Top Of The Line: 5 Types Of Stripes You Need In Your Life

We love stripes.

And why wouldn’t we? You’d be hard-pressed to find another print in the fashion world that is more classic, more graphic, more versatile, more chic… The list goes on and on. Which is why we couldn’t be happier that stripes are everywhere right now, including all over our collection.

But while some people pretty much pick up every striped piece and immediately think gotta-get-it, even though they already have stripes of every color in their closet (not to name any names, but for a hint you can look underneath the title of this post, right after the word “BY”), we thought it’d be nice to compile a little list of the types of stripes out there right now that are really the most must-have.

So take a look at the collages we’ve lined up of our models striping their poses, and maybe you will stripe it lucky too and find something that really stripes your fancy. Bottom line is we’re hoping to stripe the right note with you. Are we walking a fine line between cute and annoying? Okay, we’re done. We’ve come to the end of the line.

It's All There In Black And White

It’s All There In Black And White – If you can’t get any more classic print-wise than with stripes, you can’t get any more classic color-wise than with black and white. The ultimate in high contrast, black and white stripes keep you looking sleek and chic; you can’t really ask for more than that, can you? The only thing we’d stay away from is a vertical striped shirt with a V-neckline or a collar, unless you’re planning to wear a whistle around your neck or work at FootLocker.

Dresses: 1. Plunging Stripe It Off Dress, 2. Striped Racerback Bodycon Dress, 3. Simply Stripes Bodycon Dress, 4. Laced In Stripes Bodycon Dress, 5. Game Day Bodycon Dress, 6. One-Two Punch Striped Cut-Out Dress

Pants: 1. Faux Leather Real Stripes Skinny Pants, 2. Pleated Striped Pants

Shoes: Stripe Up A Conversation Wedges

Bag: Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing – Also high on contrast and impact? Animal stripes! These may not be the straight-edged lines you’re used to, but they’re stripes nonetheless. Just a little more…wild. Don’t act like you’re not! And animal print doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. So maybe try a tiger or zebra print next time for a departure from your usual leopard. You may find the two-tone pattern easier to pair than its spotted counterpart. But of course still just as fierce.

Dress: Bengal N Faux Leather Dress

Skirt: Animal Instincts Pencil Skirt

Pants: 1. Z Is For Zebra Track Pants, 2. Earn Your Stripes Shiny Joggers

Shoes:  1. Tame The Tiger Canvas Skimmers, 2. Tiger Crisscross Platform Heels, 3. Hear Me Roar Sneakers

Flower To The People

Flower To The People – One print that may be just as classic as stripes? Floral. Both are such fashion staples now they can practically be considered solids. Which makes it no surprise that they mix so well together. And with mixed prints so in right now, the striped-floral combo has been on runways like Marchesa and Peter Som and on celebrities like Rihanna, Diane Kruger, and even the FLOTUS herself, Michelle Obama. Flower power at its finest. You better get in line!

Dresses: 1. Hot Tropic Striped Floral Dress, 2. Tropical Dream Bodycon Dress, 3. Print Mixer Bodycon Dress, 4. In Bloom Mesh Dress

Top: Exotic Tropic Cropped Top

Skirt: Exotic Tropic Skirt

Nauti Girl

Nauti Girl – A look that we always anticipate come spring and summer, even if we have no plans to set sail, is nautical, and with nautical of course come simple but sophisticated stripes. The look is one that returns again and again when the tides change, seeming to never go out of style, and we of course would have it no other way. For a seaside ensemble, stick with red, white, and blue (and maybe black and grey thrown in for good measure). And then it’s ahoy!

Dresses: 1. Striped Cut-Out Maxi Dress, 2. Simply Stripes Bodycon Dress, 3. Striped Cut-Out Maxi Dress, 4. Striped Racerback Bodycon Dress

Top: Forever Striped Cropped Top

Shoes: 1. Stripe Up A Conversation Wedges, 2. Stripe A Chord Espadrille Sandals

Bags: 1. Canvas Striped N Quilted Bag, 2. Slouchy Striped Drawstring Backpack, 3. Striped Canvas Clutch

Sheer Enough

Sheer Enough – Like mixed prints, another trend that is super now is the sheer mesh trend. But we especially love it when we see a series of sheer mesh insets all juxtaposed with a solid material for a striped effect. We are stripe connoisseurs, after all. The look is sexy without baring too-too much but still structural and huge on visual interest. Can you say strategically placed peekaboo? Like we said, classic, graphic, versatile, and chic. That’s why ya gotta love ’em.

Dresses: 1. Stripe It Right Fit N Flare Dress, 2. Stripe It Rich Dress, 3. Play The Foil Mesh Inset Dress

Tops: 1. Sheer And Now Striped Mesh Top, 2. Caterpillar Striped Sweater

Skirt: Keep It Mesh A-Line Skirt

Swimsuit: Rocker Chic Swimsuit

Shoes: 1. Mesh Inset Combo Heels, 2. Lining Up Mesh Boots

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