Man Crush Monday: Jesse Rutherford (AKA Lead Singer of The Neighbourhood)

If you don’t know this week’s #MCM, then you need to get your priorities straight, sister! His name is Jesse Rutherford, and he is the smoking hot lead singer of the five-piece Californian rock band, The Neighbourhood. Chances are, you’ve heard their hit single Sweater Weather, and chances are you love the crap out of it. So we all love his music (that’s a given), but there is so much more to this man than that beautiful voice. Let’s start with that slim and trim body. It’s the kinda frame you want wrapped around you at night. And then there’s his assortment of tattoos. We’re talking body art that makes you wish you were a paint brush and he was your canvas. And don’t even get us started on his moves. This boy can definitely dance. He’s got a certain white-boy swag that makes you want to do bad things.

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

We know. We know. We got kinda freaky over Jesse, but we can’t help it. We just saw The Neighbourhood play The Greek Amphitheater last Thursday night, and it was just about the sexiest damn rock concert we’ve ever been to. His romantic lyrics set atop the loungy tunes and then topped off with his creamy body rolls, pelvic thrusts, and longing looks gave every girl in that stadium the chills. In fact, we counted at least six lacy bras that were thrown onto the stage. Jesse picked each of them up and hung them up on his mic stand. (What a gentlemen!) If you haven’t seen this magnificent man perform, you must!

Cyberstalk Jesse + The Neighbourhood: Jesse’s Instagram, Jesse’s Twitter, The NBHD’s InstagramYouTube, and Website.

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