Round-Up: New Year’s Eve Refreshments

We meant refreshments for your stomach and for your look. So, the entertainment is set (tunes or what-have-you), but is your drink game on lock? We’ve rounded up five drink recipes to save the day (errr, night), plus some NYE additions.

  • Cotillion Club Punch yields 275-300 servings (say what?!) for a truly booze-packed party. (We weren’t super serious about this one, but if you do make it let us know how it goes.)
  • For something way more reasonable, this pomegranate-champagne punch yields 12 servings and sounds absolutely delicious.
  • Any grandma who serves a brandy slush is one that we want to be our BFF.
  • Your cozy childhood hot apple cider just got a heavy-handed dose of grown-up reality. We’re not complaining.
  • Wassail (translation: “be healthy”) is a traditional cider drink usually made with booze, but this non-alcoholic version is a nice alternative for guests who don’t imbibe.
  • And finally, this fall sangria is a tasty option for those who love chardonnay.

But speaking of NYE, your #OOTN wouldn’t be complete without makeup and a clutch to hold your essentials. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below. Bonus: they can all be used over and over for other special occasions.

Clutches to hold your cash and phone.

 Makeup for a rosy glow, kissable lips, eye-opening lashes, and the perfect cat eye.

Our Fave 2014 Jewelry Trend: The Single Earring

Every year there are a bevy of new trends, but we especially loved the single earring trend that took off this year. It’s fresh and edgy and, if we want to get philosophical, it’s all about subversion with an asymmetrical look. (Our prediction is that next year the septum piercing is going to go mainstream.) Check out our inspiration gallery of ladies rocking a single earring.

Have you guys been wearing a single earring? Tell us in the comments below! Peep GoJane’s selection of single earrings.


 Top Row: 1. Tri And Bling It Earring Cuff Set, 2. Different Shapes Faux Jewel Ear Cuff, 3. Palace Jewels Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 4. Suspended Pearl Embellished Earrings

Middle Row: 1. Sparkle Strand Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 2. Just Wing It Cuff ‘N Earring Set, 3. Bling It On Jeweled Single Earring, 4. Pearly Depths Earring ‘N Cuff Set

Bottom Row: 1. Pearly Great Single Backdrop Earring, 2. Bling It On Jeweled Single Earring, 3. Lovely Edge Faux Pearl Ear Cuff

Tuesday Tunes: Top 10 Tracks Of 2014

The year is coming to a close, and boy, did it fly by. Before you rush to get your New Year’s resolutions in order, scope out this list of songs we’ve had on heavy rotation this year at the office. Get ready to listen to some tunes while you wrap presents for the holidays! (Pssst, have you finished shopping? Don’t forget we’ve got the goods.)

Alrighty… Ready? Here we go – in no particular order!

1. Future Islands – “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

 2. Iggy Azalea – “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX

3. Flying Lotus – “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar

4. Ariana Grande – “Love Me Harder” featuring The Weeknd

5. Lykke Li – “Gunshot”

6. Tinashe – “2 On” featuring SchoolBoy Q

 7. Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off”

8. Sam Smith – “Stay With Me”

9. FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks”

10. Sia – “Chandelier” 

So, tell us, what would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

Style Crush: Jenna Lyons

Cool, effortless, chic. These are some of the words that are used to describe Jenna Lyons. She’s the master of the high-low look with a heavy-handed dose of boyish details complete with sequins and thick-framed glasses. The praise is universal. Duh, the First Lady even sports J.Crew and hangs with Jenna. And Lyons is famous not just because of her incredible style, but also because of her business acumen and creative intuition. She’s proof that the bullied geeks of yesteryear can and will become stylish powerhouse leaders. So let’s talk Jenna because, more than anything, she’s real and we all seem to relate to her. If there’s one thing Lyons doesn’t shy away from it’s blunt inquisitiveness and honesty.

A Few Facts About Jenna

  1. She’s been at J.Crew forever. Since 1990, in fact, and started as an assistant.
  2. Lyons has about 300 pairs of shoes (*jealous*).
  3. Jenna is really open about the fact that she has dentures. Remember what we said about her refreshing honesty?
  4. Her favorite thing in the world is coffee ice cream.
  5. She has great advice about managing a creative team. “There’s no right or wrong answer. When someone creates something and puts it in front of you, that thing came from inside of them, and if you make them feel bad, it’s going to be hard to fix, because you’ve actually crushed them.”
  6. Hey, she uses Blistex lip balm, too.
  7. She’s super zen about aging. “I approach aging with ice cream and a martini.” 
  8. Jenna has rad business input. “No financial decision weighs heavier than a creative decision. They are equal.”
  9. She’s six feet tall and doesn’t shy away from wearing heels. You do you, gf. *fist bump*
  10. She was married to a dude and is now in a relationship with a woman. Again, you do you, gf.

