#WorkFlow: Cork & Fabric Mouspad DIY

❤️ By Jenn Shin

It’s possible we may have been using a boring, ergonomic mousepad… Yawn. (Don’t judge us, okay?) So we decided it was time for an upgrade. This ridiculously simple DIY is the easiest way to dress up your desk with something fresh and chic!

What You’ll Need:

  • Cork tile
  • Scissors
  • Fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Fray Check (optional)
  • Foam brush
  • X-Acto knife or razor

What You’ll Do:

  1. Trim the cork into your shape of choice (we used a 9″ x 7″ piece).



2. When cutting your fabric, leave approximately one or two inches of clearance.


3. Glue the fabric to the cork base with a thin layer of Mod Podge using the foam brush. (Caution: A heavy application of Mod Podge could bleed through a thin fabric.)


4. Place a piece of plastic on top of the fabric and weigh down the mousepad with a heavy book. Allow to dry completely (we left it overnight).

5. Run your razor around the edges to trim off excess fabric. Seal sides with Mod Podge or Fray Check to prevent threads from coming loose.


And voila! An easy mousepad that can be customized to fit any mood or theme.


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Swim-spiration: Day To Night

The dog days of summer are in full swing, and, much like Homer, we’ve made a permanent dent in our poolside chaise. But what’s a girl to do when the sun sets and summer nights beckon? There’s no need to change; just layer your swimwear with some key pieces for an easy – but super stylin’ – transition. Check out our looks for a summer evening concert and a #GNO.

Look 1: Evening Concert


Studded Mesh Inset Monokini + High-Waisted Acid Wash JeansRock This Way Studded Booties

A monokini doubles as a rad bodysuit which layers perfectly under skinny acid washed denim and pairs with studded rocker chic booties with ease.

Look 2: #GNO


Sun Worshipper Twisted Bikini Top & Bottom + Sheer Honeycomb Net Dress + Color Me Bad Strappy Snake Scale Heels

 Need to work on your tan? No problem. This bikini also makes the perfect base layer for a sheer dress paired with strappy heels.

Summer isn’t over, yet! Check out more luscious swimwear at GoJane.com and get to clickin’!

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One Pair Of Booties, Three Fresh Looks

DIY: Dripping Manicure

Usually when you get a mani, the goal is to prevent your nails from dripping or getting banged up. This time, it’s all about the drip. This super fun mani is a cinch to do at home, and we love that it looks like a can of paint spilled and perfectly trickled down the top of your nails. The best part? You can get totally creative and mix any colors you want. Let your nails be your artistic canvas!

513_diynails_01 513_diynails_02 513_diynails_03

P.S. You can shop GoJane to find the perfect polish!

DIY Shoe Clips: We Heart Bow-tiful Shoes

We all love a classic pair of pumps, but sometimes, we just want to spice them up a little. That’s why we’ve decided shoe clips are the most genius idea since sliced bread. Or at least since ombre hair. They are super adorable, you can make them in any shape or color, and they won’t damage your shoes. Just to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit, we decided to do glitter heart clips and heart printed bow clips. So grab some glitter and ribbons, and get ready for a free shoe upgrade.

vday_shoeclips_01 vday_shoeclips_02 vday_shoeclips_03 vday_shoeclips_04

How would you upgrade a simple pair of pumps?

Note: Shoe clips work for flats, too!

How to: Newsprint Nails

We all know newspapers have become a bit obsolete (thanks to the internet), but we’ve decided to re-purpose them for a fun mani. It just so happens that the ink used for newspapers is perfect for giving your nail a little text tattoo. Just make sure your parents are finished reading their favorite sections before you steal borrow their paper.

newspaper_nails_01 newspaper_nails_02 newspaper_nails_03 newspaper_nails_04
What do you think of wearing the news on your fingers?

Find your perfect nail polish for Newsprint nails and this awesome faceted ring on the GoJane site!

How to: Dress for a Super Bowl Party

In case you don’t follow sports, Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Naturally, we’ve been preparing by picking out the perfect cute and casual outfits to rock at all the amazing parties. And of course, we picked a color scheme that reflects the two teams playing (The SF 49rs who are red and gold and the Baltimore Ravens who are purple and black, so you can impress your friends).

The second we put the team colors on two of our models, they started to hash it out to decide who would win beforehand. Don’t worry, no one was actually hurt. We called it a tie between the two models, so you’ll just have to tune into the Bowl on Sunday to find out who really wins!


