Freshen Up! 6 Must-Try Cosmetics For Summer

Raise your hand if, as of late, you’ve been breaking a sweat just minutes after your alarm goes off every morning. Okay, now raise it if you dread putting on your make-up these days. Yeaaah, we thought so. It sounds like it’s definitely summer where you are, and it also may be time to change up your make-up regime. We know, we know, you’ve been putting on the same face for years now, so just the mere thought of doing something different makes you feel uneasy. Well, in this case, uneasy is good. We’re all about stepping out of our comfort zones if it means that we’ll be trying something new. So, no more excuses, ladies. Today’s the day to make a change. Trust us, your skin (and hair, too!) will be thanking you. And to help you make that transition (whether it be minor or maj)…

 We’ve hand-selected six must-try summer cosmetics that’ll freshen things up.SummerCosmo


  1. KleanColor Super-Staying Lip Stain – If you plan on puckering up this season, we highly recommend this super-staying lip stain. Not only will the bold color of your choice lure him in, but it’s also guaranteed to stay on your lips post smooch. We can’t, however, guarantee that a little color won’t rub off onto his pout. (Oops!)
  1. NYX Waterproof Concealer Stick – Ever put on your face, only to have it melt off the moment you step into the summer-sun? Been there, done that is what you’ll be saying when you touch up with this concealer stick. Smooth, lightweight, waterproof, retractable… Need we say more?
  1. Cherimoya Creamy Waterproof Gel Eyeliner – It’s okay if you haven’t mastered the perfect winged eyeliner yet because this waterproof gel liner will totally kick things up a notch. Not only does it come with an angled brush for easy application, but the waterproof formula makes it so that you can chill both poolside and in the pool. Hell yeah!
  1. NYX BB Cream – Moisturizer, foundation, concealer, powder… Yikes! When the sun is blaring down on you, the last thing you want to do is cake on the layers. Well, we’ve got the perfect solution, and it’s conveniently packaged into one little portable tube. This oil-free and mineral enriched BB cream does it all: brightens, smoothes, moisturizes, and gives you just the right amount of coverage. Just be sure to add some SPF into the mix, too.
  1. J. Cat Beauty Hair Chalk Bites – Consider yourself a bit of a commitment phobe? Not to worry, girl; we feel you. This pigmented hair chalk is totally hot and totally temporary. Just press as much as you want of it into your hair, and then rinse it off when you’re over it. Easy as pie. Sigh, now if only life were that easy, are we right?
  1. NYX Natural Shadow Palette – If you follow Queen Bey on Insta, you may be wondering how the hell she rocks the no-make-up look. And while you’ll never know for sure if she is going completely au naturale, you can at least cop the look by using this shadow palette that is appropriately named – you guessed it – Natural. The best part? The bare look can totally transition from day to night. Just be sure to thank us when everyone takes notice of that glow you’re rockin’.

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