Yeah, we know. She’s awesome. Peruse her looks in the gallery below for some inspiration.


It wouldn’t be complete with some GoJane picks, right? Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Holiday Gift Guide: No Sizes Needed

We’ve always got that one person on our list that needs a gift that isn’t size specific. Whether it’s your BFF, coworker, or a distant cousin twice removed, we’ve got you covered.


Our figurative work horses.

Just because a bag is a super functional aspect of anyone’s life doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Chuck textbooks into a de-high-tful (lolz) printed backpack; use a woven tote for yoga instead of an ugly gym bag; keep essentials close by in a clutch while taking advantage of happy hour; and pack everything in an easy duffel bag for a weekend trip to the cabin.


From left to right: Happy Leaves Printed Backpack, Tribe Vibes Woven Tote Bag, In A Furry Faux Leather Clutch, Weekender Faux Leather Duffel Bag

Cold Weather Gear

War with the elements in the proper armor.

It’s that time of year when you slowly start to freeze. For everyone who has to endure Snowpocalypse after Snowpocalypse, gift them warm accoutrements to help keep winter colds and frostbite at bay. See, you’re so considerate! Cozy up in a patterned infinity scarf; keep snow, sleet, and rain off of your blow-out in a wide brimmed hat or soft knit beanie; and leave your fingers free for texting without sacrificing warmth in fingerless gloves.

coldweatherFrom left to right: All Striped Out Knit Infinity Scarf, Wide Brim Wool Hat, So Knit Cool Two-Tone Beanie, Furry Cable Fingerless Mittens


Ring in the season with statement sparkles.

Hey, as long as you’re aware of your recipient’s tastes, fashion jewelry is a fun little gift. Case in point, a statement necklace, whether punk inspired or boho, can make any LBD pop. Perhaps a practical but glitzy watch is a better pick. And a clean, simple bracelet adds the right modern finishing touch to a daily look. Plus, ear cuffs are so in, ya know?

jewelryFrom left to right: Ornate Filigree Collar Charm Necklace, Freshly Minted Necklace Set, Lovely Edge Faux Pearl Ear Cuff, Eye Of The Beholder Cuff Bracelet, Bling It On Metal Watch, Layered Talons Necklace Set

See, how easy was that? As an added bonus, everything is super reasonably priced. Score! So, we’re wondering… What do you guys usually gift during the holiday season?

Check out for more gifts and super slammin’ deals!

Tuesday Tunes: First Aid Kit

Maybe it’s because they’re siblings. Maybe it’s the Swedish climate. Maybe it’s because they grew up with a musical father. Whatever influenced and inspired these two sisters to start making music as First Aid Kit… Well, we’re eternally grateful.

These native Swedes caught the attention of Patti Smith and Conor Oberst. Their second album The Lion’s Roar was critically acclaimed and produced by Mike Mogis with additional contributions by Conor Oberst and The Felice Brothers. Their third album Stay Gold, released this past summer, has also been universally acclaimed. But really, who wouldn’t love those clear, harmonic voices? In 2011 they performed “Dancing Barefoot” to honor Patti Smith, who was visibly wiping tears from her eyes. Guys, they moved Patti Smith to tears. We wish we could put that in our cover letter.

And we’ve got to admit that we were near tears as well when we saw them at The Wiltern last week. Those super talented sisters treated us to an unplugged performance of “Ghost Town.” Truthfully, we’ve never heard The Wiltern so quiet. Okay, we’ll stop gushing about these talented ladies. Click play, treat yourself to some sweet tune-age, and check out their cool vintage style.


In honor of their latest album Stay Gold, we’ve kept with the theme with our GoJane picks.

Let’s Go Blue: Chambray + Denim

Here’s a history lesson for you: we got denim and chambray from the French. It’s believed that chambray fabric originated from Cambrai in France in 1595, and although it can be dyed into different colors, its most common iteration is blue from indigo dye. Denim fabric came from the French town of Nimes. (Get it?) The California Gold Rush saw the popularization of denim dungarees (A.K.A. jeans), and chambray shirts became standard-issue uniform tops for the U.S. Navy through World War II. And thus classics were born.

Today, blue is typically voted as the number one favorite color in the world, fifty-three percent of flags in the world contain blue, and everyone from Kate Middleton to your mom has worn chambray and denim at some point. But more than anything, we especially love it when ladies turn what used to be primarily menswear into something more than just “borrowed from the boys.” Check out our collage of women pairing chambray and denim into dozens of unique looks.


How do you style your chambray and denim? Let us know in the comments! Here are some versatile GoJane picks which can be worn season after season.

Fashion Hacks: 8 Tips For Sweater Care

fallsweatersNow that you’ve stocked up your sweater collection, you need to keep those precious investments alive and looking great. The last thing anyone wants to be caught dead in is a pilling, sloppy mess. Keep reading for eight of our sweater care tips.

