Wearable Masterpieces: Dress Like A Work Of Art

The question “Is fashion art?” has long been deliberated by fashion designers and art historians alike. As has the question “Does life imitate art, or does art imitate life?” While we do love ourselves a heated debate every once in a while (keeps life interesting, no?) the only side we will take for now is one that allows fashion to be appreciated for its visual beauty, even if its original purpose was simply to clothe.

As for the second question, we can only attest to the fact that sometimes fashion imitates art, whether intentional or inadvertent. Need proof? Check out the gallery below (in a more literal sense than usual) for pieces that remind us of some of our favorite artists and their most notable and powerful creations. Better yet, think of yourself as a work of art, and maybe put some of these wearable masterpieces on display.

Daybreak Watercolor Ombre Midi Dress

Claude Monet - Impression, Sunrise (1873)

Watercolor Ruffled Romper

Claude Monet - The Artist's Garden At Giverny (1900)

Go To Grid Lengths Mesh Inset Dress

Piet Mondrian - Trafalgar Square (1944)

Blurred Lines Trimmed Pencil Skirt

Piet Mondrian - Tableau No. 2 Composition No. V (1914)

Flower Delivery Organza Overlay Skirt

Jackson Pollock - The Deep (1953)

Watercolor Draped Maxi Dress

Jackson Pollock - The Key (1946)

Mix It Up Metallic Sweetheart Mini Dress

M.C. Escher - Smaller And Smaller (1956)

Mixed Harlequin Maxi Dress

M.C. Escher - Circle Limit II (1959)

Impressionism Printed Trousers

Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night (1889)

Come Into Bloom Ruffled Dress

Vincent Van Gogh - Bouquet Of Flowers In A Vase (1890)

Will Paint 4 Plaid Romper

Pablo Picasso - Seated Woman (1937)

Colorblock Strappy Platform Heels

Pablo Picasso - Weeping Woman (1937)

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