Don’t Be a Colorblock!: Fashionable Females in Brightly Combined Hues

Neon isn’t just for highlighters anymore! Fashion has ushered in the era of colorblocking and we’re favoring lots and lots of bright eye-popping hues. Of course feel free to tone it down, but the ladies below saw no need to and well, we hope you don’t either.

Favorite accessory: The neon bag kind of resembles a construction cone, so we’re going to have to go with the faux suede heels. After all, check out the slightly abstract shape and how well they ground the entire outfit.

Favorite accessory: In a sea of well toned calves, the rich purple of the maxi skirt stands out. We’re fans of looking hot, but we’re also fans of not having to shave everyday and consequently, the maxi skirt, and it’s grownup sister, the maxi dress, are ideal for those times when you want to look good, but don’t feel like hopping in the shower for an epic battle with your Venus.

Favorite accessory: We appreciate the pop of color courtesy of blue tights, but they’re not always as pragmatic as more neutrally hued tights. Consequently, we’re going to have to give our vote to the pleated satin skirt. Why? Because a nice skirt can pair equally well with a glitzy top for a night out with your girls as it does for a button-up for the office.

Favorite accessory: Other than her killer smile, the most eye-catching piece of this outfit is definitely the chiffon top. It’s girly, it’s bright, it’s fun, and we want it our closets right this minute.

Favorite accessory: You know that we’re suckers for a simple and flattering tank which explains why we adore the yellow top underneath these neatly structured coats.

What other trends are you loving right now? Which ones do you not understand?

Photos courtesy of: Be Frassy, Little SoHo, Miu Koridi, Uga Girl 30, and Cake Style

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