Say #BYE2014! 14 Of Our Fave NYE-Worthy Dresses

We did it, Janes! Gift-giving season is finally dunzo. And while we’re sure you’d love to just sit back, chillax, and binge-watch every single episode of The Mindy Project thus far, you do have one more major task to complete before the year ends, you know, in FIVE DAYS (WHAT?!). Allow us to phrase it in a question for ya’ll: do you know what you’ll be wearing for NYE? If your answer is some variation of the phrase “Awwww, crap!” then you’ve come to the right blog post. If you answered yes to already having a jaw-dropping ensemble in mind, well, then there’s a huge chance that you’ll be rethinking that decision once we’re through with you. (Hehe) Alright, alright, we’re just going to get straight to it…

Here are 14 of our fave dresses to rock when that ball drops. And rumor has it that these styles are up to 90% off! Enjoy.

Think you’re outta time? Noooope. Just head to GoJane to see how you can receive your ensemble on time.


Inspiration Gallery: New Year’s Eve

We don’t want to pressure you or anything, but the year’s biggest party is less than a week away. And while we know that that this is the perfect time to bust out all your sequins and metallics, we also want to encourage you try a few other things, including  leather and graphic tees.  Check out all of the possibilities in our massive gallery and make sure to let us know what you’re planning to wear for New Year’s Eve.

What is your favorite ensemble? What are your plans for New year’s Eve?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest, Man Repeller, and Atlantic-Pacific

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