GoJane’s BFF: Melissa of “Melissa Celestine Koh”

GoJane’s BFF: Larissa of “From Hats To Heels”

GoJane’s BFF: Erika of “Retro Flame”

GoJane’s BFF: Donja of “Doniaz”

GoJane’s BFF: Barbora of “Vogue Haus”

GoJane’s BFF: Anais of “Down To Stars”

GoJane’s BFF: Izumi of “Hybrid Hunter”

GoJane’s BFF: Kia of “The Notorious Kia”

GoJane’s BFF: Tiana of “L’esthique”

Inspiration Gallery: Creepers

There are plenty of 90s trends we’d love to leave in the past, but these funky shoes have crept right back into our hearts and onto our feet. Paired with other current trends like printed sweaters and feminine skirts, these totally rad shoes are given an updated look. We also think they are pretty awesome paired with reruns of 90s sitcoms. They might be making us a little bit nostalgic, but some things just never get old.

Here’s a little inspiration for styling your favorite retro shoes with modern trends!

How do you style creepers?

Be sure to check out all our sweet creepers on the GoJane site!

Photos c/o The Shady Side, Flip & Style, Fish Tank Fashion, Unlimited by JK, and Pinterest.

GoJane’s BFF: Nadia Aboulhosn

GoJane’s BFF: Attalia of “Makeup A La Moda”

GoJane’s BFF: Emily Rose McCloud

GoJane’s BFF: Kloudya Molina

GoJane’s BFF: Daniela of “Nany’s Klozet”

GoJane’s BFF: Michelle of “Mademoiselle Michelle”

GoJane’s BFF: Lena of “Quality Rivets”

Lena of Quality Rivets rocking the mess out of our metallic spiked shoulder patch sweater. She’s the kind of chick you wanna spend all day listening to dusty old records with, while daydreaming about silly affairs with dream boats as you lay on your bedroom floor. Yeah, she’s that kinda girl & we’re down with L-boogie and we hope you will be too.

GoJane’s BFF: Meg of “Bow Ties Are Cool”

If it were physically possible (and legal) to shrink someone down to the size of a baby carrot and carry her around with us all day…this lil’ lady would be our first choice! Meet GoJane’s latest BFF, Meg of “Bow Ties Are Cool.” She’s probably the only blogger we’ve met that had as much quirk as she has style! The crazy little voices she speaks in during her haul videos are more entertaining than a box full of drunk kittens (and drunk kittens are pretty high up there on our list of Saturday night entertainment). We love the way she styled our studded lace-up wedge sneakers with a flirty skirt covered in bow ties. Why bow ties? Because they’re cool, duh!

GoJane’s BFF: Justina of “A Bent Piece Of Wire”

If there were a ever an up-and-coming style blogger that deserved to be awed over, it’s this chick right here. Meet GoJane’s latest BFF, Justina of “A Bent Piece of Wire.” She’s the spunkiest little thang we’ve set our eyes on in some time and we love her feisty attitude and sweet street punk style. Staying true to her fondness for glitter and pretty shoes, Justina recently featured a pair of our glitter sneaker wedges. Our favorite part about the outfit? The crown that went along with it!

GoJane’s BFF: Jessika of “The Style Segment”

Jessika is her name and fashion is her game! GoJane’s latest BFF, Jessika of The Style Segment will not only captivate you with her gorgeous smile- she will also blow you away with her savvy fashion hunting skills. She’s a fast-talking Angeleno (a resident of Los Angeles) who recently posted a YouTube segment that featured a ton of leather skirts. She paired our spiked leather skirt with a creamy top that just served up a classy bad girl vibe. Thanks J-thang, for werqin’ it in one our favorite skirts!  You looked marvelous!

GoJane’s BFF: Nikki of “Eww It’s Nikki”

Allow us to introduce you to GoJane’s latest BFF, Nikki Sison, from Eww It’s Nikki! This NorCal native caught our eye with her flashy style and her kickass asymmetrical hairdo. We love her ability to change from street to chic without the slightest stumble in her always fabulous footwear. She’s got all the trends covered, and she leaves no look untouched. Follow Miss Nikki for some great fashion, and stay for the hair and makeup artistry. She’s a Jack Jill Jane of all trades, and we love every stylish bit of her.

Click on the images above to check out a post she did on a pair of our wedge sneakers. We love how she worked the sneaks into a fun and quirky ensemble that touches on over-the-top. But if you know GoJane, you know we loves us some over-the-topness!  Lil’ Miss Nikki is the epitome of fearless fashion!

GoJane Lookbook: April 2012

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