Say #BYE2014! 14 Of Our Fave NYE-Worthy Dresses

We did it, Janes! Gift-giving season is finally dunzo. And while we’re sure you’d love to just sit back, chillax, and binge-watch every single episode of The Mindy Project thus far, you do have one more major task to complete before the year ends, you know, in FIVE DAYS (WHAT?!). Allow us to phrase it in a question for ya’ll: do you know what you’ll be wearing for NYE? If your answer is some variation of the phrase “Awwww, crap!” then you’ve come to the right blog post. If you answered yes to already having a jaw-dropping ensemble in mind, well, then there’s a huge chance that you’ll be rethinking that decision once we’re through with you. (Hehe) Alright, alright, we’re just going to get straight to it…

Here are 14 of our fave dresses to rock when that ball drops. And rumor has it that these styles are up to 90% off! Enjoy.

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Red Carpet Games: Our Favorite Looks from the Mockingjay Premieres

Tomorrow’s the day we’ve all been waiting for, Janes. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1 is finally back for another installment, and to say that we’ve all been waiting patiently would be, well, a lie (#sorrynotsorry). Yup, that’s right, we finally get to find out what Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and the rest of gang in Panem have been up to. So, in the spirit of competition (and, of course, to celebrate the release of the second to last film)…

We’ve ranked the Mockingjay leading ladies based on their recent red carpet premiere looks:

1st Place: Jena Malone (Johanna)

Hands down, Jena Malone’s red carpet looks blew the rest of the cast out of the water. In London, she donned a two-tone, modern, origami inspired number that was as beautiful as it was unique. In LA, she channeled her inner old-Hollywood starlet and showed us how to properly do monochromatic with both a red lip and a red dress. Breathtaking is an understatement for both occasions.

2nd Place: Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss)

No white after Labor Day? Sorry, but that rule doesn’t apply to our BFF, Jennifer Lawrence. It’s no surprise that the down-to-earth leading lady preferred to keep things clean, simple, and au naturel at both premieres, and we couldn’t have asked for anything more. Both silhouettes are extremely flattering on the actress’ athletic build, and we love the life that Lawrence brings to each look.

3rd Place: Elizabeth Banks (Effie)

We gotta give props to Elizabeth Banks for taking on prints not once, but two times, on the Mockingjay red carpets. The London look screams elegant and ethereal, and while the LA look is borderline tapestry (AKA your grandma’s weird couch), it is the asymmetrical design that saves the day.

4th Place: Julianne Moore (President Coin)

While black is always a good idea, we wish that red carpet vet, Julianne Moore, would have taken more of a risk fashion-wise. It’s no doubt, however, that the numbers she wore were both elegant and red carpet appropriate, so we definitely give her points for keeping it classic and timeless. Buuuut they were just a little too safe for us in this case.

5th Place: Natalie Dormer (Cressida)

We really want to love both of Natalie Dormer’s Mockingjay red carpet looks, but they were just a little too, er, lukewarm for us. We definitely understand the vision of the mesh-meets-origami number on the London look, but the silhouette on the young starlet was just all wrong. As for the textured cut-out number in LA… We think the look would have been better at a midi length.

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Spring Has Sprung! 6 Dresses, 6 Destinations

Ahh. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the air is all kinds of fresh. And while the weather has been mighty unpredictable as of late, one thing is for certain today: Thursday, March 20, 2014, officially marks the First Day of Spring. So whether you actually have a spring break or you’re just happy that the sun is still out after work hours, you finally get to bust out that ol’ spring to-do list that you created months ago (you know, the one that you carved into your frozen window pane).

But wait, before you walk out of the house in your T-shirt and sweatpants again (frumpterable is in, we get it), take it from us and show off those gams instead. After all, nothing says spring like a fun and flirty frock. To help you get a head start on what’s waiting for you outdoors, here are six different dresses for six different springtime destinations. Word of advice: get out there now because who knows how long this glorious weather will last. Here’s to hoping that Mother Nature really got it together this time!

1. Tropical Thunder Pleated Floral Dress, 2. Painted Blossom Crossback Dress, 3. To A T-Strap Crochet Dress, 4. Floral Spray Cross Back Dress, 5. Crochet Way Back Denim Skater Dress, 6. Floral Noir Crisscross Dress

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How to: Dress for a Summer Wedding

Since the weather has gotten warmer and the days have gotten longer, you’ve probably seen a lot more white dresses and tuxedos gracing parks, beaches, and churches. Summer is definitely wedding season. Getting an invitation for a friend or family member’s wedding is always exciting, but the excitement shortly turns into a brief panic trying to figure out what to wear. That’s where we come in! During the warmer months, many couples tie the knot outdoor, so we’ve pulled three looks that work perfectly for summer weddings.

Look 1: A floral dress and heels

This dress works for both indoor and outdoor weddings, but it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for a black-tie affair. Fortunately for you (and trendy floral dresses), those aren’t incredibly popular anymore.

floral high-low formal, cap toe heels, mini quilted clutch

Look 2: A maxi dress and flat sandals

While some maxi dresses are probably too casual for a wedding, we think the flattering cut and ruffle on this little beauty help dress it up a bit. Maxis and flat sandals are perfect choices for a beach or grass wedding when heels aren’t really ideal for walking.

asymmetrical ruffle dress, t-strap sandals, quilted leather clutch, tribal stone necklace set

Look 3: A flirty dress, structured blazer, and heels

If you’re attending a church ceremony or a wedding outside at night, blazers are perfect for covering up and keeping warm. Pair them with flowy dresses to avoid looking like you just came from the office.

chiffon keyhole dress, collarless jacket, metallic accented heels, satin crochet overlay clutch

When you’re shopping or deciding on that perfect wedding guest dress, be sure to think about the invitation and the venue. Did they seem fancy or more casual? And always be sure to grab something you can dance in! Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than turning down a cute guy’s offer to dance because your dress is too tight.

Which look are you most excited about? What do you like to wear to weddings?

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