Queen Of The Crop: How To Wear A Cropped Top (Without Showing Too Much Skin)

Lately, with the days getting longer (y’all did turn your clocks forward, right?), the hems, inevitably, are getting shorter, and we’re not just talking miniskirts and cut-off shorts. No, no, the same thing is happening up top, pun totally intended. Now while a cropped top may seem like a pretty body-restrictive garment (we don’t all have washboard abs, Zac Efron!), in reality it’s a lot more versatile than you think. You don’t actually need a flat tummy to wear the revealing piece. You know why? ‘Cause you don’t need to bare your belly at all.

Sure, the cropped top may have initially been created with a spring-break-woo-hoo type of look in mind, but it actually functions perfectly fine in the realm of everyday attire. You really can wear one anywhere/anytime, and you won’t even have to think about your little battle with the bulge. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to wear a cropped top without showing too much skin – the cream of the crop, if you will. Take a look. Maybe tonight you can skip some of those crunches and still be the queen of the crop.

Prep Talk
1. Semi-Sheer Button-Up Blouse, 2. Join The Panels Flared Denim Skirt, 3. Back In Straps Cropped Top

Prep Talk – Come on. Has Cher Horowitz ever steered us wrong? As if! So take a cue from the fashion-forward-even-back-in-the-nineties Clueless girls and wear your cropped top over a button-down blouse for that preciously preppy, put-together look. A splendid solution for that impossibly see-through button-up you haven’t been able to wear out yet, which will pair especially well with a top that has a little bit of structure.

High And Waisted

1. Satin Bra Top, 2. Pod Luck Dolman Sweatshirt Cardigan, 3. Totally Tartan High-Waisted Pencil Skirt

High And Waisted – A cropped top may leave your mid-section all out and about, but wear it with a high-waisted piece and your beautiful (or bountiful?) belly can go back into hiding. You, on the other hand, will be happy to show yourself off, since in this flattering silhouette you’ll be nothing but legs, baby. And that perfect, peekaboo sliver of skin that remains will have you looking like you just stepped off of a spring runway.

Take Up Arms
1. Cross Your Tee Cropped Top, 2. Slip Away Strappy Cami Maxi Dress

Take Up Arms – What do you do when you’re freezing your ass arms off in a sleeveless dress that you don’t want to cover up with a big ol’ jacket? Normally it’s a shrug to the rescue, right? But a long-sleeved cropped top can serve the exact same purpose. And we think this is even better since it can also provide some additional structural or decorative detail to the front, as is the case with the crossover top shown above.

Overall Winner
1. Painted Floral Cropped Top, 2. Acid Wash Overalls

Overall Winner – Another winning combination? Cropped tops and overalls. Jumpers really don’t allow you much bulk underneath, so the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny cropped top is the perfect under-wear. The pinafore top (just a fancy way to say “apron”) gives you quite a bit of coverage up front while still letting you bare a little skin on the sides. Plus, a bright color or a blooming print can add some extra pop to your entire look.

One-Two Punch
1. Tied Together 4Ever Cropped Top, 2. Harnessed Surplice Dress

One-Two Punch – And finally, a cropped top can be worn over a dress for a convertible two-piece look. You’ll look like you’ve donned a shirt-skirt combo, but if you feel like an instant constume change, all you have to do is slip off the top. Talk about an easy transition from day to night! Choose a cropped top with some cool detailing to add a little sumpin’-sumpin’ to the dress underneath. And then voila! Queen of the crop.

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How do you like to wear your cropped tops? We wanna know!

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