#GoJaneCam: Fresh Pics For Spring

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Spring is in full swing, and we couldn’t be happier! If you’ve been too busy brunching, shopping, and enjoying great weather, then catch up on some of GoJane’s ‘grams from the past week! We’ve been keeping things fresh with chunky heels, pretty bodysuits, and new swim. (‘Cause summer will be here before you know it!)

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One & Done: One Romper From Day To Night

❤️ By Jenn Shin

Honestly, what’s not to like about a romper? You don’t have to mix or match separates, they’re super versatile, and they conveniently keep everything covered in one fell swoop. You can be lazy and stylish… Now that’s what we’re talking about! And since we love it so much, we thought we’d show you two transitional day-to-night outfits using one single date-worthy romper.

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Image Map

Day Tripper

So you’ve got a casual day date with your bae? Then you need a comfy but super cute outfit. Dress down this sleek romper with a minimal necklace and two-tone sandals which still bring a touch of glam with sparkling faux jewels. A chic mini bag is perfect for carrying all of your essentials, and keep oversized sunglasses handy just in case this daytrip takes place in full sun.

Image Map

Hot Evening Date

You both swiped right, but this is your first date night? Wow your match in an easy and super sleek romper. Dress up this chic, simple one-piece with a sparkly statement necklace. Keep your hands free for cocktails and stow your wallet, lipstick, and compact in a quilted purse. Finish off your glam look with legs that look a mile long in hot lace-up heels.

Heads Up! 5 Reasons To Wear A Hat This Fall

Cuddling by the fire, jumping into a pile of leaves, and pumpkin-flavored, well, everything. If you’re anything like us, then you’re fully aware that there are about a million reasons why fall is the best season ever. But our latest cold-weather obsession has got to be the hat styles that are totally having a moment right now. Why are we diggin’ this microtrend, you ask? Oh, let us count the ways! Literally.

Here are 5 reasons to wear a hat this fall:

  1. It’s a legit excuse to say “I woke up like this.” If effortlessly-chic is the look you’re going for, leave it to a hat, like a fedora or a beanie, to instantly take you there. Don’t believe us? Just wait until the compliments start to roll in.
  2. It’s a tried-and-true bed head repellent. Not diggin’ your ‘do this AM? Psh, that’s nothing that a chic hat can’t cover up. Plus, we luuuuurrrrve any excuse to ditch our straighteners in the morning.
  3. Fashion and function. Not only will your fall #OOTD be complete, but the right kind of hat can really keep that noggin of yours warm and cozy. (We’re all about multi-tasking over here.)
  4. It saves you time. #LBH, less hair styling in the morning equates to a plethora of possibilities. The most important? More time to snooze in your sea of blankets, obvi.
  5. Instant swag-appeal guaranteed. A woman who wears a hat on her pretty head instantly appears confident wherever she goes. It’s just science, guys.

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Happy Columbus Day (Sitewide Sale)!

No school. No work. No worries. Amiright? We’re sure you are having no problems finding something to do on this glorious day off. Maybe you’re celebrating Columbus Day by setting sail with some of your besties in your own party-hardy version of the Santa Maria. (Sailing is still a thing, right?) Maybe you’re discovering new-to-you lands by taking a hike with your bae. Or maybe you’re just sitting around watching the many Christopher Columbus specials on the History Channel? (We’re not judging. Lies, we kind of are.) However you choose to recognize the day an Italian explorer arrived to The Americas over 500 years ago, we hope you remember what this holiday is really about…sales, sales, and more sales!

We gathered up our biggest markdowns from our Columbus Day Sitewide Sale, and we’ve not only hooked you up with some major deals, but also some sick outfit inspirations.


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1) Just Drape It Asymmetrical Skirt 2) Cat Eye Sunglasses 3) Brushed N Cut-Out Midi Ring Set 4) Keep It Simple Faux Nubuck Heels


WAS: $135.30     NOW: $84.62


1) Acid Washed Denim Bustier Jumpsuit 2) Roman Numeral Five Cuff 3) Tribal Tapestry Fringed Bucket Bag 4) To Diamond For Strappy Caged Sandals

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GoJane Sitewide Columbus Day Sale

5 Types Of Rompers That’ll Save You Time

Do you ever have that dilemma in the morning where you don’t quite know what to wear? You know, the one where you finally settle on a top only to realize that the bottoms to match are in the wash. So you do a little more digging and find out all of your bottoms are MIA. As a result, you’re running around the house (pantless) like a Cali girl at a Wildfox sample sale. Sigh, the sartorial struggle is so real, ladies, which is why we found the perfect go-to piece for those not-so-glamorous mornings of playing Where The Hell Are My (insert lost garment here). It’s a little something called a romper.

