GoJane Is So In…Life&Style (June 2012)

Some celebrities go to great lengths to stay out of the tabloids. Madonna supposedly is hiring a lookalike for her daughter Lourdes, for her upcoming MDNA tour. The Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles has an underground tunnel for athletes and musicians to make quick getaways. And apparently Tupac faked his own death and is hiding out in Cuba! It’s amazing how far some people will go to stay out of the public’s reach.

But we here at GoJane, can’t get enough of the spotlight. We love seeing our name in print and we looooooooooove the flashing lights of the camera. The people of Life&Style magazine understand that we have a thing for the media. So when they were looking to feature an affordable version of the very luxe Giuseppe Zanotti Neon Colorblock Platform d’Orsay, they knew we’d be more than happy to share the stage!
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Trend Time!: Celebrities Love Their Long(er) Sleeves

Call it the Kate Middleton effect: celebrities and mere mortals alike are suddenly flocking to dresses that don’t dare to bare arms. Instead, we’re spotting an entire crop of fashionable ladies who are actually covering up and truthfully, we couldn’t be more pleased. Why? ‘Cause sometimes the weather doesn’t permit for us to show off our delts and other times we haven’t been diligently doing our tricep curls which means our arms look more tired than toned. We put together a gallery featuring some of your fave style stars rocking long sleeves, but before that make sure to check out Kate, the one who started it all.

We know these dresses were ah-maz-ing, but we also realize that not every one of us can drop thousands of dollars on Pucci, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. But, don’t worry ’cause we have you covered (literally, as well as figuratively). Below you’ll see a few of our fave dresses that are completely on trend and won’t break the bank.

1. lace trim back dress
2. peter pan collar dress
3. neon lace layered dress
4. crochet back knit dress

What other celeb-inspired trends are you loving? By the way, make sure to tell us how YOU wear long sleeves!

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