Inspiration Gallery: Denim

Are you ready for our last trend of the week? ‘Cuz it’s a good one. Chances are, you’ve been wearing some form of denim most of your life. Whether you rocked overalls in fifth grade, had denim scrunchies, or wear jeans on a regular basis, you probably own something in the casual blue hue. But lately, denim has made its way to center stage, and its ready to lead us all right into fall. Hello comfy shirts and stretchy jeans! We are happy to welcome you back into our lives. Just to give you a little denim inspiration, we’ve compiled outfits from some of our favorite bloggers who totally rock the trend.

And just so we’re clear, we are not suggesting you dress like America’s favorite pop stars circa 2001. Not a good moment for Britney and Justin.

How have you been rocking the denim trend?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest.

Inspiration Gallery: Stripes

Ladies, meet our second trend of the week: stripes. We know, stripes are nothing new, but they have recently taken the fashion universe by storm. Whether bold or subtle, stripes can breathe new life into a hum drum outfit. In fact, we suggest trying to treat stripes as a neutral. You’ll be surprised how perfect they are for mixing prints and bright colors. And just for your convenience, we’ve compiled all our amazing striped pieces into one totally trendy page. But enough chatting, we’ve gathered some of our favorite bloggers and street style shots to give you some striped inspiration!

What’s your favorite striped item on our site? How do you wear stripes?

Photos courtesy of Pinterest

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