Techies <3 Fashionistas! Tech Report, GoJane Style.

Fashion and technology are more similar than one might think. Both industries are cut-throat and cutting edge. The CEO’s of big time tech companies could definitely tango with the reigning divas & divos  of the top fashion houses. After all, once the couture gowns and  software solutions are stripped away, you’re left with nothing but a basic business model. Be the first to create something spectacular and convince the masses they need it more than anything else in the world.

How many of you have stood in hour-long sample sale lines for the chance to breathe the same air as a DVF dress? And don’t even try to tell me your beloved iPhone wasn’t bought with money that should have gone to groceries or rent. Lets just face it people…our world is ruled by fashion and technology and we love it! I mean, who wouldn’t sell their soul for a vintage Halston gown or to be the first to have the iPad 3? I know I would! In fact, who do I call about something like that?

1. Prada by LG 3.0

“Distinctive Prada Style with Innovative LG Technology”-LG

This collaboration was first made back in 2007, when Prada and LG first revealed their stylish & tech savvy phone. But this latest version is:

  • slimmer @ 8.5mm thick (one of the slimmest Smartphones around)
  • brighter @  800-nit (one of the world’s brightest screens)
  • larger w/ a 4.3 inch display (older version had 3 inch display)
  • better equipped with an 8MP camera (older version had 2MP) & up to 8 GB of user memory 
  • running Android

Now that you know this phone is tech-legit, let us point out the Prada-signature Saffiano patterned back cover. Can you say, “Shi Shi Shi! Beverly Hills darling!” (Kevin Lee voice-Housewives of Bev Hills)

Now here’s the #FAIL moment to this fantastic news…the Prada LG is not yet available worldwide. Only the lucky fashionistas & fashionistos  of Korea, Western Europe and UK can get their mitts on this must-have mobile device. But you can get on an LG email list  to be notified the moment it does finally become available. Click here to sign up!

*For a more in-dept review of this geek-chic phone, read what Mat Smith of engadget has to say. And when we say in-dept, we mean it. This guy really lets you know what’s up with this phone. He explains everything from how the curved sides make for a better grip on the super slim design, to the “pretty decent [Prada] earphones” that are included.

2. Barbie Photo Fashion Camera

“If you can picture it, Barbie can wear it.”-Barbie Rep

Barbie has forever brought out the inner Rachel Zoe in every little girl. I remember the feeling of utter pride when I pieced together the perfect ensemble for Barbie’s first date with Ken. She wore a slinky silver dress, cut with an asymmetrical hemline (think Jerry Hall circa Studio 54)…topped off with a faux-fur coat.  My bed was the scene of their romantic Parisian rendezvous, my desk lamp acted as a dim streetlamp and my Hello Kitty pencil box was the “bench” they sat on as they shared their first kiss. It was one of the most romantically directed moments of my Barbie’s life…too bad there weren’t any paparazzi around to capture the moment.

But now thanks to the innovative peeps at Mattel, little girls of today won’t ever have to experience that same feeling of memories lost. They can take snap shots of every magical make believe moment that comes to be in their bedrooms. And not only is this camera one of the cutest designs around, it also offers legit specs:

  • 5-megapixel camera
  • thumb-size LCD screen
  • 15 built-in effects to funk up your pics
  • holds up to 100 captures
  • powered by a rechargeable battery
  • USB port allows you to upload photos to your computer
  • same resolution as found on an iPhone

So now, Barbie won’t only bring out our inner fashion stylist, but now our inner fashion photographer. Move over Steven Meisel, these Barbie-loving chicks are gonna give you a run for your money!

Mattel debuted their fashion-friendly camera in February @ the NY Toy fair 2012. The Barbie Photo Fashion camera is set to be released in Fall of 2012 for about $50. Just in time for Christmas…the peeps at Mattel know what their doing.

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