#LeapDay: Looks Before You Leap!

❤️ By Amy Tsai

We know there are certain trends you’ve always been dying to try. Well, when better to take the leap than on #LeapDay, right? Check out these three now-essentials that are totally worth the risk. And do it today – you can’t afford to wait four more years!

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The little black jumpsuit is every bit as versatile as its classic counterpart, the LBD, and comes in just as many variations. Just one go in any of the following will make you see that jumpsuit is the new black.


The Glad Heels

The gladiator heel combines two things that accentuate your stems – straps and stilettos. And when you see your legs in these babies, you’ll know why we’re calling them glad heels.


The Free Frames

The partial (or non-existent!) frame lets regular ol’ sunnies break free into a look that is somehow both retro and futuristic. With the sun starting to come back into your life, we think it’s about time you let yourself be free too – frame-free.


Find It + Win It: Crossing Paths

Updated 6/18/15:

Congrats, Azaliah!

Correct Link

The rules are simple: If you want to win the “crisscrossed” item featured in the photo below, all you have to do is find it on GoJane.com! Leave a comment on this post with a link to the item, and you will automatically be entered to win it. The entry deadline for this week’s prize is 12PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, June 18th, 2015.

Win It

Good luck! Click here to begin searching now…

Note: A winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, June 18th, at 12pm (PST). Please leave a valid email address. We will reply to the winning comment, send a message to the email address listed, and update this post with the winner’s name. After a winner is chosen, he or she will have until Thursday, June 25th, to claim the pictured prize and select his or her choice of available size and color. Please note that only correct entries posted to this blog post will be considered. Entries submitted to the customer service email address and comments left on any of our other social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not qualify for the prize.

Only one unique entry per person, per email address.

*International submissions welcome.

**Please be advised that we do not ship to all countries. If a winner is chosen from a country we do not ship to, we can still issue store credit, but he or she will be responsible for contacting a mail forwarding company regarding delivery of the order.

Click here for more information regarding our shipping policy…

GoJane’s 8 Fashion Essentials for 2014

New year, new you, right? At GoJane, we are dedicated to helping a sista bring her best stiletto forward. From the most comfortable and cool pair of jeans to a go-to lip color, we have rounded up eight fashion essentials that will help you revamp your style this year. The best part? You can find them all at GoJane! Plus, this is the perfect excuse to go shopping (just sayin’).

1. A Pair of Boyfriend Jeans

What’s a girl to do without her boyfriend? And by boyfriend, we are referring to a trusty pair of comfy and cool boyfriend jeans. Day or night, this wardrobe staple will prove itself worthy the moment you slip them on.

2. An #LBD

We’re sure you already have one that you’ve been wearing for years, so it’s time to change it up! Whether it’s bodycon, faux leather, or a lacy number, a spankin’ new #LBD is exactly what your closet is missing.

3. A Pair of Statement Heels

Don’t you hate it when you’re just about ready to go out but you can’t find the right pair of shoes to complete the look? Save yourself the time and trouble and stock up on some statement heels before you get caught in another fashion fumble.

4. A Fashion Sweatshirt

Whether you stayed up late studying for an exam or are getting ready to go shopping with your girls, a fashion sweatshirt will easily become your go-to piece when you’re in a scramble to look effortlessly chic.

5. Bold Lipstick(s)

Gone are the days of “I can’t pull this color off.” Take a chance and wear a bold lipstick the next time you go out. Once the compliments start rolling in, you’ll be happy that you took the plunge.

6. T-Shirts

Start stocking up, ladies. Crisp, new t-shirts will never go out of style. Plus, we’re sure that your faded old tees have seen better days (guilty!).

7. A Pair of Sneakers

Let’s face it, us girls cannot be in heels 24/7 (don’t say we didn’t try!). Snag a pair of sneaks for those days when your tootsies could use a break.

8. A Fits-It-All Bag

Whether it’s a small crossbody bag or a roomy satchel, it’s time to find a style that fits all of your daily essentials. Go ahead, take your pick!

Shop these styles and more @ GoJane!

Name This Outfit & Win This LBD!

Update 7/2/12: Congrats Aria! Her title…

“Walking On Sunshine”

…was chosen as the best title. How could you not make reference to those neon yellow heels! I mean, staring at those super bright beauties is like staring directly at the sun. Ouch!

We love all your titles, so keep them coming. Each Friday you’ll be given another chance to win something spectacular from our weekly photoshoot. So if you want some free swag- you know where to find us…

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