Baltimore Ravens Outfit Details:


graphic 55 sweatshirt, pocketed long sleeve denim top, basic skinny jeggings, metallic combo wedge sneakers

San Francisco 49rs Outfit Details:

distressed star print sweater, high-waisted jeans, metallic loafers, textured faux leather handbag

What’s your favorite game day outfit?

How to: Ombre Lips

In the mood to instantly brighten your look, as well as embrace one of spring’s biggest trends? Then check out our rad ombre lip tutorial. Our makeup artist whipped up this glossy, bold lip to brighten up even the most blah of January days, and as an added bonus, it’s super easy.

Would you dare to rock the ombre lip?

Remix: Faux Leather Skirt Edition

You know when you completely fall in love with something, but you just don’t know how to wear it? It happens to all of us. We’re here to help you out, though. We’ve taken one of our favorite pieces right now, a faux leather mini, and styled it for a casual day of shopping and for a dressy date night. Since we’ve been totally loving big cat graphics and mint lately, we decided they should be incorporated, too.


Here are the deets:


Outfit 1: faux leather studded skirt, big cat sweatshirt, textured faux leather handbag, faux suede ankle boots, embellished leopard hinge bracelet, layered geometric necklace


Outfit 2: faux leather studded skirt, semi-sheer button-up blouse, metal accented platforms, faux leather bow front clutch, layered chain pearl necklace set

Do you remix your wardrobe staples to create different looks?

How to: Two-Tone Polka Dot Nails

Remember when our model, Emily, showed us how to do a spooky blood spattered nail for Halloween? We were so impressed by her nail prowess that we’ve been trying forever to get her to do another tutorial. We finally convinced her to share some nail genius with us, and she came up with one of our fave designs yet: a two-tone polka dot mani. Not only is the color palette perfect for spring, but the look is surprisingly easy. Wanna learn how to do it? Start reading.

How to: Two-Tone Polka Dot NailsHow to: Two-Tone Polka Dot Nails

We used nail polish (149), salon formula nail polish (230), and nail polish (108) for this look. Oh, and the ring? Get it here.

What do you think? Are you a fan?

How to: Color Chain Link Jewelry

We’ve been loving rocking chain link jewelry with everything lately, but after a while, simple silver and gold links can leave us wanting more. More color, that is! We decided it was time to give new life to some of our favorite bracelets with a little colored Plasti Dip. After a few minutes of dipping and drying, we had a bold and colorful new trendy bracelet.

Here’s our finished look.

What you’ll need: Create Your Color Plasti Dip, Plasti Dip tint, an aluminum can, chain link metal jewelry, and a plastic spoon.

Tip: You can find Plasti Dip at most hardware, auto, and home stores.

Pour enough Plasti Dip to cover half of your jewelry into an aluminum can. This will allow you to save the rest for another project since you don’t need very much for this one. It should be about three inches high.

We decided to color our bracelet seafoam, but you can do whatever color you want. Whatever color you choose, pour the lightest tint you’ll need into the mixture first. Stir with a plastic spoon.

Mix in the next color, but only pour in a small amount at a time so your color doesn’t get too dark too quickly.

Mix in your final color. If you only need two colors, skip this. If the mixture isn’t quite the shade you want it to be, play with the colors a little always adding the lightest first. Stir the mixture thoroughly so you don’t see any streaks.

Slowly dip your bracelet into the Plasti Dip, lowering it a little more every 5 seconds. Then, slowly lift the bracelet out of the Plasti Dip in 5 second increments.

Hold your bracelet over the can for at least a minute to let the excess Plasti Dip drip off.

Hold your bracelet for a couple minutes to make sure it isn’t dripping anymore. It should start to solidify, but won’t be dry yet. If you plan to do a second coat, let your bracelet dry for 30 minutes before you dip it again. Once finished, hang your bracelet to dry for at least four hours (preferably more) before wearing.

Wear your bright, new jewelry!

How do you liven up your favorite jewelry?

P.S. Find the bracelet we used for this DIY here.

How to: Festive Glitter Nails

We live by the philosophy that there’s no such thing as too much glitter. So just to continue on with our sparkle obsession, we’ve decided to create a glitter mani to go with your new glittery shoes. You can do this fun mani with any colors, but we’ve decided to reach for our trusty red for a perfect holiday look.