By definition, a romper is 1.) A person or a thing that romps. Okay, we’ll take that, but more importantly, it’s 2.) A loose one-piece garment combining a shirt or blouse and short, bloomerlike pants, worn by young children. Woah, before you get all cray-cray on us because you’re a “grown woman,” let’s not forget that it’s also 3.) a similar garment worn by women and girls for sports, leisure activity, etc. Almost got you there, didn’t we?:) In a nutshell, it’s a top attached to a bottom that you can just slip on and go, day or night. Do we really need to say more?

So the next time you’re having a fashion fumble, bust out a trusty romper and continue on with your day. We promise it’ll give you that extra five minutes to grab an iced chai tea latte or finally give you a chance to chat with the hottie next door (you can thank us later).

Are you ready to give this new take on a wardrobe staple a shot? Take some style tips from several hand selected fashionistas (courtesy of Pinterest) and check out our list of…

5 types of rompers that’ll save you time:

Untitled-11. Pixelated 8 Bit Printed Romper, 2. Mixed Feelings Romper, 3. Abstract Brushstrokes Lacy Romper

Be A Print-cess: We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: don’t be afraid of prints! Whether it’s floral, chevron, or abstract, it will work on your romper. Just take it easy with everything else (say it with us: less is more).

Untitled-21. Scalloped Peek-A-Boo Romper, 2. Take The Plunge Romper, 3. Forget Your Ex Romper

In With The Bold: If today is the day that you’re finally going to ask your co-worker out for drinks or your boss for a little more time on that project, go bold. Your goal is to make a statement, so why not have an outfit to match? Hint: add a black blazer and some heels for something a little more work appropriate.

Untitled-31. Rock N Sugar Lace Romper, 2.Embrace The Lace Teddy Romper, 3. Lacy Romance Romper

Ace It In Lace: If you’re still not convinced that rompers are sexy, just add lace. When you see him swoon over those traces of skin underneath, you’ll both be wondering why you didn’t slip one on sooner.

Untitled-41. On The Grid Organza Romper, 2. Sleek Your Mind Plunging Romper, 3. Basic Surplice Romper

#LBR: You’ve heard of a little black dress, but what about a little black romper? For your next #GNO, switch out your go-to #LBD for a just-as-sexy #LBR to change things up a bit.

Untitled-5 1. Drawstring You In Chambray Romper, 2. MVP Hooded French Terry Romper, 3. Keep It Simple Romper

Dress It Down: It’s Lazy Sunday, and you want to pull off that I-woke-up-like-this look, like Beyonce? We’re right there with you. Slip on a basic romper (cotton, terry, denim, etc.) and have at it. The best thing about this kind of romper is that the possibilities are endless.

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Microtrend: Overalls


1. Destruction Manual Denim Shortalls, 2. Mineral Wash Denim Overalls, 3. Crazy Paisley Denim Overall Shorts

Wondering what a mechanic, a farmer, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air all have in common? It’s simple. They all sported what’s now considered a reoccurring, ahead-of-its-time trend. And trust us, this 90s (not to mention 80s, 70s, and 60s) throwback is just enough to make you want to bust out those old Olsen twin VHS’s. If you haven’t quite figured it out yet, we’re talking about a pair of classically cool, tried-and-true overalls.

While the bib-and-brace look was once only worn by the working class as protective gear, the fashion world eventually managed to rear in its pretty little head and turned this once drab look into a fab denim statement that just won’t go away (we’re not complaining). The best part is that anyone can strap in and give this trend a whirl. So if you plan on buckling down…

Here are six tips to reach overall perfection:

