Style Crush: Kreayshawn

Yes, we were one of the millions who viewed Kreayshawn’s much talked about “Gucci Gucci” Youtube video. This Oakland-based rapper has been on our minds for some time now, and we’ve been jocking the heck out of her hardcore, street-savvy style. But when talks of her first studio album hit the web months ago, we thought it would be best to hold off on featuring her as a style crush, because we wanted her at her freshest! And we’re so glad we waited.

With the debut of her first major record label backed album Somethin’ ’bout Kreay hitting iTunes yesterday, she unleashed some verbal craft that has got all her fans twerkin’ their asses off. And with a video for her latest single “Go Hard,” she revealed an updated version of her trendy look. Kreay Baby’s latest style includes a severe ombre hairdo, an even more exaggerated cat eye liner, and as always, some of the most colorful, outlandish, unexpected outfits any street misfit could pull together.

Take a look at some of our fave Kreay-zy looks and you’ll soon understand why we love this hard-partying, cat loving, swisher smoking, white girl mobbin’, free-spirited…female rapper.

We took it upon ourselves to style Miss Kreay in a GoJane look. This is a collection of stuff we think she would totally dig. Take note that we included eyeliner for her signature exaggerated cat eye look, and a pair of flatform shoes because she’s been Instagramming the crap out of this trend.

leatherette varsity jacket, graphic cat tee, pleated leather mini skirt, dangling parrot hoop earrings, retro silicone watchnyx super fat eyelinerthick two-tone sunglasses, patent leather espadrille flatforms

*Funny story: We went to a Kreayshawn show back in December 2011 in LA and loooved it! But in the heat of the moment (during her performance of  “Gucci Gucci”), we threw a cat ring (bought from GoJane of course) onto the stage in hopes of Kreayshawn picking it up and falling in love with it. Welllllll, maybe we should say tried to throw the ring on stage. It didn’t quite make it. It hit some dude in the back of the head and he spent the rest of the song searching for the culprit. What can we say? Apparently our arms turn into Tyrannosaurus rex arms when we’ve had a few cocktails. Sorry, dude we hit.

Style Crush: Amy Heidemann of Karmin

We were first bitten by the smitten bug, when we got a glimpse of Amy Heidemann (one half of American pop duo, Karmin), prancing around on the infamous Saturday Night Live stage and performing their hit song, Brokenhearted. Her rapid rapping style and quick-witted lyricism was nothing short of mind blowing! And, although her musical skills are what piqued our interest, it was her sassy style that kept it.

Take a look at our pic filled gallery of all things Karmin and embrace the essence of her bold style…

Why do we dig her look so much? She is fearless and fun. She is naughty, yet nice. And although our choice of  phrasing may be a bit cliche, this musical mistress’ fashion sense is nothing of the sort. We love how she plays with different themes; sometimes stepping out as a sexy stepford wife, or other times rocking the raunchy rockabilly thang.

And if you don’t already know, that sweet-faced cutie alongside Amy is her band member/fiance Nick Noonan. These two have definitely got the love bird look down to a science. They coordinate, without being too matchy matchy.

Here is a Karmin inspired look, with strictly GoJane gear:

turtle neck crop top, suspender dress, chunky woven platformssolid color socksleather pyramid stud bracelet, spike stud wraparound braceletembellished cupcake earrings

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