MSN & Seventeen Magazine Love GoJane Prom Dresses!

Who doesn’t love the spotlight? We’ll trample a room full of beauty queens for a chance to be center stage. And when the lights come on and the escorts arrive to lead us off screen, we won’t just do a little curtsey and gracefully walk off the stage. You better believe we’ll be the last one standing, strangling a bouquet of roses and waving frantically to our friends and family.

We’re so proud to let you all know that MSN stuck us right on their front page! Thanks to a little magazine called Seventeen (you may have heard of them), who compiled a list of prom dresses priced under $100, we are now that much closer to making sure every girl looks like a star on prom night. We’re also proud to say that of the 54 dresses featured, GoJane made 10 of those slots. You don’t believe us? Well check out the screenshots below…

So take a tip from MSN and Seventeen magazine and get this prom thing right this year. A GoJane prom dress is a guaranteed jaw dropper. We’ve got tons of formal dresses to fit all shapes, sizes and styles!

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