursday, and we gotta say… We’re experiencing some pretty intense #FOMO around these parts. It’s not every day that fashionistas from all over the world come together to peep the upcoming styles and trends, and in their sartorial best, no less. And, sure, maybe our front row tickets to DVF’s show got lost in the mail (whatever), but it still would have been nice to walk through the streets of NYC with the fashion’s elite. Siiiiigh. Okay, okay, at least we get to couch it and eat ice cream directly out of the tub as we watch the shows via the Interwebz, are we right?! So, instead of mourning about what could have been, we guess we could channel our insane jealousy energy into a post that benefits us all.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite NYFW street style looks thus far. Loads of #OOTD inspo ahead, ladies. (And some eye candy, too!) Ready, set, swoon!

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How To Wear: Body Chains

If you’re anything like us, then you’re a firm believer in the idea that chain-ge is good. And with the end of summer rapidly approaching (say it ain’t so!), now’s as good a time as any to start implementing a bit (or a bunch) of it into your wardrobe. Enter the bodacious body chain, a summer staple seen on the likes of Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, Kendall Jenner, and Bad Girl RiRi herself.

So what is it about these layered, shimmery goods that everyone loves so much? Well, first off, it’s the perfect way to subtly add a bit of chic-shine to your outfit. Second, it’ll totally accentuate your hot bod by bringing attention to those abs you’ve been working on. And third, well, we’re into anything Queen Bey is into, #justsayin.

Here are three surefire ways to wear a body chain:

1. Over a swimsuit. Whether you’re a bikini babe or a one-piece kind of gal, a body chain will easily complement your beachside or poolside look without looking like you’re trying too hard. Our advice: Go for a chain that’s on the simpler side (like the Circular Faux Jewels Body Chain), especially if you plan on actually getting into the water.

2. Over (or underneath) a cropped top. When it comes to fashion, think of your body as a canvas. And since a cropped top is only covering your top half, why not add a little something-something to drape down the bottom half? You really can’t go wrong with this next-level look. Our advice: Keep the layering around your neck at a minimum. Instead of throwing on an extra necklace, try a couple of rings and bracelets instead.

3. Over a dress. Nothing gets a conversation going (mostly compliments, obvi) more than a body chain over a dress. It’s not only beyond chic but also very unpredictable, so take pride in the fact that you decided to step it up a notch that day. Our advice: Go with a basic colored dress to really make your chain pop, like a sleek #LBD.

Ahead, a collection of body chain inspiration shots to get those sartorial juices flowing.

How do you wear your body chain? We want to know! Send us the link to your #OOTD in our comments section below.

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Style Evolution: Rihanna

She doesn’t need an introduction, period, and if you don’t know who she is, then you’ve been living under a rock. Other than her chart topping success, she’s known for constantly reinventing her style and image. Riri recently had her 26th birthday, and we thought the best way to honor her was a look back at her chameleon-like style evolution. She’s definitely transformed from her cookie-cutter teen queen days, and now we never know what she’s going to pull off next (it’s usually something pretty good).

Riri started with perfumes and worked her way into fashion, naturally. She’s worked with Armani and also designed a River Island capsule collection for four seasons. Her first TV show “Styled to Rock” is a UK series about assisting up-and-coming British designers. The US version premiered in 2013. Plus, she’s now the face of Balmain, and she’ll be receiving a Fashion Icon Award in June from the Council of Fashion Designers of America. If that’s not fashion cred, then we don’t know what is.

With that being said, we loved putting this gallery together as it allowed us to reminiscence about her unique (bejeweled jeans) and grand (hanging out with Karl Lagerfeld!) moments. Put her albums on shuffle, click through the gallery, and check out our Rihanna inspired GoJane picks below!

Images courtesy of Billboard, OTRC, W Magazine,,, US Magazine, CNN, Glamour, and Marie Claire.

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Happy Birthday, Rihanna!

Rihanna is easily one of our favorite celebrity style chameleons. She can rock the heck out of a girly gown with classic hair and makeup, then go grunge with denim, leather, and a fauxhawk the next day. And she makes it all look good. Not to mention her ever-growing list of amazing hit songs! So happy quarter of a century, RiRi! And cheers to many more iconic style moments and albums to come.

2013 Grammy Awards: Our Predictions for Music’s Big Night

Unlikely anthems, possible one-hit wonders, and Skrillex? Yeah, this year’s Grammy Awards managed to cover all their bases. For those who aren’t in the know, this year’s awards will take place this Sunday (yes, we’ll be doing a recap) and LL Cool J is hosting. Other important info?  Jay-Z and Kanye West managed six nods each, Gotye is still riding high from last year’s “Somebody That I Used to Know”,  and some of our fave divas, including Adele, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry, will be in attendance.  And while we know who will be there, as well as who’s nominated (check out the full list here), there is something we don’t know: who will go home with a trophy. But we do have some pretty good guesses. Check out our predictions and make sure to let us know who you think will win.

