Damsel In Which Dress? Take The GoJane Dress Personality Quiz!

Dresses today definitely provide a dressing-to-kill girl with a plethora of options. You’ve got countless variations on skirts and bodices, prints and fabrics, sleeves and hemlines… So many silhouettes, so little time! It’s kinda hard to narrow down the choices, right? GoJane to the rescue! (Or should we say dresscue? No? Anyone? Fine, whatever.) If you’re wondering which style you should try first, why not take our mini quiz and find out? It’s super easy. Just go with the flow(chart), follow the yellow brick road arrows, and see which dress best fits your damsel profile.


Well? Which is it? We wanna know! And find out more about your dress style below…

TITLE - Shift

1. Geometric Play Laser Cut-Out Dress, 2. Back To Basics Shift Shirt Dress

The Shift Dress – You’re a little mysterious. You find clarity and restraint simply irresistable, and it translates into a chic, elegant style that leaves a lot to the imagination. Shift into gear with this straight-cut silhouette. The shift dress may focus less on your shape and more on clean lines, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a famously flattering silhouette, not to mention versatile enough to easily go from day to night and back again. Variations on the neckline and the hemline can hide problem areas while highlighting anything that needs to be highlighted. For a more modern take on the shift, try honeycomb cut-outs, metallic embellishments, or looped lattice sleeves.

TITLE - Cami

1. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress, 2. Fit To A T-Back Cami Shift Dress

The Cami Dress – You’d wear your underwear out if it was socially respectable. Or your birthday suit if it was legally acceptable. No, you’re not an exhibitionist or some perv at the park. You’re just a free spirit, and the last thing you need is to be restrained by your clothes. Comfort is key, but it’s not like you’re forgoing style. It’s just an easy, breezy style. Literally. Enter the cami dress – the barely-there, too pretty to be under-wear, pull-on piece that helps you achieve your cool and carefree vibe. But don’t think cami dresses all have to be slip-like or boho chic. Just choose an unexpected print or a daring strappy back. Big impact, little to no effort. Easy cami, easy go!

TITLE - Peplum

1. Pep-lum Talk Dress, 2. Plunge Into Peplum Midi Dress

The Peplum Dress – You may err on the side of prim and proper, but it’s a side that’s not without a lot of sex appeal. And your style may be streamlined, but you can’t resist a little frill. The perfect blend of girly and womanly, it’s not hard to achieve pretty in peplum. The perfectly placed peplum can give the illusion of curves for those who need it but also hide a thicker middle for those who have it. We would suggest pairing the ladylike peplum dress with some edgy accessories for balance. Or you could just choose a peplum dress with some cool details, like a full-length zipper, a plunging neckline, or a metallic snakeskin fabric.

TITLE - Bodycon

1. Sweet And Simple Fitted Dress, 2. Ace Of Basic Bodycon Midi Dress

The Bodycon Dress – You’ve got it, girl, and you know it. (We’re singing that line to the tune of Drake’s Hold On, We’re Going Home. “You’ve got it, girl, and you know it…”) You want everyone else to know it too, and we ain’t mad at that. You got that gym membership for a reason, right? Most may be a little wary of the bodyhugging piece, but it’s actually easier than you think to rock your bodycon. The slinky, smoothing garment does its part to suck you in a bit, and whatever is left over is why Spanx were invented. Play with colors, cuts, and patterns to find the ones that best fit your curves. Hint: A mirrored print like this or this gives the illusion of an hourglass shape…

TITLE - Skater

1. Crossing Paths Skater Dress, 2. Textured Panel Skater Dress

The Skater Dress – You’s a flirt, girl. Or at least you like to dress like one. Sure, we’ll go with that. Because nothing is flirtier than the skater dress. You’re also fun and fresh and full of movement. Not unlike its namesake. Aptly named for the figure skating costume, the skater dress has become a closet staple of late, suiting (pun not intended) all ages, shapes, and sizes in the fashion world. You don’t have to be Michelle Kwan to do twirls in those full flared skirts, either. Add some grown-up design to the girlish silhouette with a more substantial fabric or some lace insets and cool straps. Inspired? Get to shopping! We’ll see you skater.

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