Microtrend: The Return of Mint

Last spring, all things minty fresh emerged onto the fashion scene with a big, pastel bang. This year, mint is making its return in every shape and size imaginable. From shoes to watches to bags, we plan on being completely decked out in the cool hue this spring. Here are a few of our favorite minty picks.

1. wedge sneakers, 2. two-tone purse, 3. cut-out polka dot dress, 4. zigzag face watch, 5. textured triangle earrings, 6. slip closure clutch, 7. studded loafers

What hues have you been loving lately?

Win These Shoes…By Guessing This Week’s Photoshoot Location!

Update: 4/2/12 Winner Announced…Congrats Angelica Rodriguez! Scroll through the comments to read her correct response.

Lunch breaks here at GoJane are my favorite way to travel. With the use of nothing but my acute olfactory glands, I can enter the break lounge and sniff out the best culinary nibbles our staff has to offer. In mere seconds of standing in the doorway (eyes closed, head tilted back and nose focused on the lunch tables), I decide who my plastic spork and I are going to plop down next to for lunch. Some days I’m craving Thai food, so towards fellow Blogger Ashley and her red curry I go. Other days it’s Mediterranean I’m a hungerin’ for, so it’s Stylist Andie and her shawarma wrap I scurry to. But most of the time the one scent I can’t deny, the one aroma that trumps every other is that of…Accessories Editor Diana and her tamales. I love Mexican food! I’d marry  it and have babies with it if I could. Seriously…I’m totes gaga over the savory, spicy and saucy treats of Mexico. Thankful I live in Los Angeles where there’s a taco stand on every corner? Yes I am! Thankful the model and photographer were down for some carne asada tacos during this week’s editorial shoot? Oh, you betcha!

Location 1:

Enter To Win: Can you tell us where in Los Angeles the first picture (location 1) was taken? Yes we know it’s a taco stand, but which one exactly? Time to put on your faux-fur detective hats and start investigating. And to show you we aren’t complete monsters, we even threw in a second photo (location 2) to help you all out a bit. Both locations are near one another. You could even say they’re within a taco’s throw away from each other.

Comment on this blog post with the name and address of this LA eatery. All correct answers will be put into a randomized drawing and one person will win the cut-out wood platform heels pictured on the model below…

*Note: International winners will receive store credit in the amount of the shoes. The winner will be contacted via email on Monday, April 2, 2012. You have until then to keep guessing. Good luck!

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