Here’s the finished look.

What you’ll need: Red (or other colored) nail polish, glitter nail polish, tape, nail polish remover, cotton swabs

Paint your nails with red polish (or another solid hue).

Add a second coat so that polish doesn’t look too thin. Make sure to wait for your nails to fully dry before moving on to the next step.

Put two pieces of tape on each nail forming a V at the base of your nail bed. There should be a triangle of red polish showing. For a totally trendy look, leave your ring finger untaped, and paint the whole thing with glitter.

Paint the untaped triangle on your nail with your glitter polish. You may need to do two coats.

Let the glitter polish dry for a couple minutes, then carefully peel off the tape. Next, paint your entire nail on your ring finger with glitter polish (if you’ve chosen to leave it untaped).

Remove any glitter or polish from you finger with a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover.

Pair your fancy, sparkly mani with your favorite holiday outfits! And some eggnog, of course.

How do you incorporate glitter into your manicures?

How to: Glitter Sole Heels

Do you ever feel the need to just cover everything you own in glitter? We, admittedly, have often thought things would look better with a little extra sparkle. And lately, we’ve been noticing that tons of high fashion designers agree. Which is why we are so obsessed with this DIY project. It’s easy, fun, subtle yet glamorous, and it involves a whole lot of glitter. Plus, you already have most of the supplies at home. So grab your favorite heels, and get ready to get your sparkle on.

Our Finished Look.

What you’ll need: Heels, Mod Podge Glue, a paintbrush, fine glitter (any color), painter’s tape, and sandpaper

Clean off the soles of your heels (if they’ve been worn), and sand down any uneven parts. Then, put tape around the edges of the sole so as to avoid getting glue and glitter on the actual shoe. Tape off the ball of the sole to avoid actually walking on the glitter.

Tip: Glue and glitter will adhere better to smooth soles, so be careful to choose a pair of heels that isn’t textured.

Pour Mod Podge onto a disposable surface (like a paper plate or shoebox lid), and mix in some glitter with your paintbrush.

Paint the the soles of your heels evenly with the glitter and glue mixture. Make sure to keep the glue thin so it doesn’t dry too chunky.

Pour glitter directly onto the soles immediately before the glue has a chance to start drying. Don’t worry about using too much, excess glitter will come off with a little shake of the shoe.

The glitter should completely cover the glue, like this:

Wait at least a half an hour for the glue to dry. Once you’re sure it has dried, paint another thin coat of the glitter and glue mixture on the sole to seal it.

Let your shoes dry soles up for at least an hour. They may need to sit a little longer if the glue is thick. When they are dry to the touch, and there is no more visible glue, carefully peel the tape off of your shoes.

Rock your sparkly new heels everywhere you go! And get ready for a slew of compliments.

What wardrobe staples do you love to spice up with a little glitter?

P.S. You can find the perfect heels for this project on the GoJane site.

How to: Do a Burgundy Smokey Eye (Like Kristen Stewart)


Okay, so your makeup brushes are squeaky clean, and you’re ready to incorporate this season’s hottest hue into your face routine. The next step? A smokey eye inspired by Kristen Stewart. Check out our tutorial below, and get ready to vamp up your look.

You’ll need: thick, flat eye shadow brush, an angled makeup brush, a blending brushburgundy eye shadowblack eye shadowtaupe eye shadow,   mascara,  and black eye pencil

Optional: primer


Pat primer onto a bare lid


Using your thick, flat eye shadow brush, pat burgundy eye shadow onto the inner two thirds of the lid


Using your thick, flat eye shadow brush, pat black eye shadow onto the outer third of your lid in a v-shape


Using your blending brush, pat taupe eye shadow on the entire crease

Tip: Use a windshield motion to blend evenly


Using your blending brush, blend the burgundy and black together, as well as the taupe, burgundy, and black


Line your waterline with black pencil


Using your flat eye shadow brush, apply taupe to bottom of eye 


Use a Q-Tip to clean up any loose eye shadow


Apply two coats of black mascara to your top lashes


Admire yourself and go catch your own Edward Cullen Robert Pattinson


What do you think? Any other tutorials you wanna see?

How to: Deep Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Did you know that cleaning your makeup brushes is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your makeup looks flawless? If you don’t clean them every other week all sorts of oil, dirt, and bacteria can build up on your brushes. The result?  Your attempts at a modern vintage beauty look or a bronzed beauty look  may end up less than stellar.  And while one GoJane girl confessed to throwing her brushes away when they got dirty, we have another method that’s far more preferable: deep cleaning your brushes.