  1. Ah, pilling. It will happen, unfortunately. You can remove those annoying fuzzballs with a Bic razor (yep, shave that baby) or a manual pill remover. Pro tip: Turn on the TV so you can catch up on your shows while getting the work done.
  2. Never hang sweaters. Ya hear? Never. If you do, it will stretch the fibers out, and you’ll end up with giant misshapen shoulders which is not a good lewk. Fold or roll them instead.
  3. How should you hand wash your precious? Submerge your sweater in cool water with gentle detergent and give it a few good swishes. Let the sweater soak for about thirty minutes, then rinse well.
  4. Another note on washing… Don’t wring anything; be nice to your hardworking sweater. We would recommend that you gently squeeze, lay flat on a dry towel, and then roll that sucker up. The towel will absorb excess moisture.
  5. Should you wash your sweater? Unless you’re wearing the sweater to a Soul Cycle class or finishing a pack of cigarettes, the general rule is to wash about every four wears.
  6. You bought a super itchy sweater, and the return policy has totally expired. Well, don’t donate it just yet – try softening it instead. First, wash and rinse, and then swish (we like that word) the clean sweater in cool water with liquid fabric softener. Urban legend says you could also try a half cup of hair conditioner. (Don’t even think about dumping in that 2-in-1 stuff; may we take a moment to question why you’re using 2-in-1?)
  7. Oops, you shrunk a sweater… Been there, done that. You might be able to save it. You can try to stretch it back out by gently pulling at the collar and hem. Repeat with shoulders and sleeves.
  8. Oops, you’ve stretched a sweater out… You can wet the sweater and dry it in the dryer. The amount of water you put into the sweater fibers dictates how much it’ll shrink. You’re shrinking grandpa’s old sweater? It probably needs a full soak. If you got a little too aggressive trying to lick your elbow, just mist the shapeless areas and dry.

You’re an expert now – certified, approved, and stamped. Ready to get a few more sweaters before the #PolarVortex2 starts? Check out our GoJane picks below.

Tuesday Tunes: Lykke Li

She has coffee with David Lynch, her first album was produced by Bjorn Yttling (of Peter Bjorn and John), and she has a remix with A$AP Rocky. We’d say Lykke Li, A.K.A. Swedish chanteuse, is doing pretty well. Out of the three albums to her name, her latest album I Never Learn was influenced by a bad breakup, and you can definitely tell there is a departure from her previous indie-pop releases. Click play on some sweet tune-age and check out Li’s looks in the gallery below.

All image sources in captions.

Lykke is obviously the master of sporting black, so of course we had to show off some of our favorite GoJane picks.

Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian!

Whether you loathe her or love her, you can’t deny that her style game has gone off the charts. Sure, cleavage and side boob still make appearances, but her overall sleek makeover hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Not sure of how you heard the Kardashian name? Perhaps it was Kim’s iPhone game. No? Maybe her makeup line or clothing collections? Not to mention Keeping Up With The Kardashians, of course. What with being the famous mommy of a famous baby and one half of KimyeWell, Kim Kardashian has been a busy bee.

So it’s not surprising that there are over 20 million people who follow her on Instagram and 24.5 million people who read her tweets. She’s probably getting a lot of birthday wishes right now, one of which shall be ours: Happy birthday, Kim!

Peep this gallery for those looks we were gabbing about.

Also, can we just pause (“Imma-let-you-finish”) and look at this by the way? Kanye being a gentleman. Ugh, so cute. Even some of the iciest Kimye haters must have thawed a tiny bit when they saw these photos.

All image credits in captions.

So, diggin’ Kim’s style? You know she’s all about heels, right? What a coincidence… We’re totally having a super rad sale on heels right now. Stock up, ladies, and check out our GoJane picks below.

 gjheels1. Put Four Rings On It Ankle Strap Heels, 2. Square-Studded Affair Caged Heels, 3. Tight Laced Corset Heels, 4. I-Catching Strappy Reptile Heels, 5. Feelin’ Single Studded Heels, 6. Corset It Off Lace-Up Cut-Out Heels

Click here for more GoJane goodies!

Style (Rookie) Crush: Tavi Gevinson

Several years ago, 2008-ish, we started following a diminutive twelve-year-old named Tavi Gevinson on her blog Style Rookie. Tavi doesn’t seem to use it much anymore, but we completely understand since she’s involved in a way bigger project, Rookie Mag.

