GoJane is “FEELING BLUE on a ROOFTOP” in Southern Cali!

We’re in love with our new model.  The vibrant elements of the dingy streets were a great backdrop to her fiery cayenne pepper locks! Her fierce look, our edgy outfits and the gritty streets were a dangerous match! Browsing through this week’s photos was like watching  a beautiful wild flower growing amid a dirty and hectic world.

You call yourself a true Angeleno? Well here’s something to test your knowledge of the landscape and landmarks of Los Angeles.  After careful examination of the photos above, uncover where in LA this photoshoot took place. Be as specific as possible. What neighborhood, what intersection, what building? Hint: “Onilom Street…”

If you’re diggin’ the model’s outfit, you can find it in our Shop By Outfits category on the store site.

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