You’ll need: olive oil, makeup brushes, antibacterial soap, paper towels, and a plate 

Tip: Olive oil works for deep cleaning because most makeup has some oil component and oil removes oil far better than water alone does

Pour equal parts olive oil and antibacterial soap onto a small dish

Rub your brushes around in the olive oil and soap mixture

Tip: Do this gently- you don’t want to damage your bristles or the glue holding the brush tips together

Run brushes under warm (not hot) water and rub against the palm of your hand

Tip: Don’t face brushes up towards water- you don’t want to get the head of the brushes soaked because it could weaken the glue. We like holding them facing downwards. 

Remove brushes from water and gently squeeze excess water out and shape brushes as you do this

Place brushes, bristle side facing down, on a flat cloth or paper towel

Tip: You want to dry your brushes at a downward angle- we used a magazine to add extra height

Let brushes dry 

Tip: It’s best to let your brushes dry for at least a day

Have you deep cleaned your brushes? How did it go for you?

How to: Bleached Tie-Dye Jeans

So your absolute favorite jeans finally wore through the knee and got a mustard stain on them. Devastating, we know. But rather than toss them aside and mourn their loss, give your trusty jeans new life! Tie-dying jeans with bleach is a cinch, and it won’t even cost you a penny. You’ll likely have most of the supplies just sitting around your house. Bleach dying jeans also doesn’t have to be limited to worn out jeans. It’s perfect for jeans with a simple wash that just need a little more character. And the best part about this DIY is that no two pair will look alike! So pull out some grubby clothes you don’t mind getting messy, and get ready to get your craft on.

Our Finished Look.

Love the kicks? Get ’em here!

Here’s what you’ll need: Jeans, rubber or plastic gloves, a plastic bucket, rubber bands, bleach, and water/sink

Make knots in the jeans with the rubber bands. There is really no wrong way to do this, just use as many as you want. The thicker the rubber bands, the heavier the dark spots. If you want sparse spots, use less rubber bands. It’s up to you!

Place rubber bands all the way around your denim ball so it doesn’t open up during its bath.

Rinse your denim ball so it’s thoroughly wet. Then pour 50/50 bleach and water into a bucket.

Gently place your jeans into the bucket. If they aren’t covered, either pour in more water/bleach or rotate every few minutes.

Let jeans sit for 20-60 minutes depending on the thickness of the denim and the desired color. The longer you leave them, the lighter they’ll get.

Tip: Don’t leave jeans soaking for too long or the bleach will start to eat away at the fabric. Just keep an eye on them!

When jeans have lightened up sufficiently, rinse them out and remove the rubber bands.

Note: Jeans will also get lighter as they dry.

Ring out excess water, and let jeans hang to dry. You can make this process shorter by tossing them in the dryer after they’ve sat for a little while.

Pair you new jeans with you favorite kicks, and wear them everywhere!

Have you ever tried a makeover on your favorite jeans?

P.S. You can find the jeans we used for this DIY on the GoJane site.

How to: Tie a Scarf 3 Ways

The temperatures are finally starting to drop, pumpkins are taking over empty lots, and the GoJane writers have been spending all their free time jumping in leaves. What does all of this mean? It’s scarf weather! Whether you prefer chunky knit scarves or lightweight printed scarves, we’re  showing you a few stylish ways to tie our favorite cold weather accessory. Get ready to get knotty!

Here are the three final looks.

Look 1:

Fold your scarf in half and drape it around your neck.

Slide one hand through the folded loop, and grab one of the loose ends.

Pull the end through the folded loop. The other end should still be hanging off your shoulder.

Grab the folded loop and twist it 90 degrees.

Slide your other hand through the loop again, and grab the end that is still hanging loose off your shoulder.

Pull the end through the twisted loop and adjust the knot so everything is even.

Rock the knot with your favorite top!

Look 2:

Drape a scarf around your neck so that each end is hanging loose.

Grab your favorite skinny belt, and buckle it around the scarf at your waist.

Tuck in the end of the belt so that it doesn’t hang.

Look 3:

Drape a scarf around your neck unfolded, and leave one end hanging long. There should be about 16 inches hanging on the shorter end.

Wrap the longer end around your neck twice. Both ends should be about the same length now.

