GoJane Featured on Good Morning America!

OMG! Did you see? We are like so freaking famous! Kate Dimmock, style director for People Style Watch magazine paid a visit to the ladies of GMA and did a helpful little segment on getting celebrity style for a whole lot less. Our strappy lace-up platform was featured on a lovely little model who was the style clone of the uber stylish Naomi Watts. We are flattered and stoked to even be mentioned in the same sentence as this Aussie sweetie. Her style was described as, “a little chicer and a little edgier.” Who knew we had so much in common with Naomi Watts…they couldn’t have described us any better!

GMA host Robin Roberts was awed by the super affordable $22.20 price tag. We think we held our own being compared to the much much more expensive Coach counterpart featured on Naomi Watts. Hey Naomi…if you ever need a replacement for those shoes, give us a hollar and we’ll definitely hook you up.😉

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