How to: Color Chain Link Jewelry

We’ve been loving rocking chain link jewelry with everything lately, but after a while, simple silver and gold links can leave us wanting more. More color, that is! We decided it was time to give new life to some of our favorite bracelets with a little colored Plasti Dip. After a few minutes of dipping and drying, we had a bold and colorful new trendy bracelet.

Here’s our finished look.

What you’ll need: Create Your Color Plasti Dip, Plasti Dip tint, an aluminum can, chain link metal jewelry, and a plastic spoon.

Tip: You can find Plasti Dip at most hardware, auto, and home stores.

Pour enough Plasti Dip to cover half of your jewelry into an aluminum can. This will allow you to save the rest for another project since you don’t need very much for this one. It should be about three inches high.

We decided to color our bracelet seafoam, but you can do whatever color you want. Whatever color you choose, pour the lightest tint you’ll need into the mixture first. Stir with a plastic spoon.

Mix in the next color, but only pour in a small amount at a time so your color doesn’t get too dark too quickly.

Mix in your final color. If you only need two colors, skip this. If the mixture isn’t quite the shade you want it to be, play with the colors a little always adding the lightest first. Stir the mixture thoroughly so you don’t see any streaks.

Slowly dip your bracelet into the Plasti Dip, lowering it a little more every 5 seconds. Then, slowly lift the bracelet out of the Plasti Dip in 5 second increments.

Hold your bracelet over the can for at least a minute to let the excess Plasti Dip drip off.

Hold your bracelet for a couple minutes to make sure it isn’t dripping anymore. It should start to solidify, but won’t be dry yet. If you plan to do a second coat, let your bracelet dry for 30 minutes before you dip it again. Once finished, hang your bracelet to dry for at least four hours (preferably more) before wearing.

Wear your bright, new jewelry!

How do you liven up your favorite jewelry?

P.S. Find the bracelet we used for this DIY here.

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