Tie the ends that are hanging together in a regular knot. Adjust so ends are still hanging evenly.

What’s your favorite way to tie a scarf?

P.S. Get this fabulous printed semi-sheer scarf and semi-sheer button-up blouse at GoJane!

How to: Blood Spatter Nails

Since Halloween is just around the corner, we thought we’d show you how to give yourself a super spooky mani. One of our amazing GoJane models (who happens to be a nail art genius) agreed to let us shoot her painting a disturbingly cool blood spatter design. The effect is totally reminiscent of a creepy haunted house or an episode from Dexter. So, of course, it’s completely perfect for Halloween.

What you’ll need: white nail polish, red nail polish, a straw, cotton swabs, and nail polish remover

Tip: You’ll probably want to do this on paper towels or a plastic bag to avoid causing your house to look like a forensic scene. That might freak out your family or roommates a little bit.

Paint your nails with two coats of white polish.

Let the white polish dry for a couple minutes (just so it isn’t completely wet).

Dab a drop of red polish onto a paper towel, plastic wrap, or other protected surface.

Swirl one end of your straw in the drop of red nail polish. Make sure that it’s completely covered, and the polish is forming a bubble across the opening.

Hold the polished end of the straw a couple inches away from your nail, and blow through the other end. You’ll need to blow pretty hard to get a good spatter effect.

Dip the cotton swab in the nail polish remover, and clean up the polish around your nail.

Rock your spooky spatter nails with some haunted jewelry!

Find this skeleton hand bracelet on the GoJane site.

Are you going to rock nail art for Halloween? What other DIYs would you like to see us do?

How to: Camouflage Nails

Do you remember these sweet camo nails sported by our stylist last week? We were kind of obsessed with them the moment we saw ’em and knew we needed to learn how to do them immediately. So, we got our stylist to take us through the process step by step, as well as link to all the colors you’ll need. Wanna learn? Read on.

1. Paint your nail a neutral mocha or beige

2. Paint dark green or olive spots

3. Paint brown spots (overlap with green)

4. Add black lines with thin brush

5. Finish with a clear topcoat if desired

Products used:

(nail polish [50, 48, and 105], art deco nail polish [42], and nail polish [85])

What do you think? Any other tutorials you’d like to see?

How to: Wear White After Labor Day

Over 100 years ago, it was decided by some wealthy fashionistas that white should not be worn after Labor Day. The trend, which was vaguely practical, then trickled down to fashion magazines. (We’ll spare you the historical details, but you can read more here if you’re interested.) To this day, many people let out a little groan when Labor Day rolls around, and begrudgingly put away their white summer clothes. At GoJane, we’re all about breaking traditional fashion rules, and wearing whatever prints or colors we think work for each season. And we just so happen to think white works year round. After all, Coco Chanel rocked white whenever she wanted.

Just to get you in the ‘wear white all year’ mindset, we’ve put together a few affordable outfits that feature white without screaming ‘summer vacation!’

four pocket distressed denim shorts, studded leather sweater, single buckle boots

asymmetrical peplum mini skirt, caged back tank, houndstooth cap toe platforms, layered pearl necklace set, quilted metal hinge bracelet, leather reptile wallet

high-waist skinny jeans, floral printed chambray shirt, flyaway cardigan, leather braid belt, rhinestone trim watch, leather buckle strap satchel

How do you wear white after Labor Day?

How to: Dress for a Concert

If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of pretty cool shows and concerts coming up. In fact, we’re sure that nearly everyone reading this will find something they want to attend because some pretty kick ass acts are going on tour. But, if you’re not quite sure what to wear when you go to your dream event, we’re here to help you with three concert-ready outfits picked courtesy of one of our rockin’ stylists.

1. Rock ‘N Roll

(pyramid stretch bracelet, pyramid studded bangle trio, cross cut-out top, skull stud skinny belt, leopard print denim shorts, and exposed zipper leather booties)

2. Hip Hop

(denim jacket, engraved trim watch, leopard lace jumpsuit, and suede canvas wedge sneakers)

3. Pop

(sequined two-fer dress, geometric jewel necklacetextured cuff bracelet, pleated leather clutch, and wooden heel bootie)

What did you think? Are you going to any concerts in the next few months?

PS: Thanks Emily for helping with this post!

