We’ll Never Be Royals… 6 Reasons To Love Kate Middleton

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, wrapped up their whirlwind three-day tour of New York City on Tuesday, but us stateside folks, on either coast, are still talking about the Royal Couple. With fans and media alike hanging onto their every word, move, and wardrobe choice, William was every bit the Prince Charming, while the abounding “What She Wore” columns just reminded us exactly why we’re so enamored with Kate Middleton. Besides being the future queen and mother of the cutest future king baby in the world, Kate has become a bonafide style icon, and here are just a few of the reasons why we love her…


1. She makes every hue of blue look like a royal blue.

We all may have different ideas of what exactly royal blue looks like, but ever since she stepped out in her wrapped blue engagement dress, Kate has proved again and again that it’s not in the shade but in how you wear it. And we gotta say, she may not have grown up blue-blooded, but she was definitely born to wear this color.


2. She does nautical better than anybody.

And one of her favorite blues has got to be navy. The Duchess has a penchant for the nautical look (coat of arms buttons, wood grain wedges, eyelet dresses, captain blazers), and of course she nails it every time, for everything from taking in a match at Wimbledon to paying a visit to the National Maritime Museum of London.


3. She understands the power of head-to-toe color.

Kate must know what we all do, that dressing monochrome is not only easy (no color wheel involved here!) but also incredibly chic. Her matching accessories – hats, belts, clutches, heels – complement her garments spectacularly, not taking anything away but rather contributing to her overall look. Which, let’s face it, is perfection.


4. She pulls off every shade under the sun.

Speaking of color, blue may be her signature, but it’s definitely not the only one she wears. And most definitely not the only one she looks good in. Kate isn’t afraid to dabble a little bit in every color of the spectrum, however bright, bold, or bewildering. And why should she be, when she can totally conquer every single one?


5. She repeats outfits just like us.

With the public fascination with the ins and outs of the Royal Family, it’s no surprise that under the global media’s watchful eye, much has been made of Kate’s tendency to recycle and reuse, sartorially speaking. We imagine she has a closet, well, fit for a princess, but we love that she’s practical, a girl who just knows what she likes.


6. She wears the hell out of a good hat.

Some girls may say “I’m just not a hat person,” but if you’re gonna be British royalty… (Extravagant hats are as much a British tradition as bangers and mash!) The Duchess seems to have more hats than she does outfits, and never does it seem like one is wearing her. Good thing for her and for us, Kate Middleton is not one of those girls.

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Trend Time!: Celebrities Love Their Long(er) Sleeves

Call it the Kate Middleton effect: celebrities and mere mortals alike are suddenly flocking to dresses that don’t dare to bare arms. Instead, we’re spotting an entire crop of fashionable ladies who are actually covering up and truthfully, we couldn’t be more pleased. Why? ‘Cause sometimes the weather doesn’t permit for us to show off our delts and other times we haven’t been diligently doing our tricep curls which means our arms look more tired than toned. We put together a gallery featuring some of your fave style stars rocking long sleeves, but before that make sure to check out Kate, the one who started it all.

We know these dresses were ah-maz-ing, but we also realize that not every one of us can drop thousands of dollars on Pucci, Chanel, and Dolce & Gabbana. But, don’t worry ’cause we have you covered (literally, as well as figuratively). Below you’ll see a few of our fave dresses that are completely on trend and won’t break the bank.

1. lace trim back dress
2. peter pan collar dress
3. neon lace layered dress
4. crochet back knit dress

What other celeb-inspired trends are you loving? By the way, make sure to tell us how YOU wear long sleeves!

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