But rewind, because many couldn’t believe the mature voice coming out of Style Rookie could be that of a pre-teen. Guess what? It was all her. Over the years, Tavi has grown up a lot, and we’re pretty proud to see what she’s accomplished. Here are a few facts about Tavi:

  • At the age of fifteen, she started (as founder and editor-in-chief) Rookie Mag, primarily aimed at teenage girls.
  • Rookie broke one million page views within five days of launching in September 2011.
  • She’s appeared on the 2011 and 2012 Forbes “30 Under 30” list.
  • Tavi has authored articles for Harper’s Bazaar, Barney’s, Jezebel, Lula, Pop, and GARAGE Magazine.
  • She was the muse and model for the Rodarte x Target designer collaboration.
  • She spoke at the 2012 TEDxTEEN conference (video here).
  • And she’s currently starring in This Is Our Youth with Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin.

Whoa, dude – that’s not even all of it. We’re feeling pretty lazy as we sit on the couch with Cheeto-dusted fingertips, y’know? Our laziness aside, we appreciate that Tavi has taken feminism to a new platform, along with her BFF Emma Watson. And Rookie isn’t just for teenagers, by the way. We know quite a few ladies who aren’t teens but still love to read and peruse Rookie. And who could resist advice and contributions from guests like Judd Apatow, Paul Rudd, Lena Dunham, Joss Whedon, Jon Hamm, and Stephen Colbert? Who, we should point out, posted one of the best “Ask A Grown Man” advice videos:

Since Tavi started with fashion, we’ve included a little collage (in the spirit of Rookie Mag) of her looks over the years, Anna Wintour included.

tavi collage

We’ve always admired Tavi’s sense of daring, confidence, and individuality. Check out some of our inspired GoJane picks below!



DIY: Embellished Hairpins

We’re all about not having to fuss with our hair, but if you need a pin or two to tame your mane, then opt for an embellished one instead. This super easy DIY requires only a few materials and a little bit of patience (it’s a virtue)… And voilà – edgy hairpins!

What you need:


  • Adhesive (we used E6000)
  • Studs (ours are 5 mm)
  • Hairpins (an assortment of bobby pins and barrettes)
  • Wooden popsicle or stir stick (to help spread the adhesive)

And all you have to do is squeeze out a blob of glue, spread it on a small area, and start sticking on the studs! Depending on the size of the studs, you may find tweezers helpful with refining your lines and placement. We usually put on half of the studs and let it set a bit before starting on the second half. Check out our in progress photo versus the finished product!

Still need more “hair-spiration”? Peep GoJane’s selection of hair goodies!

Tuesday Tunes: LP

Here’s the lowdown on LP, AKA Laura Pergolizzi.

  • Her name may ring a bell. Do you recognize the single “Into the Wild”? It was in a Citibank ad. Refresh your memory and click play.

  • She’s originally from New York and moved to Los Angeles in 2010.
  • After singing at SXSW there was a bidding war between major music labels.
  • She can play the shit out of a ukulele and will also slay you with her whistling. Seriously, she can whistle like crazy.
  • LP has a head of glorious hair.
  • She is a successful songwriter. Her credits include Christina Aguilera and Rihanna.
  • Her album “Forever For Now” dropped just this past summer.
  • She was featured on Vogue’s list of “People To Watch.”
  • Her suit and tie game is ridiculously strong.

And speaking of her suit and tie game, check out our gallery of LP rocking amazing curls + super rad menswear inspired looks.

All image sources in captions.

We’ve included one of our favorite LP tunes “Night Like This,” so click play and peruse our GoJane inspired picks (included a blazer, obvi).


Need more LP goodies? Check out!

Sweater Weather: Fall Knit Trends

Yeah, we said trends, but what we really meant to address is one specific sweater trend: oversized, fluid fits. And we feel it’s especially fitting for a season rife with Netflix marathons, cozy dinners, and windy weather. Oversized sweaters are totally A+ at hiding a soup food baby. (Total tangent, but LA sort of had “fall” weather this past weekend. It was a miracle.) Anyway, check out these lovely ladies sporting snuggly fall sweaters. Which one is your fave? (We’re partial to Nicole Warne of Gary Pepper in a cropped tomato red number.)


We’ve got our own oversized sweater action going on here. Check out our GoJane picks below.

Peep more sweaters at

Biker Chic(k): Why You Need A New Jacket

It’s officially fall now – yay! Well, according to the calendar. LA may not have many “changing” seasons, but we’re totally on board with dressing for fall regardless of the temperature, dangit. Shorts are so last week.

So, you’ve unpacked your sweaters from winter storage, you’ve hopefully gone shopping for new bottoms… But what are you gonna sport on top? Obvi, a leather moto jacket. As you can see in our gallery, there are plenty of dapper dudes and chic chicks sporting leather outerwear. Plus, we’ve included two vintage photos of biker ladies (look for the ones in black and white) which go to show that a moto jacket truly is timeless. Peep our gallery to see how many different ways you can style a leather jacket.

All image credits in photo captions.

Now that you’ve hopefully gotten some inspirational ideas, check out our faux leather GoJane picks below (cruelty-free and way easy on the wallet – woohoo).