How to: Take a Dress from Day to Night

We’ve all had those days where you get invited out last minute or don’t have time to change between plans, but don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. There are tons of ways you can make your daytime outfit work for your night plans. Just to give you a little inspiration, we’ve taken a cute high-low dress and styled it for a day of running around and an evening out to dinner.
All you need to change are a few accessories! Whether you’re wearing jeans, a skirt, or a dress, you can easily dress up your outfit with heels, a clutch, and some fun jewelry.

Outfit 1: daisy high-low dress, cropped studded frayed denim vest, slouchy leather cowgirl boots, buckle front satchel

Outfit 2: daisy high-low dress, suede strappy heel, suede stripe contrast clutch, layered chevron charm necklace, cut-out swirl cuff

How do you style the same items for day and night?

How to: Wear High-Waisted Jeans

Confession: when high-waisted jeans (along with their natural allies, crop tops) began trickling into GoJane there was a lot of muttering darkly about the 90’s being over and asking, “Why are we getting these?!” But, no one would dare to utter such a statement now. Why? Because high-waisted jeans are back in a big way. If you’re still doubting us and unsure if you can rock the look go ahead and check out our awesome how to guide featuring three very different look.

Look 1:

hot tip button-up blouse, embellished eagle charm necklace, leather buckle belt, high-waisted acid wash jeans, stone center hinge bracelet, animal print contrast purse, and perforated velvet oxfords

Look 2:

studded plaid flannel shirt, leaf charm owl necklace, square stretch bracelet, high-waisted skinny jeans, and peep-toe cut-out bootie

Look 3:

mesh inset flyaway vest, sleeveless colorful heart tankleather buckle belt, multicolor face watch, high-waisted jeans, and suede platforms

How to: Dress for the First Day of School

We know it’s cruel to remind many of you that school will soon start. After all, we’re guessing that you didn’t manage to accomplish everything you had hoped to accomplish during those three months between finals and brand new class syllabuses. But, we’re gonna offer you a few different outfit ideas ’cause we know you need time to shop, and we don’t want to interrupt your Jersey Shore marathon planned for later this month.

Idea 1: Floral Jeans and Chambray

dip dye chambray shirt, two-tone skinny belt, floral print skinny jeans, wire wrapped stone ring, and studded loafers

Idea 2: Skinny Striped Jeans and a Statement Necklace

layered tribal necklace set, slouchy magazine print topstriped pants, two-tone stretch bracelet, woven british heart bracelet, and wedge sneakers

Look 3: Lace and Oxford Wedges

leather lace collar top, layered tribal necklace setskinny leather belt, solid color belted skirt, embellished shield cuff, and oxford wedges

What do you think? Which is your favorite outfit?

How to: Dress for a Summer Wedding

Since the weather has gotten warmer and the days have gotten longer, you’ve probably seen a lot more white dresses and tuxedos gracing parks, beaches, and churches. Summer is definitely wedding season. Getting an invitation for a friend or family member’s wedding is always exciting, but the excitement shortly turns into a brief panic trying to figure out what to wear. That’s where we come in! During the warmer months, many couples tie the knot outdoor, so we’ve pulled three looks that work perfectly for summer weddings.

Look 1: A floral dress and heels

This dress works for both indoor and outdoor weddings, but it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for a black-tie affair. Fortunately for you (and trendy floral dresses), those aren’t incredibly popular anymore.

floral high-low formal, cap toe heels, mini quilted clutch

Look 2: A maxi dress and flat sandals

While some maxi dresses are probably too casual for a wedding, we think the flattering cut and ruffle on this little beauty help dress it up a bit. Maxis and flat sandals are perfect choices for a beach or grass wedding when heels aren’t really ideal for walking.

asymmetrical ruffle dress, t-strap sandals, quilted leather clutch, tribal stone necklace set

Look 3: A flirty dress, structured blazer, and heels

If you’re attending a church ceremony or a wedding outside at night, blazers are perfect for covering up and keeping warm. Pair them with flowy dresses to avoid looking like you just came from the office.

chiffon keyhole dress, collarless jacket, metallic accented heels, satin crochet overlay clutch

When you’re shopping or deciding on that perfect wedding guest dress, be sure to think about the invitation and the venue. Did they seem fancy or more casual? And always be sure to grab something you can dance in! Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than turning down a cute guy’s offer to dance because your dress is too tight.

Which look are you most excited about? What do you like to wear to weddings?

