Man Crush Monday: James Franco

We know, we know. Mondays suck. They suck hard. There’s nothing we can do or say to make them suck any less. Or is there? We might have something to turn that Monday frown upside down… How about 28 pictures of the sexiest man ever?! Look who’s all peppy now. This week’s #MCM is none other than the foxy James Franco!

We have basically been infatuated with him for a few years now and thought it was about time we went public with our feelings. Hi, my name is “Every Girl In The World,” and I love me some James Franco! What’s not to love about this darling man? He’s got the sex appeal of James Dean, Luke Perry, and Johnny Depp all wrapped into one; the silliness of your fave stoner BFF; and a smile that would make a unicorn cry. On top of all that, it turns out that he’s quite a little scholar too. (Can you say “PhD Candidate at Yale?”) He’s an actor, director, screenwriter, teacher, poet, Broadway star…and most importantly, God’s gift to the universe.

What can we say? He’s basically the perfect man. So here’s to what was almost the suckiest Monday ever but is now suddenly the best Monday ever…thanks to our wonderful picture gallery full of Mr. James Franco. And don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that you totally just perved out on this sweet hunk of a man. Perv on, sister. Perv on!

Photos courtesy of Tumblr, Esquire, GQ, Vogue, Gucci, NBC Universal, and Tumblr

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