Clockwise from top left: Mad 4 Plaid Moto Zippered Vest, Sherpa Thing Drape Front Jacket, Mixed Media Houndstooth Blazer, Houndstooth Mixed Media Moto Jacket, Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket, Faux Leather Moto Jacket, Moto Dreams Faux Leather Jacket (in grey)

Need more? Want more? Check out!

Style Crush: Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has thirteen million Instagram followers and almost nine million Twitter followers and was only twelve years old six-ish years ago. Like, whoa. Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no way you can deny her universal appeal to the media and fashion community.

You may know her from Keeping Up With The Kardashians (let’s be real, reality TV isn’t the most beneficial addition to a résumé), but Kendall is all about moving on with an independent lifestyle. Note that “Jenner” was dropped because last names are so passé, especially when you’re making it on your own. Don’t forget, it’s just Kendall now, thank you very much. Anyway, girlfriend is seriously cranking up her fashion game each season and has moved from prom dresses to Givenchy. What a leap. Check out some of our favorite Kendall pics in the gallery below.

All image sources in captions.

Need some more Kendall style? Check out our inspired GoJane picks.

Tuesday Tunes: Grimes

Glitchy, glossy, synth-pop, alien-abducted ABBA, psychedelic drama, witch house, grave wave… This is Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, a pixie-ish Canadian artist who creates genre-defying music. She’s not just some random indie tumblr star (not that that’s bad or whatever – and you should check out her tumblr); she’s the real deal and signed to Roc Nation under the management of Bey’s fella himself, Jay Z. Grimes is creating something unique with the big boys – can we get a fist pump for girl power? – especially with the atypical cyborg, futuristic, layered vibe of her work.

Robotic dream aside, Grimes released Visions in 2012 to almost universal acclaim, and she has a highly anticipated 2014 album, release date TBD. Unlike typical stereotypes of trite beats and drops associated with the electronic music scene, there isn’t fizzy superficiality to Grimes’ music. And that’s why we love her so much – her work is the amalgam of a variety of sounds and influences that’s completely her and no one else.

She recently released a video for her latest song “Go” featuring Blood Diamonds, originally written for Rihanna. Play the video and prepare yourself to be swept away into some next-level shit (the good kind).

Love Grimes’ super unique style? We feel the same way because she’s got it on lock. For more looks check out our gallery below…

All image credits in captions.

Need that Grimes-inspired look? We’re here to help with our GoJane picks.


1. Square Off Studded Combat Boots, 2. Color My World Hair Chalk, 3. Crazy For Camo Trucker Snapback, 4.  Chunky Exaggerated Round Sunglasses, 5. Tipped Off Strappy Cut-Out Boots, 6. Chunky Chain Link Necklace, 7. Paisley It Forward Floral Kimono, 8. Leafy Adios Graphic Cropped Sweatshirt, 9. Not So Basic Mockneck Cropped Tank

Swim-spiration: Day To Night

The dog days of summer are in full swing, and, much like Homer, we’ve made a permanent dent in our poolside chaise. But what’s a girl to do when the sun sets and summer nights beckon? There’s no need to change; just layer your swimwear with some key pieces for an easy – but super stylin’ – transition. Check out our looks for a summer evening concert and a #GNO.

Look 1: Evening Concert


Studded Mesh Inset Monokini + High-Waisted Acid Wash JeansRock This Way Studded Booties

A monokini doubles as a rad bodysuit which layers perfectly under skinny acid washed denim and pairs with studded rocker chic booties with ease.

Look 2: #GNO


Sun Worshipper Twisted Bikini Top & Bottom + Sheer Honeycomb Net Dress + Color Me Bad Strappy Snake Scale Heels

 Need to work on your tan? No problem. This bikini also makes the perfect base layer for a sheer dress paired with strappy heels.

Summer isn’t over, yet! Check out more luscious swimwear at and get to clickin’!

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Go Jane's Summer Lovin' Sale

Tuesday Tunes: Little Daylight

Another Tuesday, another tune. What can we say? We like to perk up your morning. So, let’s talk Little Daylight, a three-piece alt-pop-ish/electronic band that got their start by working on remixes. Here are a few facts about the group.

  • LD is Nikki Taylor (vocals), Matt Lewkowicz (guitar, keyboard), and Eric Zeiler (bass), based out of Brooklyn, New York.
  • Their performance debut was at SXSW 2013 where they made up a fake name and bio.
  • Their single “Overdose” went to #1 on The Hype Machine.
  • Little Daylight’s name comes from an 1871 fairy tale written by George MacDonald.
  • They had an EP out before they ever did a live performance.
  • LD toured with Bastille, The Neighbourhood, and Charli XCX.
  • They’re gonna be in LA at the Troubadour on August 20th. Maybe you’ll see us there!

We’ve included three tunes below (that Future Islands remix is on point). Click play and peruse our Little Daylight gallery.

