Back 2 School Must-Haves

We hate to be the bearer of bad news…but someone’s gotta get your head back into the school game. It’s time to unpack from all of the summertime shenanigans. Let’s bid adieu to our beloved beach escapes, road trips and vacation getaways. And let’s prepare ourselves for some¬† back-to-school realness. We know, it totally sucks! But just think of it this way- you’re gonna be one quarter closer to living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Like being a fashion editor, or a celebrity stylist, or a marketing manager. Or maybe you’re not even headed into the fashion industry, but you’ll still be the best dressed anthropologist this side of the Amazon rainforest! So turn that frown upside down, dab on some lip gloss and let’s greet this fall quarter with a smile!

To make the transition easier, we pulled together some back-to-school essentials. Check them out!

cut-out cat ear sunglasses, leather woven ipad case, woven southwest watch, flap over southwest satchel, star earphones, knit zigzag scarf, cat loafers, varsity cardigan

We’ve laced you up with some sunglasses for when you’re studying outdoors in the quad. An iPad case to protect that uber expensive gadget you worked so hard for over the summer. A watch to keep you from getting humiliated by Professor Mean Pants because you were late…again. A satchel to keep all your school thangs in. Some earphones to help drown out the inconsiderate chatter inside the library. Some comfortable flats to change into because it turned out that walking across campus in 5 inch¬†heels was NOT a good idea. A scarf to keep you warm when the classroom gets freakishly cold because the student aid doesn’t know how to work the a/c. And finally… a varsity cardigan because it will give everyone the impression you’re dating some hot college jock- even though you’re totally not.

What do you think? Did we leave anything out?

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