How to: Glitter Sole Heels

Do you ever feel the need to just cover everything you own in glitter? We, admittedly, have often thought things would look better with a little extra sparkle. And lately, we’ve been noticing that tons of high fashion designers agree. Which is why we are so obsessed with this DIY project. It’s easy, fun, subtle yet glamorous, and it involves a whole lot of glitter. Plus, you already have most of the supplies at home. So grab your favorite heels, and get ready to get your sparkle on.

Our Finished Look.

What you’ll need: Heels, Mod Podge Glue, a paintbrush, fine glitter (any color), painter’s tape, and sandpaper

Clean off the soles of your heels (if they’ve been worn), and sand down any uneven parts. Then, put tape around the edges of the sole so as to avoid getting glue and glitter on the actual shoe. Tape off the ball of the sole to avoid actually walking on the glitter.

Tip: Glue and glitter will adhere better to smooth soles, so be careful to choose a pair of heels that isn’t textured.

Pour Mod Podge onto a disposable surface (like a paper plate or shoebox lid), and mix in some glitter with your paintbrush.

Paint the the soles of your heels evenly with the glitter and glue mixture. Make sure to keep the glue thin so it doesn’t dry too chunky.

Pour glitter directly onto the soles immediately before the glue has a chance to start drying. Don’t worry about using too much, excess glitter will come off with a little shake of the shoe.

The glitter should completely cover the glue, like this:

Wait at least a half an hour for the glue to dry. Once you’re sure it has dried, paint another thin coat of the glitter and glue mixture on the sole to seal it.

Let your shoes dry soles up for at least an hour. They may need to sit a little longer if the glue is thick. When they are dry to the touch, and there is no more visible glue, carefully peel the tape off of your shoes.

Rock your sparkly new heels everywhere you go! And get ready for a slew of compliments.

What wardrobe staples do you love to spice up with a little glitter?

P.S. You can find the perfect heels for this project on the GoJane site.

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