 Little Daylight Gallery:

Cop some Little Daylight style from leading lady Nikki Taylor. Check out our GoJane picks below and find more goodies at!

Fashion Hacks: How To Remove Stains


Messy eater? Clumsy wine drinker? Overall klutz? If we could wear bibs 24/7 without looking like toddlers, we would. Basically, we know that feel, so we’re presenting fashion hacks, the stain removal edition. Those cute duds of yours should stay that way.

Here’s a top tip: do NOT let the stain set. It basically means there’s a chemical interaction and the stain will bond with the fabric fibers. This is a big no-no. So don’t apply any kind of direct heat because it will help set the stain. Okay, moving on… Here are ten stains we inevitably find ourselves battling and a way to banish them from your closet.

1. Blood – Got a boo-boo? Riding the crimson wave? (Just keeping it real, ladies.) Rinse the stain in cool water and soak in lukewarm water with detergent for ten to fifteen minutes. Spot treat with an enzyme cleaner and launder as usual.

2. Lipstick – Oops, you missed the mark? No big deal. Try sponging or dabbing rubbing alcohol onto the stain.

3. Coffee – We need our caffeine fix, and a cup of Joe all over your new skirt could happen. Blot the stain with cold water using paper towels or a cloth. Pre-treat with detergent. Got an extra stubborn stain? Beat an egg yolk, add a little bit of warm water and a dash of rubbing alcohol, and dab onto the stain.

4. Tomato Sauce – Mmmmm. Spaghetti… Crap. We dropped a meatball. Dab and blot with a mixture of vinegar and water to help lift the stain.

5. Mud/Dirt – Working in the yard and outdoor adventuring is always cool. Mud and dirt stains? Not so much. Allow mud to dry and brush it off. Blot the stain with a clean, damp cloth. Flush with cool water. For a strong stain, try rubbing alcohol, then launder.

6. Foundation – Had a field day at the makeup counter trying on foundation? We totes understand because it’s really hard to color match. If you had a little accident, remove foundation by applying shaving cream to the spot and give it a good wash. If it’s an extra deep stain you can try an additional dab of rubbing alcohol.

7. Wine – Wine more, whine less… Isn’t that the saying? But we can’t have stains ruining our good time, so try these listed solutions.

  1. Red wine – Pour white wine (ironic, isn’t it?) onto the stain and let it soak. Wash in cold water and ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.
  2. White wine – Wash in cold water and ammonia. Rinse thoroughly.

8. Fake Tanner – Saving yourself UV damage and using fake tanner instead? You go, girl! If you smudged some on your clothes, don’t worry. Dab on peroxide to help the stain lift.

9. Butter/Cooking Oil – Fresh baked cookies? Count us in. If you dropped butter or cooking oil on yourself you can remove it with an overnight treatment of baby powder or corn starch to help suck up the grease. Launder as usual!

10. Perspiration – SoulCycle classes, stressful job interviews, and meeting James Franco make us perspire (that’s the ladylike way of saying sweat). Perspiration stains are, like, so persona non grata on our clothes. Try removing the stain with three powdered aspirin pills mixed in warm water. Leave the solution on for up to an hour and rinse in warm water. Repeat if necessary and follow up with vinegar for some extra stain fighting power. Launder as usual.

Got any other tips to share? Tell us in the comments. Plus, now that you have all of this precious knowledge at your fingertips, the first thing you gotta do is get some white clothing!

Check out our favorite picks below and shop new goodies at!


A Case For Palazzo Pants

Is hot weather making you a miserable, sweaty mess? (Ugh!) Sure, summer is the prime season for shorts, but not all of us have Cara Delevingne’s thigh gap. So we’ll have to make do with getting rid of chafing and swass (that’s swamp-ass) with stylish panache. Enter our savior: palazzo pants.

Wide, lightweight, breathable, and ultra comfy. Who’s excited to wear socially acceptable pajamas out in public? *Raises hand* So, have we convinced you yet?

Three Tips:

  • Try them out with a cropped top for a leg lengthening silhouette.
  • Pair them with a button-up shirt and blazer for a sleek update.
  • Tuck in slouchy tees or tanks for waist definition.

Check out our GoJane palazzo pant picks below:

Palazzo Pants

 1. Wide Leg Pants, 2. Contrast Zigzag Split Palazzo Pants, 3. Floral Lace Inset Flared Pants, 4. Chiffon Wide Leg Trousers, 5. Palm Print Palazzo Pants, 6. Grecian Getaway Palazzo Pants, 7. Palazzo Print-cess Lounge Pants

And we can’t leave you hanging without something for the top half of your look, so we’ve included our favorite tops to pair with the palazzo pants above:

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So, enlighten us, how do you beat the heat? We could use a few tips. Sound off in the comments below!

What’s in your bag?

