Inspiration Gallery: Pastel Colored Hair

If you haven’t already heard, it’s all about pastels this season. Makes sense, right? Springtime and pastels go together like hipsters and bow ties, like kittens and cuteness. But if the idea of slipping into lilac colored maxi dresses and sunshine colored chiffon blouses all season is a bit too girly for you, we’ve got a punky solution to your pastel precaution. How about rocking these soft, breezy hues in your hair? Sounds crazy? Crazy like a fox!

This look can be temporarily attained with clip-on hair extensions, chalk, or spray-on hair color. And for you daring divas out there, you can rock this permanently with the help of your fave hair colorists, a bottle of bleach, and a shit-ton of courage. We’ve been spotting this uber-cool hair trend all over the scene lately, and we’re thinking some of you out there might have what it takes to werq it. But if you’re still undecided on whether this hair trend is a yay or nay, we’ve compiled a bunch of photos of our favorite bloggers, models and celebrities (there are even pastel colored cats in there) to inspire you.

What do you think? Will you be going grey, pink, lilac or baby blue this season?

Photos Courtesy Of: Tumblr, Buzzfeed & WeHeartIt

Style Crush: Ciara

We’ve been a fan of Ciara ever since she taught us how to stay in control of our goodies in 2004 with her debut solo record. Since then, Miss Ciara has had us drooling over that super toned, athletic physique of hers. But what’s better than a super fly chick, with a super fit body? A super fly chick that can work that body! We can’t begin to count how many muscles we’ve pulled trying to mimic C-Thang’s moves in that naughty video for one of our fave Ciara joints, Ride. (If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must. Trust!) Another reason Ciara is worth the jock? Her sexy sense of style that always seems to touch on that bit of tomboy that makes her the kind of girl every gal wants to hang with, and every guy wants to…eh-hem.

Here’s a little ensemble we put together. Inspired by Ciara and her next studio album titled, “One Woman Army,” set to release on Dec. 4 2012. Can’t wait!


Check out Ciara’s latest video:

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