#Trendspotting: Insta-Chic Off-Shoulder Looks

❤️ By Jenn Shin

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Beach Bike Ride

Here’s some advice… Ditch everyone who’s walking and get a sweet beach cruiser instead! Stay comfortable as you take in the sights in broken-in, distressed denim shorts paired with a Breton-inspired, striped off-shoulder top. Protect your skin with a stylish and super functional woven straw hat and add modern jelly sandals that are sand-and-water-friendly.

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Ladies’ Day Out

Finally. You and your lady friends all made room in your schedules for a day of mimosas, brunch, and shopping. An all-day event like that calls for an easy romper with a collarbone-baring, off-shoulder neckline and chunky platforms that you can walk in for miles (at the mall). Stow your cards and phone in a hands-free crossbody, and slip on a sleek gold collar to finish off the look.

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Garden Party

If you happen to be attending a garden party, graduation party, or shower, this cool, comfortable, and flirty look is perfect. Lightweight chambray doesn’t weigh down a voluminous skirt which matches an equally chic, ruffled, off-the-shoulder top. Stay grounded in cognac chunky heels which won’t sink into a grassy lawn. Add a gleaming statement cuff and earrings, and you’re all set!

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Behind The Scenes: Instagram Style

Here’s a special edition of our Behind the Scenes feature. We’ve collected some of the GoJane crew’s Instagram shots and collaged them together for one powerful punch of OH MY GOODNESS! We know you already follow the official GoJane Instagram account @GoJanedotcom (if you don’t, you better). But here are a few more GoJane inspired Instagrammers for you to get with.

These people are the first to get their pretty little paws on our merchandise. We can barely get these boxes off of the delivery trucks, before these three ladies are diving face-first into mounds of fashion goodies. We’ll call them the frontline brigade. They’re the first ones in and they are usually inflicted with the harshest injuries. But don’t worry, it’s mostly just bites, scratches and a few light bruises. The industry is tough and it’s all about who gets the merch out first. So move over trick, ’cause I’m posting that first!

And if you see some things that tickle your fancy, they can all be found on our site. Click here to shop your face off!

@emilyID is one of our seasoned models. Her favorite tag is #foreveralone. She seems to think she’ll never find her prince charming. Pah-leeeeeze…a guy wouldhave to be a fool not to fall for her!

@callmeloka_andie is our lead stylist. She is the mastermind behind all the funky phresh outfits you see on our website. She is a quirky lil’ cutie pa-tootie with an eye for style and beauty!

@felinesandfashion is one of our writers. She is mostly responsible for all the cat related clothing descriptions you may have read on our site. Give her any product and she’ll flip it into some cat talk. As you can tell by her profile name, she loves felines and fashion.

Find these ladies on Instagram and follow them if you want an even deeper look into the happenings at GoJane!

P.S. No Instagram? No problem. Click here for a web friendly look @ all things tagged #gojane:

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