1. Keep it simple. A crisp tee (solid or striped) and sneaks or heels should complete an effortless look.
2. Go for glam. If you’re looking to dress things up, don a blouse, a blazer, a pair of heels, and some statement pieces, like a necklace or clutch, to bring it all together.
3. Fashionista vs. farmer. If your goal is to look more like a fashionista than a farmer (ahem, it should be), avoid traces of flannel or plaid. Unless, of course, you’ve got a killer pair of booties or heels to complement the look.
4. Be loud. Don’t be afraid of different textures, colors, or prints on your overalls. If the dungarees you’re sporting can make a statement all on their own, refer back to tip number one for the rest of your outfit.
5. Strap on, strap off. It’s totally okay to rock the strap on, strap off look. Not only will you be paying homage to the late, great Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, but your confidence will also shine through (even if you’re faking it).
6. Top off on. We don’t care what anyone says; wearing a top underneath is an absolute must. So, unless it’s for a special project, say an editorial photo shoot for Vogue, let’s leave that oh-so-bare look to the Chanel Imans and Karlie Klosses of the world.

Now that you’ve got this trend locked and loaded, take some cues from some of our handpicked street styled ladies and get to shopping!


Images courtesy of Pinterest

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Spring Has Sprung! 6 Dresses, 6 Destinations

Ahh. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the air is all kinds of fresh. And while the weather has been mighty unpredictable as of late, one thing is for certain today: Thursday, March 20, 2014, officially marks the First Day of Spring. So whether you actually have a spring break or you’re just happy that the sun is still out after work hours, you finally get to bust out that ol’ spring to-do list that you created months ago (you know, the one that you carved into your frozen window pane).

But wait, before you walk out of the house in your T-shirt and sweatpants again (frumpterable is in, we get it), take it from us and show off those gams instead. After all, nothing says spring like a fun and flirty frock. To help you get a head start on what’s waiting for you outdoors, here are six different dresses for six different springtime destinations. Word of advice: get out there now because who knows how long this glorious weather will last. Here’s to hoping that Mother Nature really got it together this time!

1. Tropical Thunder Pleated Floral Dress, 2. Painted Blossom Crossback Dress, 3. To A T-Strap Crochet Dress, 4. Floral Spray Cross Back Dress, 5. Crochet Way Back Denim Skater Dress, 6. Floral Noir Crisscross Dress

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Denim Talk: One Pair Of Jeans, Three Outfits

Pop quiz! Name the ultimate go-to staple piece that everyone should have at least one (or five) of in their closet. No, not that rhinestone encrusted T-shirt with your boo’s name on it (toss it). No, not those cropped and flared gaucho pants from circa early 2000s either (gross). Anything? Give up? A pair of plain ol’ denim, that’s what! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that a great pair of jeans can go with literally every single top in your closet. The best thing about ’em? There are so many different styles to choose from! If you lookin’ for some assistance in the versatility department, take a seat and listen–er, keep reading. Here it is, right here, right now: three different outfits, three different events, one pair of jeans. This time around, we chose a pair of trusty high-waisted skinny jeans to style. This ain’t witchcraft, ladies. We pinkie promise.

Glam Rock Girl –

You just scored tickets to a 30 Seconds To Mars concert, and you’re not sure what to wear? Start warming up your vocal chords (ya know, to sing with the band) and pair your high-waisted skinny jeans with some combat boots and a comfy, fashion-forward tank. Just don’t forget to add the right amount of edge, like a spiky statement piece necklace, a studded beanie, and a pop of color clutch.


1. Who Cares Muscle Tank, 2. Spike My Interest Beanie, 3. All Angles Hexagon Clutch, 4. Zipping Around Combat Boots, 4. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, 5. Tribal Flat Spoke Wire Necklace

Alluring Accomplice –

It’s your BFF’s birthday bash, so of course you’ve accepted the role of being her right hand woman for the evening. Step up to the plate and pair your high-waisted skinnies with a pair of nude pumps, a flowy and feminine blouse, and some statement accessories (and lip color) to compliment the look. After all, they don’t call you a super sexy sidekick for nothing!


1. Brace Yourself Slit Sleeve Blouse, 2. The Jewels Bib Necklace, 3. Crochet Overlay Floral Print Clutch, 4. Textured Mary Jane Platform Heels, 5. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, 6. NYX Butter Lipstick

Flea Market Chic –

Going to a flea market (or shopping altogether) is a fashion show in and of itself. You gotta look your best, but your outfit should look like it took two minutes to assemble (the struggle is real, girls). Pair your high-waisted skinnies with a simple bodysuit, a kimono, and some chunky heels. Don’t stop there though; some simple accessories, like a layered necklace and a fringe tote, should complete the effortless look.