What do you think of our predictions? Who are you rooting for?

Trend Alert: Lions

Remember when we were all excited because we realized how freaking easy it was to copy Rihanna’s look? Our fave piece of her standout look was a chain link necklace with a lion charm. We should have known that the Barbados beauty’s fierce accessory was a hint as to what was to come. Specifically, lions are kind of a big deal this year, and as such, we had our stylist pick out six pieces that are super hot right now. Take a look and let us know what you think, okay?

1. oversized lion hoop earrings, 2. faux leather lion bracelet, 3. lion ring , 4. tribal square lion necklace, 5. embellished cap-toe flats, and 6. lion ring

What was your fave piece? Why?

Quick Fix: Denim Jumpsuit

Remember when we were seriously bragging about Rihanna following our lead stylist on Instagram? A few of you were asking about Andie’s denim jumpsuit, and guess what we just got in? Hint: it begins with ‘A’ and ends with ‘ndie’s denim jumpsuit’.  Wanna snag this must-have piece? Click here.

Rihanna Follows GoJane on Instagram (Kinda)

Ever heard of a certain Barbados-born pop star named…hmmmmm, what’s her name again? Oh yeah, Rihanna! Well turns out Riri loves GoJane just as much as we love her…kinda. Rihanna recently became an Instagram follower of our very own Lead Stylist, Andie! Apparently, even @badgalriri herself can’t resist the crazy cool stylings of the adorable lil’ fashion junkie we call Andie. Needless to say, we will be adding this to our long list of professional accomplishments. So take a hint from Rihanna and follow @callmeloka_andie. Because if she’s good enough for Riri, she’s good enough for you the world!

Digging on Andie’s IG looks? You can find mostly everything she’s wearing in her IG posts at GoJane.

And if you don’t already (shame on you), make sure to follow @gojanedotcom for your fashion fix.

Quick Fix: Rihanna’s Lion Necklace

One of our fave women at GoJane is Rihanna. Why? Her style never feels contrived, and she constantly releases music that makes you want to get up and shake your goodies with full force. Recently we spotted RiRi rockin’ a seriously cool look- a bold red lip, simple v-neck tee, and gold chain  link necklace with a lion charm. Best part of this getup? You don’t even need to be a fan of The Chronicles of Narnia* to appreciate this sweet ensemble. And if you wanna get her look keep reading ’cause we have everything you need for this mini-ensemble.

1. lipstick
2. lion necklace
3. v-neck tee

Are you a fan of this look?

Photo courtesy of JB Style Zone

*For those not in the know, the children’s fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia features a majestic lion as the savior of a mythical world. Okay, we’ll stop impressing you with our nerd cred now.

Celebrities Really Love Their… Clear Cap Toe Pumps

Quick: what do Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Kristen Stewart  have in common? Their adoration for clear cap toe pumps by a certain French designer. Of course, due to their celeb status they can drop $1,495 without batting a false eyelash. However, for us mere mortals, a quadruple digit price tag for a pair of kicks is way out of the question. Fortunately, we found you a nearly identical pair for a very affordable $22.60.

What do you think? Are you a fan?

Luxe for Less: Rihanna’s Modern Pin Up Look

During our daily gossip blog stroll we saw an outfit so undeniably perfect for GoJane we were forced to put down our latte and take a deep breath. The source of our joy? Rihanna. Of course our loyal readers already know we’re a fan of RiRi’s style, but this particular ensemble combined some of our fave things and we genuinely couldn’t wait to assemble a copycat of this casual, yet sexy, look. Oh, we should mention one major difference: Rihanna’s ensemble cost over $2,500, thanks to the Miu Miu heels, Chanel scarf, and Vlieger & Vandam bag, while ours will run you less than $115.

1. heart print scarf
2. low scoop neck top
3. origami bird charm necklace
4. destroyed cuff shorts
5. rhinestone trim watch
6. perforated trim clutch
7. pocketed denim shirt
8. polka dot peep-toe heel

What did you guys think of this look? Is it something you would wear out? Rihanna happened to wear this after dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Malibu, but we definitely see this look working for a casual date in the park or brunch with your girls.

What other celebrities would you like to see on the Luxe for Less?

Photo of Rihanna courtesy of x17 Online

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