Style Crush: Haim

Our love for Haim (insider tip: it rhymes with time) isn’t new (their album dropped last year to hugely positive reviews), but since they’re embarking upon a pretty long tour we thought a kick-off post was fitting. Plus, the 2014 Coachella lineup has been released and big surprise – JAYKAY, NOT – Haim will be playing at this iconic desert festival. (Will you be attending? Come find us. Let’s be friends.)

Okaayyy, we’ll try to stop sounding like the rabid fan girls we kind of are, but seeing Haim live will be a treat for the ears and the eyes. Have you seen these chicks rocking, well, everything? They’ve mastered denim, leather, faded tees, and cropped tops with stylish ease. Their long manes have the perfect amount of that oh-so-easy wave. Their lipst…um, we’ll stop now because it started sounding creepy. Just take a gander at the gallery below for super steezy inspiration.

As for the music? Well, this talented trio of sisters has been compared to Fleetwood Mac with a dash of Wilson Phillips. While the comparisons make total sense, Haim definitely has their own unique take on the music scene. Sit back, relax, and listen to some sweet, sweet tune-age while you browse our take on their style.

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Photos courtesy of Tumblr, Rolling Stone, NPR, Spin, The Ripe TV, VH1, Letterman Show, W Magazine, and Billboard.

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