Happy “Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work” Day!

Add teddy bears to your list of must-have accessories because today marks the cutest holiday ever! Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day! This bizarre, yet amazing, holiday calls for all cuddle monsters to share their love for Mr. Teddy with the whole world! ┬áBut if you’re concerned that dragging around your beloved snuggle buddy in public all day would result in you being 51/50’ed, then we have a more age-appropriate solution. Let’s just wear fuzzy sweaters and be our own teddy bears! ┬áLet’s take this crazy holiday and make it ours. Fashionistas, we’re gonna need you to get your teddy bear on!

Here’s a hug-worthy collection of loveable GoJane sweaters and cover-ups that remind us of sweet fuzzy teddy bears…



Click on any of the fuzzy sweaters above to find them @ GoJane.com!

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