A woman’s bag is the Holy Grail, and getting a new bag, especially one you’ve been coveting, is basically all of the best parts of a birthday rolled into one. One could argue that it’s only something to hold all of your stuff, right? Isn’t that what we always hear from our boyfriends? Really, another bag? No! It’s not just another bag. Pfft.

Bags are tools, and we have to have one for each specific occasion and mood. (Same goes for shoes. Yes, we’re enablers.) Hey, if your husband or man-friend doesn’t swing with this argument, you can tell him to go fly a kite, and also get rid of his tool collection which is probably gathering dust in the garage. Take that!

We’ve rounded up a couple of examples because we’re nosy. Go ahead and snoop around our displays below.


Exhibit A – The Backpack:

So you’re a student and running around on campus all day? A backpack is in order. Stow your laptop, books, and paper ephemera to make your day easier. Don’t forget snacks. Those mid-class hunger pangs are no joke. A hungry stomach only induces “hanger” (hungry anger) which is never helpful when taking notes.



Tribal Travel Print Backpack, iPhone, Postalco Notebook, Textbooks, MacBook Air, Headphones

Exhibit B – Beach Day Tote:

You’ve put in your dues, and a day spent by the water (pool, ocean, lake) complete with your favorite tunes and a giant bottle of organic green juice is what you deserve. (Okay, we wouldn’t say no to a mojito either.) Throw in a towel, sunscreen (just say no to sunspots, wrinkles, or cancer), your fave magazines, headphones, and sunnies for a day of relaxation.



Floppy Wide Brim Woven Paper Hat, NYX Tango With Bronzing Powder, Oversized Beach Totebag, Round We Go Sunglasses, Button ‘N Buckle Thong Sandals

Exhibit C – Evening Clutch:

Heading out to have some cocktails with the ladies (or your special dude)? There’s nothing worse than digging around in a satchel while the bartender gives you the evil eye. Plus, who needs a big bag weighing down a svelte look? Keep it minimal with crucial necessities. In this case, moola, your phone, lipstick (for touch-ups), and gum (bad breath is a social faux pas nobody is on board with).



 Bow ‘N Quilted Clutch, NYX Powder Foundation, NYX Lipstick, CA$H, Gum Of Your Choice

Sooooo, what’s in your bag? Let us know in the comments below!

Tuesday Tunes: Pitchfork Music Festival

Festival season has long since kicked off, but it isn’t over yet (amen). Union Park will be hosting some pretty rad bands this year for the annual Pitchfork Music Festival, thrown by much beloved Pitchfork Media, of course. Who better to trust than one of the most vetted music review sites alive on the glorious cat-ridden waves of the internet? We love us a great festival, and though we can’t make it to Chicago this year (sob), here are our recommendations of four artists you can’t miss.

1) FKA twigs

British singer-producer Tahliah Barnett, primarily referred to as FKA twigs (the FKA stands for “Formerly Known As”), creates lush soundscapes and ethereal vocals which recall 90s trip-hop idols. LP1 is her first full-length album and will be released in August 2014. Her EP2, released last fall, has generated a ton of acclaim. She couldn’t be chosen as Spotify’s spotlighted artist or nominated for the BBC’s Sound of 2014 prize otherwise.


2) St. Vincent

From The Polyphonic Spree and Sufjan Stevens’ touring band, Annie Clark, better known as St. Vincent, blends jazz with indie rock and persuasive guitar riffs for ultra catchy vibes. As a multi-instrumentalist, her unorthodox musical style keeps things from getting dull. Her recent LP has gained universal praise and showcases her tuneful chops.


3) Grimes

Canadian artist Claire Boucher is not only a producer, singer, and songwriter; the multi-talented Grimes is also a director, painter, and writer. It’s a wide array of influences that make their mark known in Grimes’ almost indefinable music. As Tastemakers Magazine has said, her music resembles an “alien love-child of Aphex Twin and ABBA.” We’re pretty sure that line has gotten you at least a little curious, right?


4) tUnE-yArDs

You may have heard this Afro-pop project of Merrill Garbus, previously of indie project Sister Suvi. Tune-Yards’ songs have been heard in Orange Is the New Black, Weeds, and The Good Wife. Nikki Nack was released back in May to notable reviews. How does it sound? Think of off-the-cuff field recordings, super rad beats, and looped brass horns with catchy refrains.


Check out some of our festival inspired picks below and find more goodies at!

 All image sources in captions.

Style Crush: Eva Chen

In an industry where everyone is striving to stand out, Eva Chen is unique and notable. Not only for her razor-sharp sense of style, but also for her intellect and humor. Last June, Chen was appointed Editor-In-Chief of Lucky magazine by Anna Wintour (yes, the one and only). Many say she’s the editor of our generation. Why? She constantly has an ongoing dialogue with her Twitter and Instagram followers and is totally on top of current pop culture. Plus, she’s a total nerd! Chen’s career trajectory changed drastically from being a pre-med student at Johns Hopkins University to a Harper’s Bazaar intern, and we couldn’t be more grateful. By the end of a seven-year stint at Teen Vogue she had worked her way up to being the Health and Beauty Director, which positioned her perfectly for Lucky.