1. Tribal Element Fringe Kimono, 2. Close Fit Short Sleeve Body Suit, 3. Spike N Stud Layered Necklace, 4. High-Waisted Skinny Jeans 5. Pardon My Fringe Handbag, 6. Hi Scale Chunky Faux Wood Platforms

Shop more denim styles @ GoJane.com!

High-Waisted Acid Wash Jeans Hole Lot To Love Destroyed JeansHave you checked out these? Hole Lotta Leg Acid Washed Jeans

It’s A Mad Plaid World: Ways To Wear Tartan

As classic as blue jeans and as essential as an LBD, the plaid shirt is a universal piece that belongs in every closet, whether the owner of that closet is man, woman, child, or stylish beast. The pattern itself is time-honored and perenially trendy, continually showing its pretty face on runways as that season’s “latest” craze.

With the way we feel about prints in general (uh, love them, duh), you best believe we’re mad for plaid over here, but we also understand how balancing the intricate, multi-hued pattern with anything other than a pair of jeans can seem like a daunting task. In reality, plaid is as versatile as it is trusty. Here we take a flannel button-up and show you some of our favorite ways to wear tartan…

Lumber Jane

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Lace Base Mary Jane Pumps, 3. Denim Cut-Out Grommet Dress, 4. Animal Kingdom Clutch, 5. All Knit Up Pom-Pom Beanie

Lumber Jane – Flannel may be part of the lumberjack uniform, but you can take the Brawny Man out of plaid by pairing it with girlier items, like lace and tulle, or by choosing something with a flirty silhouette (a cropped top and peplum skirt would definitely do the trick).

Play Peekaboo

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Waffle Stitch Crew Neck Sweater, 3. High-Waisted Distressed Jeans, 4. Spiked Cap Toe Flats, 5. Perfectly Perforated Handbag

Play Peekaboo – Not ready to be as clad in plaid as Cher and Dionne in Clueless? Use your tartan shirt as a layering piece, or just find some plaid accessories. Add visual interest to any outfit by incorporating a plaid scarf, finishing it with foldover boots, or simply by letting your collar and cuffs come out to play.

Out And About

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Button Up Denim Dress, 3. Ladder Strap Platform Wedges, 4. Jeweled Mosaic Bangle Set, 5. Double Zippered Faux Leather Wristlet

Out And About – Button it up and you have a shirt, but what have you got if you leave it open? Outerwear! The flannel shirt can also be an easy throw-on jacket, which, as well as color and print, wraps you in a little warmth. (Of course you could always go with some actual plaid outerwear.)

Tie One On

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Satin Bra Top, 3. Quilted Cropped Bomber Jacket, 4. Acidic High-Waisted Shorts, 5. Zipping Around Combat Boots

Tie One On – The easiest way to wear plaid? Simply tie a shirt around your waist. The look is relaxed and effortless, not to mention grunge chic, and once again you get that color and pattern injected into your look. But if that’s still too much work? Go with faux! Yeah. We did that.

Pattern Maker

1. 23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt, 2. Sparkly Boucle Cropped Top, 3. Camouflage Denim Shorts, 4. Chain Of Heart Charm Necklace, 5. In Combat Textured Boots

Pattern Maker – Sure, plaid can pack a punch, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t play well with others. Don’t be afraid to let it mingle. A classic print like tartan is practically a solid and can stand the test of cohabitation. Match colors, vary scales, and you’re sure to find something that works.

Shop the trend at GoJane.com!

23 Flannel Plaid Button-Up Shirt Keep Tabs Combat Boots Tartan Plaid Cut-Out Dress Tartan Cropped TopLong Run Faux Fur Trim Jacket Plaid Rush Wire Headband Faux Leather Full Combat Boots Furry Windowpane VestPretty In Plaid Lace Trim Shell Top Tie It Up Plaid Skirt Crisscross Cropped Sweater Mad Plaid World Fringe Scarf 01Lace-Up Leather Combat Boots Highland Tartan Skirt Rad In Plaid Leggings Check Pashmina ScarfQuilted Tartan Bomber Jacket Raving Plaid Knee-High Socks Mad For Plaid Skinnies Tartan Cuff Military BootsMad For Plaid Crinkled Scarf Tartan Peplum Skirt Wide Open Arms Lounge Pants Brushed Flannel Plaid Scarf

What’s your favorite way to rock plaid? We wanna know…

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