Fashion Term of the Week: Mullet Hem

Chances are you’ve seen our models prancing around the front page in daring dresses that expose a lot of shin, but keep the calf hidden. But, did you know that this fashionable silhouette has an actual name? It’s known as the mullet hem or the high-low hem.  So, what are the characteristics of this cool cut? It’s pretty simple: all business in the front and party in the back.

This look has been threatening to take over for awhile now, but it’s now reached the point where you won’t get completely eviscerated if you decide to don this silhouette for school or work. Of course,  your mom may ask in tones of disgust, “What the hell is that?” (ed. note: My mom did!), but you’re also sure to get a few nods of approval.

Our fave way to try out the mullet hem? Slip on a sinfully soft short sleeve high-low tee, add leggings, slide on your fave pair of slouchy leatherette boots, and oh yeah, make sure you find plenty of cool girl accessories.

1. high-low sheer back top
2. skull charm thread bracelet
3. link bracelet
4. stone stretch ring
5. tasseled cut-out charm necklace
6. stone square shape ring
7. jewel stretch bracelet
8. oversized embroidered flower booties
9. skinny jeans

Are you a fan of this look? Why or why not?

PS: Plus, make sure to tell us if there are any other fashion terms you’re confused about and we’ll totally help you out!

Inspiration Gallery: Tights with Shorts

Anxious to wear shorts, but concerned about frostbite? Sure, you could stay inside and stage your own personal runway show, but we have a more practical solution: shorts with tights. Below you’ll find a few looks from stylish gals from all over the ‘net showing us how to don this sexy and stylish look. Oh, and if the weather is particularly temperamental, let us pass along a tip we’ve seen several fashionable females indulge in: add thickly knitted socks and boots to the trusty tights and shorts combo.

Okay, so you’re probably officially in serious lust with this look, but don’t where to start, right? Our solution?  Opaque tights. We particularly love the fact that they’ll add some much needed warmth to your ensemble and visually slim you down.

What other trends are you obsessing over? Any trends you just don’t get? By the way, we were thinking of doing a style gallery devoted exclusively about GoJane girls. What do you think?

How to: Wear Printed Bottoms

Sometimes it seems that printed tops get all the attention. But, 2012 looks to be the year of the printed bottoms (and ludicrous GOP behavior). And sure, we’ve seen the usual suspects when it comes to prints- florals, polka dots, and tribal, but designers have also shown us some unexpected prints. In celebration of all things printed and patterned that can cover your booty we present a how-to guide when it comes to printed bottoms.

1. leatherette clutch
2. flare chiffon skirt
3. long sleeve chambray top
4. suede finish bootie

Why it works: We combined a super girly chiffon skirt with tough vaguely Western elements, including faux-suede booties and a chambray top. Additionally, the color scheme is pulled together by the leatherette clutch and fairly neutral booties and shirt.

1. slouchy magazine print top
2. studded skull brooch clutch
3. nail polish
4. tribal print leggings
5. cut-out textured leatherette wedge

Why it works: Yep, we added a graphic top to these printed pants, but the muted color scheme keeps this casual ensemble from feeling overwhelming. Of course we did make sure to add a pop of color courtesy of a bright and girly shade of nail polish.

1. floral harem pants
2. studded quilted leatherette wallet
3. semi-sheer pussy bow top
4. open front blazer
5. patent pointed toe pump
6. shimmer jewel triangle ring

Why it works: We decided to maintain the girly vibe of the floral harem pants by layering ’em with a semi-sheer pussy bow blouse and sexy patent leatherette heels. Additionally, the fitted jacket won’t overwhelm your shape and the similarly hued accessories result in a polished and calculated look.

What was your favorite look? How do YOU rock printed bottoms?

How to: Wear Stripes Without Visually Packing on the Pounds

Regardless of how little or how much you know about fashion, you’re probably familiar with the adage, “Horizontal stripes will make you look fat.” Yet, it’s ever so difficult to keep these words in mind when we’re lusting over thickly knitted cardigans, body con sheaths, or high waisted leggings, all with those delicious and taboo horizontal stripes. Yet, GoJane knows that rules, even those of fashion, are meant to be broken. As such, we present you with three distinct looks, all of which feature horizontal stripes.

1. woven square clutch
2. beaded fruit ring
3. stripe knit flare dress
4. bowed wayfarer sunglasses
5. strappy leatherette platform heel

Why it works: Your legs will look miles long thanks to the nude* heels. Additionally, the simple and flattering cut won’t overwhelm your frame or create added bulk.

