Nauti By Nature: Ways To Wear The Nautical Trend

Fashion is notorious for its ebb and flow. Like tides that turn, trends will come, but then they go. And though every once in a while, waves are made by this or that, one style seems to stay afloat, unsinkable above the rest of the pack. As resilient as a buoy bobbing amidst the violent seas. And as trusty as a glowing lighthouse on a dark and stormy night. As if to say “Ahoy, there! Yup, still here! And I’m not going anywhere.”

We’re of course talking about the nautical trend. (Please tell us you were able to figure that out. If not, maybe brush up on those similes and metaphors?) What began as a naval uniform in nineteenth-century France has evolved into the most classic of styles, a look that is decidedly all-American but not without some European sophistication, one that is simple yet elegant, clean but elevated, and though strong, still graceful.


Not only does nautical never go out of style, it’s also super easy to wear! You don’t actually have to go to sea to look like you belong on the deck of a yacht (and we don’t mean cleaning it). You can skip the motion sickness (dramamine, anyone?) and still feel like you’re being swept away on an ocean-bound vacay just like that. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve put together some nauti outfits using key pieces from our collection. So put on your proverbial life jacket and come set sail with us as we explore the nautical trend. We’ll have you in shipshape, solo at the helm, in no time at all.

95491 Outfit

1. Basic Surplice Romper, 2. Cross It Off Heels, 3. Striped Nautical Anchor Earrings, 4. Embellished Nautical Bracelet Set, 5. Nautical Stripes Anchor Watch, 6. Flared Faux Leather Handbag

98090 Outfit

1. Stripe A Pose Strapless Skater Dress, 2. T-Time Strappy Platform Pumps, 3. Wheel N Anchor Earrings, 4. Capsule Key Pendant Necklace, 5. Boxed Faux Pearl Charm Bracelet, 6. Ready For This Jelly Wallet

94772 Outfit

1. Retro Striped Bikini Set, 2. Let’s Play Flare Denim Skater Skirt, 3. Strap-tastic Faux Cork Wedges, 4. Oversized Beach Totebag, 5. Dainty Faux Pearl Midi Ring, 6. Rounded Sunglasses

95091 Outfit

1. Chambray Will Make You Jump Romper, 2. Wide Cuff Zippered Heels, 3. Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag, 4. Framed Anchor Earrings, 5. Heart 2 Heart Necklace, 6. Heads Up Knit Beanie

97932 Outfit

1. High-Waisted Polka Dot Bikini Set, 2. Vintage High-Waisted Skinnies, 3. Nautical Canvas Espadrille Loafers, 4. Knotted Bow Earrings, 5. Enameled Anchor Cut-Out Ring, 6. Faux Leather Striped Anchor Watch

Inspired? Here are some tips for creating your very own nauti outfits…

1. Stripe a nauti pose! Stripes, stripes, and more stripes. Not much more has to be said here. Because really, nothing says nautical like some red, white, or blue stripes. And speaking of color…

2. Color me bad nauti! Those nautical colors are so iconic that as long as you wear red, white, and blue together you’ll look like a nauti girl. Super easy, right?

3. Be a nautical print-cess! In addition to stripes, nautical prints like anchors, ropes, boats, fish, lighthouses, and even lobsters can make for a cute and slightly cheeky outfit. Just keep the rest of your look clean to highlight the pattern and pump up the sophistication.

4. All aboard! Likewise, anything having to do with sailing will evoke the nauti vibe. An anchor accessory would be an obvious choice, but you could also do a play on ropes. Anything knotted or braided like a cord necklace or twisted belt would do the trick. Also, pearls! Not only do they come from the sea, but their elegance matches the nautical style perfectly.

5. Role play! Think about occupations that go to sea and the elements of their everyday uniforms. Fisherman’s hats, sailor hats, knit beanies, wader pants, trench coats, rain boots… The list goes on and on. You can also take a page from the pinup era – red lips, big curls, high-waisted shorts – to add a little femininity to your seafaring look.

6. But don’t go overboard! When there’s a theme involved, you can easily venture into costume territory. Keep your look cool, clean, and contemporary by building around one or two strong pieces. Wearing a gold button blazer? Maybe leave that captain’s hat at home. After all, you’re not really gonna be manning a ship. But we bet you’ll look good not doing it!

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