We admire her practicality, work ethic, and style smarts. Check out our Eva Chen gallery along with our GoJane picks for some serious inspo.

All image sources in captions.

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How do you feel about Eva Chen’s style? Are there any Lucky subscribers out there? Let us know what you think.


Style & Swag: Skater Girls


In case you haven’t visited, here’s a friendly FYI: Southern California summers are hot, obvi. The sun shines relentlessly with long days and short nights which means we’re out cruising on a daily basis. Basically, it’s the prime season for street surfing seshes. We love it, skinned body parts included, because there’s nothing like feeling the wind through your hair, right? Yes, skateboarding is still dominated by the dudes, but we wanted to celebrate all of the ladies who skate. (Tomboys FTW.) Especially the pioneers like Vicki Vickers, Patti McGee, Ellen O’Neal, Robin Logan, Judi Oyama, and Cindy Whitehead. Plus, how badass is it to see Katharine Hepburn, Farrah Fawcett, and Jodie Foster in all of their vintage glory cruising on boards? Check out our gallery of super rad skating ladies.

All image credits in photo captions.

So, whether or not you hop on a board, it’s undeniable that skate culture has heavily influenced fashion. Our favorite cut-offs, slip-on sneakers, and perfectly worn tees and tanks are reliable standbys. We’ve included our much-loved GoJane picks below, and if you’re in the mood for a cruise… Well, hit us up!

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Tuesday Tunes: Lana Del Rey

Oh, how things have changed. Remember when Lana made her debut performance on SNL and the swift, raw backlash that immediately followed? Ultraviolence is proof that LDR has refined her voice and writing skills to craft a new, albeit dark, presence. (She recently commented, “I wish I was already dead,” in an interview with The Guardian. Um, damn.) However, Del Rey is anything but uncontrolled on her newest album which has the skillful touch of The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced most of Ultraviolence. We slide into 1970s California with luxuriant layers of sound which remind us of what LDR is best at: being vintage but new, glamorous but tender, dark but hopeful. (Well, maybe? We need more time with the newly released album.) Whatever the case may be, it’s obvious that Lana has developed her own signature sound and look. Take a peep at Del Rey’s style in the gallery below and take a listen to her newest singles…


Tunes from her new album:



Cop some of Lana’s style for yourself with our GoJane picks!



Olá, 2014 World Cup!

Every four years the FIFA World Cup takes place as one of the biggest sporting events of the year. It’s hosted this year by Brazil, and thirty-two nations are taking part (USA! USA! USA!). Whether you’re a fan of the “beautiful game” or not, the fact is soccer/football is about to get very, very popular for the next month. Want to impress your friends? Here are ten facts about the World Cup, past and present.

  1. Despite the fact that India qualified for the 1950 World Cup, they refused to play because the rules required shoes. Because of financial concerns, Indian players were accustomed to barefoot football.
  2. Who could forget the 2006 headbutt from Zinedine Zidane? Click this video if you need a refresher.
  3. Brazil 2014 welcomes a new team: Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  4. Scotland has qualified 8 times and has also been eliminated in the first round all 8 times. Better luck next time!
  5. Let’s crunch some numbers. The 2006 World Cup had an estimated 715.1 million viewers. In 2010 the World Cup was broadcast in over 200 countries. Over 3 million people attended the 2010 World Cup with an average of 50,000 attendees per match. Another 6 million gathered in public viewing locations in 16 places around the world. (It truly is a global sport.)
  6. Brazil has made the most consecutive World Cups with 19 appearances. How’s that for a host country?
  7. The record for the highest number of goals in a game was Austria vs. Switzerland in 1954. Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5.
  8. There are 208 FIFA nations, and 204 attempted to qualify for the 2010 World Cup.
  9. The first goal in World Cup history was scored by Lucien Laurent of France in 1930.
  10. We can’t finish the list without mentioning Pelé. He is the only player to have won 3 World Cup championships. Guess what? He’s Brazilian.

Here is the FIFA World Cup schedule. To help us feel festive we’ve included our World Cup mood board.

Image sources credited in captions. Are you ready to get your game face on? We sure are, and we’ll be sporting some sweet gear to show our pride. Check out our GoJane picks below!

Bowling green grass background.From left to right: Hit Your Goal U.S. Soccer Emblem Tee, I Scored Brasil Soccer Emblem Tank, Destroyed Acid Wash Shorts, Goal Brazil Flag Design Leggings

WorldCupHatsInternational Country Snapback Hat

How will you be celebrating the World Cup? Who are you cheering for?