1. skull embellished tee
2. studded stripe design sunglasses
3. striped high waist leggings
4. microstud platform bootie

Why it works: The close fit of the leggins won’t add weight.  Furthermore, your frame will appear longer because of the dark colored heeled booties.
1. crocheted button-up cardigan
2. wired tribal necklace
3. solid color sheer top
4. maxi pencil skirt
5. leatherette zip-up bootie

Why it works: The combination of a maxi skirt and platforms means that your bottom half will look lengthy and svelte. Therefore, pairing the striped sweater with this stunning duo won’t make you appear chunky. Finally, a pop of color will draw the eye towards your shirt and not towards the stripes.

What was your favorite look? What other how-to guides do you wanna see?

* The phrase nude refers to wearing shoes similar in shade to your skin. If these shoes don’t match your skin tone find a pair that will flatter your gams. Oh, and trust us- we have heels, booties, and boots in a wide assortment of colors so it won’t be a challenge to find the perfect pair.

Workplace Style

It should come as no surprise that the GoJane office is filled with the sound of stilettos climbing up stairs, the rustle of cardigans pulled over printed dresses, and the gentle clinking of layered necklaces brushing against each other- after all, this is GoJane and we love clothes and we love our jobs. As you can imagine, that means we know how to dress for work, no matter what kind of job you have. Finally, we even included an outfit for the interview because well, you gotta interview to get the job, right?

The Interview

1. peter pan collar puff sleeve top
2. pleated colorblock handbag
3. stone square shape ring
4. solid color dress pants
5. woven leatherette heel

Boardroom Babe

1. collared flare top
2. leatherette two tone purse
3. single button blazer
4. suede pointed toe kitten heel
5. double button pants

Keeping It (Business) Casual

1. shirred sleeve dress
2. pearl design stone ring
3. suede platform pump
4. oversized colorblock handbag

Casual Friday

1. flyaway blazer
2. graphic film print top
3. ankle strap platform wedge
4. basic five pocket skinny jeans

You’re a Creative, Aren’t You?

1. ribbed high low sleeve top
2. double buckle front handbag
3. solid color skinny pants
4. printed cross back top
5. sequin collar necklace
6. woven leatherette platform booty

What look did you like the most? Oh, and how do YOU dress for work?

Sh!t My Boyfriend Says About My Clothes

As a fashionable female you undoubtedly understand that harem pants, high-low tops, and cutout wedges are so of this moment it threatens to give us vertigo. Unfortunately, your special someone won’t always share these sentiments and in fact you may hear some of the following:

1. Did you know your shirt ripped in back?

1. acid wash high waist jeans
2. round neck short sleeve top
3. suede cutout booties
4. pleated colorblock handbag

2. Did you go to the bathroom in your pants?

1. distressed design blah top
2. slouchy pocket pants
3. spike trim ring
4. crinkle patent platform pump

3. You look like a Muppets character.

1. rhinestone button front pocket jeans
2. long fur vest
3. pocketed racerback tank
4. mini triangle earrings
5. feather suede booties

4. Your dress has a mullet.

1. oversized owl necklace
2. lace-up back dress
3. leopard print platforms
5. Did your shirt shrink?
1. wrapped chainmail bracelet set
2. two tone sequin top
3. basic five pocket skinny jeans
4. velvet platform pump
5. snake print rhinestone brooch clutch

What has your significant other said about your clothes? By the way, all of our examples were things our boyfriends and husbands actually said to us.

How to: Dress for Valentine’s Day (Without Being Too Obvious)

Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a special holiday reserved exclusively for couples and Hallmark executives. However, we know that the GoJane girl, regardless of relationship status, always wants to look good. As such, we put together a few looks just for you.

Date With Your Sweetheart:

1. stone square shaped ring
2. lace design open bow back dress
3. ruffled satin peep toe platform

Clubbing with Your (Single) Friends:

1. strappy back tribal tube top
2. woven chainmail bracelet
3. mineral wash skinny jeans
4. wrap around ankle strap wedge

Movie Night with the Bestie (No Romantic Comedies Allowed!):

1. rhinestone trim love ring
2. metallic zipper top
3. fringe slingback wedge
4. basic legging

What was your favorite look? What are you planning to wear on Valentine’s Day?

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