GoJane is “ROWL-ING AROUND” in Southern Cali!

This week’s photoshoot drifted late into the evening. We searched all day trying to capture the perfect backdrop to accent our much more colorful spring-inspired clothes. But we think we finally got it! The bright lights of this strip mall add to our outfit like perfectly picked accessories. Why did we choose this week’s outfit, you ask? Well, it’s still chilly out and it would make no sense to have her prancing around town in shorts & a tank. So we warmed her up in a denim jacket and long pants. But we also wanted to remind you of the upcoming spring season, so we dropped in some vibrantly colored accessories…reminiscent of the spring flowers that are soon to bloom.

Does this place look familiar to you? Have you shopped or dined in this area? Take a guess at where in Southern California you think this photoshoot took place. Hint: “Row-ling around town…”

If you’re diggin’ the model’s outfit, you can find it in our Shop By Outfits category on the store site.

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